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Saturday Morning on a Friday 

You know those Saturday’s when your in high school and you sleep in late and wait way to long to shower? You hang out in your PJs and eat your Cheerios in front the television. 265 more words


My Thoughts: Say Yes.

I have a wide array of friends on social media, and I do mean people I actually know outside of the sites. I think if I didn’t know them, it would make things easier to overlook things. 268 more words


Beauty out of Ashes: Our Midlife Love Story, Part 8

Part 8: A Whole New Plan

Before Brian’s illness, the thought never crossed my mind to seriously consider certain vocabulary for my future.


Death. 598 more words


Praying for our twins...

Our prayer through this is that “the Lord will be Glorified, that His Power and Grace will be undeniable.”

For those of you who have not seen or heard this sweet message Steven sent out today about our babies here it is (I wrote a few extra things at the end)… 763 more words


Ultimately the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or in friendship, is conversation. – Oscar Wilde

Make it a priority to engage in conversation. The topic doesn’t matter; what matters is the connection, the  51 more words


our niagara falls wedding

I’m not going to say much but just post pictures from our gorgeous special wedding day. I think the pictures say it all (just wish I could remember what we found so funny). 101 more words


Dr. Christina Villarreal's Focus on Women's Sexual Health, Empowerment & Wellness

15 years ago, I completed my doctoral dissertation examining cultural and gender influences of sexual risk behavior among Latino women. For the past 10 years in my clinical practice, I’ve enjoyed helping women embrace their sexuality, overcome obstacles to safe sex practices, and empower themselves for a lifetime of sexual wellness. 230 more words

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