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I Married a Realist

I married a realist. There, I’ve said it. I think I’ve been trying to deny it for some time, but it’s undeniable now. My husband is a realist. 755 more words



I’m a right one for lists.  I mean, it’s not a bad thing; they have their place, and a very treasured one at that.  But sometimes my lists get carried away with themselves and I accumulate… 926 more words

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Real Love Looks Like Work - Love & Purpose

Hey Guys!!

Happy New Year to you all, we trust that this entry finds you all happy at the start of what promises to both be a great and interesting new year. 263 more words


Biblical Parenting 2...

As I previously wrote in the first post of this series (please click HERE for the full post),

Christian parenting doesn’t mean we should beat and hammer our children like a blacksmith.  1,671 more words


He's still got it.

Text message from me: Do you think Casey Anthony is hot?

Text message from Scott: Who is that?

I should stop here and tell you that Scott found a job!

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Treat Your Marriage Like It's A Job

When The Mister does something nice for me, I ask him, “Why are you so sweet?”, his response since we’ve been married is, “It’s my job.” When this happens, I always seem to go quiet and think about all the ways marriage is basically a job. 463 more words


La La Land

Spoiler Alert!!!

I knew it was a musical, but the first scene/number was just ridiculous. Typical. Somebody started singing in traffic, and eventually everyone came out of their cars and started singing and dancing. 644 more words

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