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During a morning Bible Study a group of women were discussing how to have loving relationships with their husbands.  The group leader asked them ‘how many of you love your husbands?’.

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Black Knighting Churchian Marriage

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Really.

Commenter whysoserious? presented a rather interesting argument.  It was rather long and I wanted to address it so I turned it into… 1,938 more words




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Who Didn't Warn Me? 10 Things I Didn't Totally Realize Before I Got Married

I can’t say “nobody” told me about these things. But I can truthfully say that I may not have heard everything that was said to me in the barrage of life that was hitting. 1,085 more words


Why Everyone Needs to Stop Telling Me Marriage is Hard

Maybe it’s just my Facebook friends or the blogs I follow, but it seems that the Internet has devoted itself solely to telling me how hard marriage and motherhood will be, lately. 1,487 more words


Round two in life...curve ball

Married to my second husband, expecting a child (produced from my husband’s infidelity), regrouping from a separation and divorce from my first husband, getting back into the work field full force after losing both businesses in my divorce, rebuilding trust with my husband after infidelity, raising my four young children, homeschooling all four children, my youngest transitioning from boy to girl completely now, and changing my life as I knew it before…they say God only gives you what you can handle, I guess he thinks I can handle quite a bit. 40 more words


Finding a Devout Partner in a Fulfilling Muslim Marriage

 Connecting Muslims from around the world, muslims4marriage provides members with a free, easy way of creating dynamic profiles and uploading photos. Designed for use on laptops and smartphones, … 206 more words