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5 top pacts with the devil in literature

The Faustian pact – we all know what it means. The idea of selling your soul to the devil in return for great wealth and power holds a powerful grip on the imagination; it can be applied to all kinds of dubious bargains, the whiff of danger adding excitement to the fantastic amount of money/power/enjoyment you expect to get out of the deal. 737 more words

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a portrait of my girls once a week every week 
Roxy – an absolute lover of ice cream

The Fleece Inn, Addingham, North Yorkshire, UK… 22 more words

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Holding Pattern

There’s been no news since the last attack from our local terrorist. That’s all I can call her now, because that’s what she is. She’s made our quiet, small town in to a living hell by forcing those of us with abilities to hide, while the ones who don’t have them and are hostile towards us, get even louder about how much of a danger we are. 463 more words



a portrait of my girls once a week every week

Roxy- exploring Wentworth Castle with our visitors. Looking for Kings and Queens Princes and Princesses. We are so lucky to have all these wonderful places a short drive away. 48 more words

The 52 Project

Shakespeare pot inspired genius - I doubt that!


Shakespeare one of the world’s greatest enigmas. Worth looking at sonnet 86 for an answer to great inspiration. Rather than pot may I suggest an explanation for genius is an extraneous source like the one which inspired Blake, Bacon, Shelley, Keats, Brooke, Christie & many other great writers, poets & philosophers. 131 more words


a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

Roxy- early evening at the beach on our “summer” holiday in Wales, cold and windy but it’s always good to feel sand between the toes ( and have some salted caramel ice cream from the beach cafe) 19 more words

The 52 Project


a portrait of my girls once a week every week 

Roxy- pond dipping, we got lots of pond weed and a few insects but it was fun… 18 more words

The 52 Project