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Submission (II) Vitamin

Simply suggesting submission to most people will make them cringe a bit inside. However, there is actually freedom in submitting to God and His Will for our lives.


How to Sell Your Husband (or Wife)

If you’re married – and have been for longer than a minute or so – then in your tougher moments, the title of this post might pique your interest: … 945 more words


Relationship Skills

Relationship skills are techniques we can use to develop long-term and healthy relationships.  These relationship skills enhance emotional bonds, deepen intimacy and improve understanding of the people in the relationship.  710 more words


When did this happen??

Last night before bed, I had an exchange on my vanilla FB account with a “friend”. I had published an article written by a woman who realized that she constantly criticizes her husband, and how she is trying to change. 399 more words


Submission Vitamin

Submit to God’s Will for your life & the rest will follow.


Protected Classes

The following is a list from the Federal Govt of protected classes

Federal protected classes include:

  • Race.
  • Color.
  • Religion or creed.
  • National origin or ancestry.
  • 750 more words

11 Men Explain What 'Wife Material' Means To Them

In the 1950s, what constituted “wife material” was pretty basic compared to how it is now. “Perfect” wives were women who stayed home to take care of the kids, keep the house in order, and have dinner ready promptly at 6PM when her husband walked through the door. 901 more words

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