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10 Things That Shouldn't Happen If Your Relationship Is ROCK SOLID

You say the two of you are tight. Rock solid. Impossible to tear apart. The two of you are a match made in heaven. An unbeatable team. 190 more words


What Did You Expect?

Everyone of us enter marriage with certain expectations. Some are natural, some are achievable, and some are just plain unrealistic.  These unrealistic expectations have potential to damage your continued marital happiness, so I suggest that you avoid them. 380 more words

An Open Letter To Married Men

Dear Married Men,

When you recited your marriage vows, you promised to love, honor, cherish your wife, and all that jazz. But there are a few unwritten rules that maybe should be included in the marriage vows that should be common sense, but each day, I’m beginning realize that apparently common sense isn’t all that common. 1,942 more words

Marriage Tips Worth Their Weight In Gold

Once my husband and I passed the thirty year anniversary of our married life together, friends started saying things like, “You’ve gotta tell other people your secrets,” and “How do you do it?” So, besides love, trust, and communication, I started to think about what tips and strategies we have devised over the years to make it through the hurdles. 1,463 more words

Avoidance Plan

Today Amy and I complete the first 27 years of our marriage and begin the next 27. A number of years ago a friend from my teen years called to tell me that he and his wife (another friend) left him after 23 years of marriage.  368 more words

Traits to a Healthy Marriage

After saying “I do,” it’s happy ever after right? Not necessarily.  I’m here to give the scoop about marriage. It’s not all sunshine and roses although it may appear to be on social media timelines and newsfeeds. 851 more words

Marriage is Hard

Being married is hard. I mean people say that, but it actually is hard, attention requiring work. It’s easy to fight, to under appreciate, or over demand!! 238 more words