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Friends Make Better Lovers

Being in love is one of the greatest gifts of life. The sharing of affectionate feelings with one another is a vital part of our human experience. 313 more words


Prayer for Husband

A dear mom in our MOPs family recommended this to me and I wanted to pass it on for our theme this month, Flourishing in Marriage. 483 more words


We Finally Get To Sleep In Our Bed!

We closed on our house on the 23rd or December. The lease to our apartment didn’t end until the end of January so we took our sweet time moving in to our new house but what we didn’t do was prioritize the master bedroom. 291 more words


Before I Was a Mom

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, I’m thinking about what my husband and I will do to celebrate. We actually have a babysitter for the afternoon, so Aaron and I get to take a much needed break and enjoy one another’s company. 277 more words


Rita Clucas reblogged this and commented:

thumb_12711248_10208670476670126_7701215921334925346_o_1024I still remember it. Those baby days when life was all about the urgent like  blowout diapers and lost blankies--those days that rarely included a daily shower and shaved legs were a luxury. I came across this post today at "The Other Johnsons" and thought I'd share it because although I'm past that baby stage, I still have a tendency to let the urgent rather than the significant govern my time. This Valentine's Day though, I think I'll toss the sweats and don some lace for the man who still thinks I'm hot and wants to catch my eye. The kids will have to survive for a bit without me ;-). I hope you'll also be encouraged to remember that you were a woman before you were a mother, and that your husband likes to see her every now and then also. Happy Valentine's Day.

Bug Love Report

So, you want to get married. There are some things that bug you, but then again, love is the greatest act of faith we have. … 650 more words


How To Do Valentine's Day Right In 10 Easy Steps

I’m over at Scary Mommy talking about the right and wrong way to do Valentine’s Day.

Husbands/Partners/Longtime Loves. You’ve been together for awhile now. Long enough for the sweet anticipation of guessing who your Valentine is going to be to wear off just a bit. 332 more words


Are You My Friend?

What does it even mean in modern society to persevere?  One of my friends posted this on Facebook the other day.  Why Modern Relationships Are Falling Apart So Easily Today… 1,392 more words