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Dear Busy Spouse...Sincerely, Your Marriage Counselor

Dear Busy Spouse,

Of course you are too busy for your spouse right now.  There IS too much going on.  On a normal day your kid’s needs, schedules and bedtimes suck every last bit of energy out of you.   1,381 more words

Marriage Connection

Don’t Stop Dating.

I have heard that the first year of marriage is the hardest.


But that doesn’t mean that it lasts forever.

We never discuss the negatives of life or relationships on social media. 802 more words

Why You Should Go To Bed Angry

*Edit: After a very astute observation from TheOwl30, I’ve added a bit to this post. Thanks for the feedback!*

I know what you’re thinking. You should  707 more words


Approaching Dating as a Choice

I find it refreshing newer takes on dating and preparing for marriage are focusing on our choices, rather than a romanticized ideal of soulmates. I remembering learning this growing up, you don’t just have one potential partner that you’re compatible with. 792 more words

Marriage Advice

To my friends and family who are about to get married,

My advice for you is to not listen to any advice.

When I was about to get married, my parents had no advice for me. 493 more words

Needing More Wisdom for Myself & My Son and a Thought on Marriage

The older I get, more and more I see the importance of gaining knowledge, putting it into practice (in some way, if possible), and hoping that it blossoms into wisdom that I can share.  281 more words

THINKING IT THROUGH With Jerome Danner Podcast

Making Sense of Priorities

Last night, after helping my son with a science project, tucking my children into bed, writing for this blog, posting to Instagram, sending in the Box Top count for my child’s school, organizing a photoshoot for the CF Cycle for Life committee, putting away the rest of the dinner dishes, retweeting Gottman Institute, packing my children’s lunches, answering my work email, pinning a new book on infidelity, reviewing my work schedule, putting our puppy is in his kennel after having wiped up two puddles of pee (potty training puppies takes how long??), brushing my teeth, and washing my face, I finally climbed into my very cozy bed, only to discover in my bed lay an angry man, a very angry man. 756 more words

Marriage Connection