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Fact or Fiction: The Problem Of Primary Sources

Through reading Bryan Edwards’ account of the Maroons, from their history up until the Maroon War in Jamaica in 1795-96, the biggest issue that I’ve come into contact with as of so far has been discerning the truth in Edwards’ words. 574 more words

Maroon Bohemian Debut Invitation

This custom design of bohemian floral invitation was inspired by a wedding invitation. It’s very simple but I’m loving the colors especially when matched with the maroon envelope. Sweet but sophisticated!


The Early Victories of the Maroons, circa 1655-1670

When the England under the protectorate of Oliver Cromwell conquered England in 1655, the one thousand fifteen hundred enslaved Africans that were originally owned by Spanish planters had fled to the rugged mountains of Jamaica.[1] From their outposts scattered throughout the forests and mountains, these runaway slaves would soon after get the name “Maroon” from the Spanish word  284 more words

Rustic Maroon Floral Wedding Invitation with Marsala Flowers

Working with a client is sometimes a challenge. But when they have specific likes, it becomes a shared idea. I get a different perspective that other people might also like. 27 more words


Maroon Tulip

Maroon Tulips: This kind signifies that the tulips are found in deep shades.

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the daily purge 1-30-18

Why, it’s a maroon lightbulb. How did The Purging Lutheran even end up with a maroon lightbulb? I would never have bought one so how did it get here? 349 more words