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Morganology update

Not content with adding a word (Morganology, the study of Britain’s most high profile recent unsolved killing) to the English language, David Bray now has his book pulled even before it is released for Xmas. 80 more words

December 8 ~ Arthur and Freddie

I woke up around eight and was having breakfast with Barbara and Nigel around eight thirty.  I, of course, had more Marmite. We were finishing breakfast around nine thirty and this was a bit of a problem. 934 more words

Christmas Marmite

Fact: If you hate sprouts, it’s because its in your genes.

Forget Scrooge; we all know the real villain at Christmas is the nefarious Brussels Sprout. 291 more words


Mad axemen, affairs, Miami Vice.

Daniel Morgan murder cover up in a nutshell? The initial inquiry on the night was mishandled, the senior policeman was drunk on duty.

Motives? Bonnicci Maltese drugs syndicate. 72 more words


Au grand désarroi de mon père, qui se demande ce qu’il a bien pu louper dans mon éducation pour que je sois à ce point fascinée par le Royaume-Uni, j’ai profité de la nouvelle ligne Nantes-Édimbourg pour partir en week end. 597 more words


Punch & Judy : Royalty & Marmite: A Disturbing Tale.

I had never really thought too deeply about the array of serious crimes I witnessed as a young child until very recently.

Multiple beatings, most leading to grievous bodily harm and death; possibly six violent deaths or more including a baby being murdered and dashed to the ground, its mother subsequently beaten to death for daring to be concerned over the murderous loss of her baby killed by her male partner. 2,076 more words