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Current Obsession: Marquee Letters. How to DIY or Where to BUY

Love love love marquee lights as decor. They are both fun and cool and seem to be in every wedding I’m seeing online. Also they make great decor in your home post wedding. 212 more words

Chapter 6 – Making Selections


The marquee tool creates selections using simple shapes and available in expert mode. There are two types available:

Photo Editing

Video Podcast: Arcade Marquee Repair

Press Continue Podcast host Adam teaches you all the ins and outs of repairing an arcade cabinet marquee. We clean and replace the flourescent light as well as share tips of installation. 34 more words

Video Games

Wine and ... Marquee Letters! pt. 3

Fixing A Regrettable Mistake

After finishing all the paper mache, I finally looked at my reference photo again and realized the mistake I had made. Well, I wasn’t about to pull apart all the work I had spent, by this time, about 2 weeks on. 606 more words


Wine and ... Marquee Letters! pt.2

And So, It Begins

I knew that I was going to need a lot of cardboard for this, and since I didn’t want to pay for it, I went down to my local grocer, and asked them for a bunch of pallets. 240 more words


Wine and ... Marquee Letters!

You Want How Much For That?!

The last time I was at the craft store (when I picked up my soap making kit)I was wandering around, killing some time, when I came across these adorable Marquee letters! 114 more words