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Marmosets Flying Drones and All the News That Isn't


California says driverless cars must have a steering wheel and brakes. OK with me either way–I never use ’em.

There has to be a driver in driverless cars, although you can put an inflatable behind the wheel– just move him over from the passenger side.. 311 more words

Happy World Monkey Day

Monkey Day is celebrated internationally on 14 December. It was created by American artist Casey Sorrow in 2000. It
began as a in-joke between Sorrow and fellow art students at… 1,489 more words


so my co-designers and i tested a couple of materials and prototypes to develop an enrichment-device to make foraging for food a bit more of a challenge. 130 more words


Maybe The Best Baroo We've Ever Seen

This is Ninita, a Rescued Bebeh Marmoset. Will you look at that little head swivel! What does Ninita do to pass the day? Eat, play, climb stuff, and have her head combed with a toothbrush. 13 more words

♬ The Marmoset Song ♫

Don’t recall ever seeing this one, and it’s COMPLETE REDONK. Came across this clip in looking through emails from our readers, nominating posts for #CO10 on September 26th… 9 more words

Marmosets, little monkeys are like humans in taking turns while communicating!

Zookeeper Sara -Joyce Fanke, unseen, holds a young common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus) in her hand at the zoo in Eberswalde, eastern Germany (AP Photo/dapd/Theo Heimann) … 281 more words