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Recent Rewatches: January 2016

So it’s another year and it’s maybe not off to a great start (blogging-wise that is), but I’m working on getting to the last of those 2015 films slowly but surely. 1,083 more words



Marnie by Winston Graham

Marnie appears to be charming and efficient. A true professional. But inwardly she is unscrupulous, a rebel against society and the law. 279 more words


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You Need Marnie The Dog In Your Life Right Now

This dog is life-changing and you should start following her on Instagram at this moment and never look back. She’s even friends with Miley! 1. Meet Marnie. 138 more words

Hitchcock, Chaplin, Lions and Sexism: Tippi Hedren at the Viennale | Filmmaker Magazine

When I meet Tippi Hedren in Vienna, we’re with a handful of other journalists for nearly an hour-long roundtable interview. There are less than ten of us, but… 13 more words


Dial M For Murder & The Case of too Many Lamps

It was really hard for me to take Dial M For Murder seriously because of the large preponderance of lamps. Hitch often placed lamps in the forefront in order to create a more indepth cinematic space. 103 more words


Marnie, The Wrong Man, & My New Found Love for Hitch'

Due in part to the companionship of a new friend, I’ve recently found myself pursuing the work of one Alfred Hitchcock. Aside from sharing a birthday with him, and a couple of viewings of… 708 more words