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Low Expectation, High Appreciation

One of the best lessons we have learned, and also teach to other couples, is the concept of Low Expectation and High Appreciation. Coming from a place of hope instead of demand or expectation. 422 more words

Phoebe Lucero

Garden of Hope

I suppose learning of me brain tumor was more stress than my first husband could bare. The night I was diagnosed was the last time he touched me. 357 more words

Would You Like to Touch My Lump?

I had a little back surgery at the end of December, 2018. Everything went fine and I have recovered pretty well unless you are a perfectionist. 722 more words


Counting to 30

We started the weekend trying to define the years of our life. We wanted to pick a highlight or hallmark from each year. Some years it was easy to do, others were sort of a blur.  255 more words

My Life

Love endures through every season

Apparently individuals spend an average of $160 for Valentine’s Day. Out of the 10 Valentine’s Days celebrated with my husband, there are few that stand out; our very first one together, the one before we got married, the one after moving homes and of course the one that has just passed. 506 more words


What Else, Mama?

So, it’s Valentines Day. I’m aware of this solely mostly because at 11 PM last night I was frantically putting together 26 gifts for my 3-year-old and a dozen more for my little babe to give their friends at school. 548 more words


The Transition of Learning to Be Outward Focused

I heard in his voice that my husband wanted to go to the
cabin this weekend, but I didn’t really want to go. My husband is not blatantly… 1,277 more words