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Found something else to have with Marmite…


Marmite again

Sometimes they sell some kind of donuts in the village shops.


Marmite on biscuits

Bread is long gone, these are some local coconut biscuits, from one of the village shops.


May Letter from 'The Ferns' veggie B & B chatting about Marmite, 'Thank Goodness' Chilli senza carne' and local wildlife


I see that Marmite has been given a Royal warrant. About time! The famous savoury ingredient has been made from the same ingredients – brewer’s yeast, salt, spices and celery since 1902. 524 more words

Letters From The Ferns


Bought some bread in Kathmandu and brought it along. Marmite bread for breakfast, yeah.


Billionaire donates millions to Brexit, but may lose them more from the undecided vote

Billionaire Peter Hargreaves is the leading donator to the Out of Europe , or Brexit campaign. But other supporters worry that his enthusiasm for creative destruction may cost them the election… 215 more words


The Eurovision Song Contest. Just its name is enough to make some people roll their eyes and groan. Like Marmite, it’s iconic and people seem to either love or hate it. 373 more words