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So, I’m obviously messed up right now, right? Been separated 3 months. Everything is fresh. I’m probably radiating a sort of volatile vulnerability.

Today two different men in my life flirted with me. 255 more words


My Facebook is Full of Lies.

I have a few confessions to make about the photos you see on my facebook feed.

In this picture, you see two happy, smiling little boys. 822 more words



No that doesn’t say Twist, but good try though! I saw this idea on facebook a while back, and it ended up being truly hilarious.Let’s play a game…. 173 more words


The day I left my husband...

It started like any other Wednesday morning. We’d missed speech therapy on Monday, so I had to take Bug to the school at 0830 for a make-up session. 1,505 more words


The Ruling On Disliking Polygyny (having more than one wife) – Ibn Baaz


Some women give preference to the societal norms of Europe or the west in general; or in the un-Islaamic lands, and they say: “Plural marriage is unlawful.” While we have here the legislative rule permitting polygamy. 397 more words


The BEST Books for Strengthening Your Marriage

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A couple of weeks ago I was super excited to be asked to do a book review for my friend Brittany of… 817 more words

Call me Prince . . .

Relationship status: complicatedly married. Vitals: numb. Emotional State: Heavy.

It has been two months, three days and eight hours since I have seen him. Two months, three days and eight hours since our wedding day. 317 more words