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Watching Japanese people try Marmite for the first time will brighten your day [Video]

Pretty much every culture has at least one food or drink that, unless you grew up eating it, you probably don’t like. For example, the first time most foreigners try  493 more words


Fuck the poor? The eternal DRTV charity ad dilemma

I find myself writing DRTV (direct response TV)  scripts for a charity and trying to dodge the weary ‘tried and trusted’ tropes. For we all know how these things are supposed to play out, when we are going to be asked for just £3 a month and to brace ourselves for the money shot of a defenceless large-eyed animal or child. 335 more words

TV Advertising

Day Trip To Sweden

Husb and I went on a bus from Denmark to Sweden today, across THE BRIDGE which featured in the television series of the same name. We spent a few hours exploring Malmo, which has an ‘English Shop’ that sells Marmite for British expats to smuggle across THE BRIDGE because it’s illegal in Denmark. 52 more words


What does your Marmite Face look like?

There’s a piece on the UK’s Daily Mail website today about the faces Japanese people pull when they first taste Marmite….which reminded me of a post I did a while back, with exactly the same theme…. 338 more words

Healthy Eating

Lunchtime Review : Marmite

The Menu.

Ingredients: Pure savoury heaven (or hell)

Preparation: Knife into jar and spread

Cost: £2.00 for a big jar


I’m going to put my position out there straight away. 536 more words


Jungle Essentials

Clearly, I entered the jungle having gathered every possible lotion and potion to ensure good health and ‘comfort’. I left the jungle realising that even the mosquito repellant Mum bought from India doesn’t keep mosquitos away. 265 more words