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Maroon - The chestnuts or the slaves? 

Maroon is a homophone (a word with two different meanings), one being the reddish-brown colour, the other being to leave someone on an island. I love these little language quirks and whenever I come across them I can’t help but wonder if the two words have evolved separately or if they both come from the same root words and split off somewhere down the etymological tree. 132 more words


Oxblood Love !

Yes, Oxblood colour is love. The most sexiest colour to my eyes (obviously after Black ) ! It is so feminine & any garment in this colour is ought to make you look pretty & sexy I feel. 202 more words

Available Now: Lacy Shell Wrap

Hi folks,

It is a crazy warm day here in Kansas City. We grilled hamburgers outside for lunch. Outside! In February! In Kansas City! Yay! 113 more words


Confronting a Would-Be Tyrant

Years ago, I heard Mel Brooks being interviewed.  He was asked how he, in general but especially as a Jew, justified wrapping The Producers around a faux-musical called… 121 more words