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Treasure Hunt

Calling all Burkes, Marlowes, Bosches and Salanders – we have a treasure hunt to solve!

To celebrate the publication of Jane Alexander’s debut novel, we’re taking part in a thrilling book-blog treasure hunt. 425 more words


“Gothic literature is concerned with the breaking of normal moral and social codes”. Discuss this view in relation to your three texts. [40 marks]

Macbeth’s single greatest transgression is the murder of Duncan, and his woeful declaration “to know my deeds ‘twere best not know myself” epitomises this idea. Whilst murder in itself is an abhorrent crime which opposes normal social values, the murder of a king in particular was that much more horrifying; in the innately religious age of the Elizabethan era, belief in the Divine Right of Kings was a fundamental component of everyday life and therefore Macbeth’s evil deeds were arguably more shocking upon first reception. 1,141 more words


Slow Sundays

Today has been a lovely slow Sunday.

We started with pancakes, Skyped family,  enjoyed coffee’s in our new favourite cups, it was lunchtime before we knew it, we hung out as a family of 4, watched a movie ( Big Hero 6) and cuddled Marlowe….. 84 more words



‘a portrait of my girls once a week every week’

Roxy – relaxed snack time before heading to watch ‘daddy’s tigers’ unfortunately daddy’s not playing for a while cause of a torn hamstring but Roxy still loves going. 27 more words


Week 3 - Shakespeare - Marlowe and Ralegh

Write a short pair of poems that mirror the Marlowe/ Ralegh pair but using modern figures: a slick 21st century “Shepherd” appealing to his 21st century “Chick” to come and “be my Love”, followed by a suspicious but highly intelligent 21st century female who has clear ideas about what she wants. 403 more words


Love...What Poetry has Taught Me...

I love love. I love the concept of love. I love being in love. I love feeling and giving love.

There are hundreds of poems about love, dating back from biblical Solomon, to Marlowe, to Shakespeare, to Elizabeth Barrett Browning and the list could go on. 627 more words



‘ a portrait of my girls once a week every week’ 

Roxy- my golden haired tiny dancer

at the moment we dance anywhere we can, especially with a tummy full of Easter eggs and marshmallows… 77 more words