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24th November 1900. Like Them or Hate Them.

With the beef scare early in the century, Bovril was made entirely from yeast extract, but has since again made beef a major constituent.   

Today in 1900 John Lawson Johnson, a Edinburgh butcher died, famous for having devised Johnson’s Fluid Beef. 338 more words


Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, chive and marmite on sourdough toast

So this is a little bit of a weird recipe, but scrambled eggs and marmite is a winning combination (trust me). If you don’t love marmite, just don’t include it in your recipe! 98 more words

Food Tips

Breakfast 18.11.15

Breakfast at home – toast and Marmite, peach and passionfruit yoghurt, and blood orange juice.



From a traditional Belgian spread earlier this week to a traditional British spread. Marmite is a paste made of yeast extract, salt, concentrated vegetable juices, and a plethora of B vitamins (including B12). 177 more words


Marmite introduces personalised jars

We might have been tempted over to the dark side to pep up our avocado on toast with Vegemite (thanks Nigella), but Boudicca has – and always will be – a Marmite household. 180 more words

Brit Pack

Completely Bonkers!

Without doubt. Without question! 

Back in August I posted a blog advising my reader/s / follower/s,  that I had become a certifiable idiot, stuck in front of the idiot box watching the rubbish that passes as entertainment. 1,068 more words


Other Yeast Extracts Are Available

I just enjoyed two slices of Marmite on toast.

It was a thoroughly pleasant late evening snack, which should  help me persevere with some of the tasks I need to complete before I head off to the Land of Nod. 295 more words