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Crater Lake (Maroon Bells)

Crater Lake (Maroon Bells Park in Aspen, CO)

  • Attempted August 2014
  • Apprx 4.2 miles round trip (from the Maroon Bells Lake, where the shuttle will drop you off)
  • 430 more words
Hike (Lake)

In conversation with Eugene Drucker

“I think maybe I just understand certain things more deeply than I understood them decades ago, that playing together in a quartet involves negotiating the differences between the four personalities.” [ 25 more words


ancient equation

before lightning lapse of twilight dilemma
takes over the rangoli-rioting pastel skies
in a dim~dark consummation
they try to fall down for once like all other previous days… 75 more words


Boho Chic Bracelet

I’m always finding these amazing beads from my Picasso bead ‘supplier’ on Etsy and wanted to find a new way to show them off.

I’m going to go with a simple design here, because one of the thing I like about the  boho chic look is layering. 31 more words


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I found this really inspiring blog about a bracelet and it reminded me of a class I took once. I love the color, and the simplicity of this jewelry piece, the possibilities are endless. Maybe a combination of turquoise with small gold rings, or black beads with gold balls, hang some dangling charms in between, I would love to make one for myself . Its inspiring to make something that you can flaunt with your style, it's gives me satisfaction, in a 'yes I did it kind of way'. I once went to Michael's for a earring making class, with amethyst beads and gold wire. It was my first time actually making a piece, and not drawing it. let me tell you something about myself before I tell you what happened, I am over-ambitious. Big time. For stuff I bought turquoise beads, I just love the color,it reminds me of oceans and trees and sunshine (because I always pair turquoise with gold), the design I went to learn required a smaller size, but my instructor was kind and let me have the 2 size bigger turquoise one's (which later she surely must have regretted). And then I twisted and turned the design. That in the end, it looked nothing like the design I went to learn. My instructor was constantly saying, it's your first time, see the design and do that, and I always like to make things mine, instead of doing it as it is(Though for electronic stuff, I am all rules and steps, no messing there of course, who wants to screw that ?) but with art you have the freedom to do it and make it your statement, don't get me wrong, the earring actually, was really beautiful, but as my harried instructor did keep warning me, I had put too much into my first effort, I kept twisting and closing the wires, to do changes and made the whole thing too weak . I wore them at least thrice before it took it's final breath, and my golden pride of a chandelier pair of Turquoise beauty left me,for good. This beautiful bracelet reminded me of my proud,over ambitious project, which I don't have a photograph of, to share with. Share your story of success at making something out of anything, or your success at making your tutor, regret ever teaching you. Share your love, leave your precious comment, and always do what you should. Let There Be Good.

Multiple OOTDs and my new favourite colour to wear!

Hello lovelies!

So today was laundry day, I had waited way too long so my clothes were in pretty hefty piles. I had my blacks, my light colours, my towels and sheets as usual, but there was a fourth pile, everything was maroon, cherry red or oxblood! 395 more words