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Marriage Love is Genuine 'Just to the Extent' that the Truths are Genuine with which the Good is Conjoined

Selection from Heaven and Hell ~ Emanuel Swedenborg

The love of dominion of one over the other entirely takes away marriage love and its heavenly delight, … marriage love and its delight consists in the will of one being that of the other, and this mutually and reciprocally. 462 more words

Emanuel Swedenborg

Deep roots

Where we live, violent storms are a norm. During the course of a year, we may have multiple violent storms with winds and wind gusts exceeding 30-40 mph. 616 more words


Alphabet Date Nights

If you’ve had enough of your typical date night of dinner and a movie or maybe you’ve recently moved to a new city like us, then you might want to give Alphabet Date Nights a try! 397 more words


5 Things I Learnt From My Parents Marriage

I can only remember a couple times in my childhood where God was spoken about in a loving context. I remember going to Church as a kid and kicking the backs of the pews because I was bored and I also remember reciting the Lords prayer before bed each night at my mum’s guidance. 697 more words


My Co...

…YES. I have one. Okay? I have one. I’ve had a co for nearly 5 months now. (A co = co-wife. Sister-wife)
But guess what? We learned ALOT from the last situation. 502 more words


April Fool's Day

So the other year, for April Fool’s Day (2014? I think?), I changed my Facebook status to “engaged” and didn’t say a word to anyone about it otherwise. ¬† 780 more words


Of Being Kind Despite Circumstances 

So many people have told me that I’m the “bigger person”, that I’ve shown so much grace, patience, and kindness to someone they didn’t think I should even interact with. 382 more words