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12 Date Nights that Don't Break Yo' Wallet!

The first year of marriage has been a lot of things: adventurous, challenging, hilarious, mundane, stressful, awkward, and lit! To sum up the last 8 months of marriage I would say it has been one steep learning curve. 270 more words

Christ-centered Marriage

4 Lessons We Can All Learn From Mike Pence's Marriage

In 2002 Mike Pence, made a statement saying that he didn’t go out to dinner with other women without his wife being present and that he didn’t attend events serving alcohol unless his wife joined him. 489 more words


The Power of Second Chances

Grace and forgiveness are powerful things when it comes to the matters of the heart. I got to witness this first-hand when I walked down the aisle exactly a month ago today. 780 more words


Alex Jones Sued by Ex-Wife for 7 MILLION! How to Avoid Getting Divorced

Right Wing radio icon, Alex Jones might need to start private labeling his own Preparation H if his ex-wife is successful in turning his ass into an ATM! 758 more words

Right Wing Lifestyle

The "Knows" before "Husbandship"...

There are so many sites out there if you simply google that shows you a list of things that make you a “good husband.”  The sad truth is yes those features will help you be a better husband, but probably not the best.   710 more words


The Beginning of Our Love Story..

Every man remembers, or at least tries to, the very first time they saw their wife.  I remember.  Living in a generation where you could swipe yes to land a date, because my generation spend hours in front of phone than actually talking to the person sitting across them; I saw her picture on a site (I won’t name it for the sake of privacy).   299 more words


10 Marriage Tips From an Ex-Spouse Who Has Been There

As someone who was once married and now isn’t, I can say that even though I believe there was nothing that could have possibly saved my former marriage, I still think there are things I learned about marriage that I will carry with me to the next relationship. 90 more words