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Practical tips on how to avoid taking your spouse for granted

We don’t mean to do it, but it can happen and a lot of times it does happen. What is that? Taking our partner for granted. 378 more words


Wifes, be happy when he gets home from work

Last night I was so annoyed, it was 7:30 and Luis had still not go home from work. We had made plans to go to a dancing class at 7 that night. 390 more words


The Art of Fighting: How to Be Fair and Effective in Conflict

Did you know that they say that fights occur 10 percent because of difference in opinion and 90 percent because of how we approach and deliver our argument? 1,304 more words

Marriage Advice

9 Things I'm Learning About Marriage (because I was too lazy to come up with 10)

I should warn you, I haven’t even been married for two years yet. So if you’re looking for one of those advice letters from a couple who just celebrated their 65th anniversary and will probably die holding hands, this is not it. 1,381 more words

Marriage Advice

10 Wishes I Have For My Son and His Future Wife

Wedding experts say that the three-month stretch between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is prime time for proposals. With the sparkle of Christmas and the promise of the new year lending an air of romance, nearly forty percent of couples choose this time to get engaged. 655 more words


Couples With Kids: Let's Bring the Sexy Back!

Okay, Let’s face it: The honeymoon has long since passed and you’re stuck in the real world relationship rut. Having children to care for leaves little time for much else, let alone an imagination, those little …. 1,024 more words


Back from the Dead in Corduroys

For two years now, I have been on a sad and obstacle ridden journey to find the password to this blog, the blog that made me famous with the “faithful forty.” Well, in case you haven’t figured it out, I found it, and I am back from the dead. 965 more words