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Something better

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.”

-Marlyn Monroe

I’m a Marlyn fan, and have wondered what caused her to say this, what fell apart? 137 more words

Happy #75

Hi you!,

The night is still young and so are we. Nicki was amazing. I have so much respect for her right now. Most people will think she is a gimmick. 298 more words



Hell yeah! Started to post-crossing a few postcards around the world. I’m curious what I will get in my letterbox :)

Marilyn Monroe, and Me

June 1, is Marlyn Monroe’s birthday and would have been 88 today. Earlier this week in The Huffington Post was this story:

“12 Famous People Who Really Made The Most Out Of Their Last Words ” By Shelley Emling. 219 more words


5 things you should never do at Beauty Pageants.

Ok, this is just gotta be on lighter note. A serious advice to you all is not to take the words seriously.. :P

Many would have told you, if you are a beauty pageant aspirant, regarding what to do, how to do and all blah blah. 1,000 more words

Beauty Pageants

River of No Return: The Death of Marilyn Monroe

Conspiracy 411: Marilyn’s Death

By: Jessica White

August 5, 1962 was the day the beautiful sex symbol Marilyn Monroe was found dead at 36 years old. 439 more words