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The One Weird Trick That Will Actually Help You Stop Fighting With Your Significant Other

Do you find you and your spouses fight often get quiet heated?
Which sometimes result in you shouting at your spouse?
And making things only worse? 753 more words

One and Done

All you need is love … and 2.4 children, apparently.

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes mum with the baby carriage, or something along those lines. 1,288 more words

All the marriage advice

In this blog post, I’m going to address something that has most likely plagued every single engaged couple since marriage was a thing: conflicting (and copious) advice. 449 more words



So, we are officially married – a reality that I remember repeating several times during our honeymoon that I could not quite believe. It felt like a dream – even on the ride home – that I would quickly wake up from only to be his girlfriend. 461 more words

Mike Holmes ain't got shite on me. 

Can we please talk about john’s love of Lowes (JLOL for short)

We are there EVERY DAY. Okay.. maybe not. But I feel as though I’m becoming friends with the store workers. 579 more words

You get on my last Nerves

“I can’t stand when he/she”. Fill in the blank. The level of aggravation you experience from your spouse’s bad habit is probably the same when a driver doesn’t use their signal light or someone leaves a sip of beverage in the bottle. 269 more words

Relationship Goals: My Story & Why I'm Inspired to Give Relationship Advice

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I always love telling the story of  how my husband and I met.

It was August 2003, about 5 days into our freshman year at the University of Notre Dame.  810 more words

True Love