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Was this the face that launched a thousand ships |Summary & Analysis|

The poem ‘Was this the face that launched a thousand ships’ is from the great tragic drama ‘Doctor Faustus’ (Act V Scene I) by Christopher Marlowe, the famous University Wits. 640 more words


Farewell, My Lovely

I thought, upon greeting the new year, that I would have plenty of time to catch up with my blog; I saw rivers of posts flow from my fingers, and swirl across the blogosphere. 537 more words



It is thanks to the rabid, theatre-bashing Puritan, William Prynne, that we know about an early performance of Christopher Marlowe’s masterpiece, Doctor Faustus.

It took place in the courtyard pictured above, one of the great inn-yard theatres of London, situated at the back of a public house called The Belsavage Inn, located on Ludgate Hill. 658 more words


Walsingham House is a property located at 35 Seething Lane. It commemorates a former resident of the street, better known as the address of Samuel Pepys. 446 more words

Review: Dr Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Today’s Throwback Thursday is a classic about a guy who sells his soul to the devil in return for knowledge and power. Turns out the devil got a bargain… 243 more words


The Captain's Creature

“Captain!” Marlowe yelled out. The coils of the grasping tentacle slid past each other, tightening their grip around Santi’s waist.

That was when I knew. In the midst of chaos, with half the crew—swords and daggers drawn—converging on the barrel where Santi had been hiding, with the ship trapped in the grip of a whirlpool, with the hull shattering from the force of those monstrous tentacles, when I heard Marlowe speak that word, that was when I knew that all my suspicions were true. 7,018 more words


Doctor Faustus

Title: Doctor Faustus
Playwright: Christopher Marlowe
Published / Performed:
Type of Text: Play

Main Characters:
Genre: Tragedy
Themes & Imagery:

Synopsis: Having had his fill of conventional scholarship, Doctor Faustus sells his soul for the immense power offered by the demon Mephistopheles. 12 more words

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