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Pulled Ham Egg and Chips

Pulled ham egg and chips
Ham egg and chips is a British classic.

But mostly made with chewy Gammon steaks.

Whenever I cook gammon I use a whole joint and slow cook it the way my Mum used to do it. 397 more words


Adventures in Marmite

I know you may have come to expect a blog post on Wednesdays. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our expectations. This time it was sickness. 523 more words

Marmite Made Me Do It!

As a person with a scientific gaze on my apparently immeasurably insignificant existence, I like to justify my actions with sciencey sounding things that I’ve glanced at from a click bait ad on any given social media application I happen to find myself on. 1,105 more words


Book Review: Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

I’d heard a lot of rumblings about Behind Her Eyes before I read it, it was pretty much all positive so I was keen to read it. 632 more words

Book Review

Exchange Student II

Although I showed up on time and waited for Eddie for thirty minutes, he never showed, which wasn’t too surprising to me. A boy like him probably forgot about girls like me regularly. 526 more words


Rajasthan 5

Over breakfast (very nice, and they have Marmite!) we decided what to do today…….and it’s the Blue City. Sorry to my friends Nadia and Maggie who had requested monkeys but whoever we asked where the park is that has them gave us a different answer. 453 more words


Love it or hate it? Love it!

What next?

A USB optical wired Marmite mouse with scroll button.

Works really well. £19.99 from Amazon