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From Saffron to Maroon !

The painting of our house is done !!! I had posted earlier about how I have dreaded getting the house painted just because of the dust that will be generated as the walls are sanded. 312 more words

Daily Reflections

Meeting Royalty

A few blog posts ago, I discussed how the public viewed the Second Maroon War. And while the Maroons had gained attention in the public lens, that notoriety did not dissipate whatsoever. 366 more words


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My new favourite jumper: from People Tree!

It’s fluffy, it’s maroon and it’s sutainably made… What’s not to love? My absolute favourite jumper is this gorgeous piece from People Tree. It’s cosy and comfortable, but can also be styled with statement jewelry to create a great outfit for lunch out with friends. 88 more words


The Fate of the Trelawney Maroons

After the Second Maroon War, changes soon came in regard to the Maroons on Jamaica. In 1796, the Assembly of Jamaica decided it was fitting to ship the Trelawney Maroons elsewhere. 279 more words

Lipsticks for Special Occasions! 💄

Today, I have got you some dark shade lipsticks that brightens up your face and gets you all set for the speacial occasions. All I chose are from my favorite brand Colorbar. 376 more words