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Marmite rocks

I’m very like marmite.  You either love me or hate me.  No inbetween with me.  I wonder what its like to jump from one to another.   265 more words


Red lentils cooked with Marmite and chilli recipe.

Having recently quit smoking (for a few days, at least), my appetite and taste buds have come alive. I know that if I eat the usual pasta, bread, potatoes and rice I’ll be overloading my body with carbohydrates and gaining weight fast, so I’ve decided to get all my my carbs exclusively from lentils and chickpeas which are a source of slow-burning carbs, giving me a chance to burn the energy that would otherwise be stored on the body as fat. 452 more words


Naked, Shameless Exploitation

I’ve met a good few journalists in my time. Some of them local hacks. Some of them household names. Some of them happen to be low-life scum who wouldn’t think twice about slicing their own mother’s fingers off if it resulted in a line or two in The Daily Mail. 1,903 more words

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The Authentic Nyonya Marmite Fried Chicken

This is one of the most tasty fried chicken cuisine with an English taste. The English taste comes from the Marmite which actually originated from England. 480 more words

Asian Food

7 treats you didn't know were vegan

If you think saying goodbye to meat and dairy delights would equal the end of all that’s fun in life, we’re here to prove you wrong. 144 more words



At nursery, I was introduced to a lot of completely new things, some interesting, unsavoury, and some downright alien things, like a child mistaking rabbit droppings for raisins, marmite, and impromptu naps. 291 more words