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Marmosets, little monkeys are like humans in taking turns while communicating!

Zookeeper Sara -Joyce Fanke, unseen, holds a young common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) in her hand at the zoo in Eberswalde, eastern Germany (AP Photo/dapd/Theo Heimann) … 281 more words


Sacré Bleu! Seventeen Endangered Monkeys Stolen From French Zoo

Saint-Aignan (France) (AFP) – Two families of endangered monkeys were stolen from a zoo in central France over the weekend, the sanctuary’s director told AFP late on Monday. 159 more words


Reading And Leeds Festivals Final Line-ups Taking Shape

As we move into March we can expect to see the line-ups for this years big festivals taking shape and so it was this week as Reading & Leeds announced the Lions share of their headline acts. 564 more words


Shepherd's Pie

Misdirected marmosets, those mammogramming miscreants,

Prone to rave and rant in high Germanic tones,

They are jealous and gelatinous at worst.

Each on is germanely insistent; they’re not very likely to rust. 69 more words


Deadly research that provides “a bit of a clue”

Today, Monash University informed us via its website about “New pathways discovered to prevent blindness”. Wonderful. Worthwhile research, one might think. A good use of public money. 490 more words

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Fast Facts about Common Marmosets

These might not be at the top of anyone’s must-have pets list, but marmoset monkeys can actually make for really adorable pets. Some people keep a couple of them in their homes, and they would be able to tell you that owning a common marmoset requires a lot of hard work. 181 more words


Salisbury Zoo Gets 2 Endangered Marmosets

SALISBURY, Md. (AP) — The Salisbury Zoo in Maryland’s Eastern Shore just got two new endangered primates.

Two white-fronted marmosets are now on display at the zoo. 111 more words