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Day Two


Two slices of toast with Vitalite and Marmite and a cup of tea with soya milk.

I also successfully managed to make a milky coffee with the espresso machine without curdling the milk so *win*! 144 more words

The Essentials Cuboard

Dry and tinned staples to make delicious and filling dinners at short notice.


Egg and spinach post-workout breakfast wrap

I’m terrible at eating before a morning workout and there seems too many conflicting opinions or whether this is good or not. My advise, go with what works for you just make sure you are adequately fuelled – common sense always wins in my book. 365 more words

Hard Boiled Eggs

Cata, kayaks and cheese scones (with Marmite!)

This weekend the weather got better and better, and we actually managed some activities!  On Thursday night I went to the cata and enjoyed sampling a few different wines, including a 60 year old… 623 more words


Marmite Bagels

I love making bagels; ok it’s a slightly convoluted process but they make me feel like a real, proper baker! When I saw a picture of some marmite bagels on the cover of… 437 more words


Roast, fresh bread and a moment with nan

A mum roast lunch
Marmite on fresh bread
Brushing nan’s hair


The Professor first ran across this on the Blackfriar’s breakfast menu. Two eggs, soft-boiled, with Marmite soldiers. He asked the very French waiter for an explanation, but the waiter said hendidnt know, and anyway the egg cooker was broken, so no boiled eggs today. 167 more words

Who Knew?