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Harvest grapes is one of the reasons I like Autumn. We (me, my brother and our cousins) were in Marneuli (district in Kvemo Kartli region of Georgia). 36 more words


My Virtual Borchali

Terrritory of the region of Borchali is located in the south-west of the Georgia, mostly, upland, but it is plain one at the three. Turk heights where have lived in the Borchali since the oldest time. 828 more words


Ethnic Azeri Novruz at Marneuli

On Saturday March 22 the Ethnic Azeri inhabitants of the town of Marneuli in Georgia celebrated Novruz which marks the first day of the year in the Persian calendar. 71 more words

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Open Government Partnership Georgia – Public Consultations, 2014

Starting from March 15, 2014 Georgian Government will be conducting the public consultations throughout the country. These meetings aim at informing the society about the planned events that will take place over the next two years and that will contribute to providing the open and participatory governance. 410 more words


SDWM Improves Preschool Education in Marneuli

Preschool education in Marneuli was in poor condition. Aging plumbing, heating, and kitchen infrastructure, along with a lack of child-friendly furnishings, made for an environment that was not conducive to learning. 315 more words

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The Ashigs, Ashiks, Ashiqs of Algeti

Anna Harbaugh (my girlfriend and a speaker of Russian), Stefan Williamson-Fa (my friend and fellow ethnomusicology enthusiast), and I took a bus 45 minutes south of Tbilisi to a small city called  1,236 more words


Live Flesh

A friend of mine once told me a story: in the days of his studentship, for whatever reason, he really wanted to visit а morgue (well, we all have something we could be called weirdos for). 676 more words

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