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100 Reasons to Get Married

Veils, vows, in-laws, the whole enchilada… Is getting hitched really worth all that trouble? Isn’t it a whole lot easier to just move in with your partner and live happily ever after? 3,105 more words

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5 Signs a Mom Needs to Have Sex With Her Partner

Sex. Yep. If that word looked like a foreign phrase, perhaps you need to pull up a seat (or a bed, whatever your partner would prefer wink) and read this article. 111 more words


10 No-Question-About-It Signs Your Mom HATES Your Wife

If your mother doesn’t like your wife, you probably have a good idea that she’s not happy with your better half. But my comprehensive list that your mom hates your wife will be the real tip-off as to whether your mom is #TeamWife or #TeamIWantMySonBack. 153 more words


5 Ways to Find the Right Partner and Make Your Relationship Last for 22 Years Plus

  Ok. First things first. Let me start by letting you know a little bit about who I am, and why I’m qualified to talk to you about this subject. 2,093 more words

Find The Right Partner

Marriage: Censored

Before I got married, I asked those who were married (and those who were divorced) to tell me some words of wisdom.

The second I asked this, I saw the wheels begin to turn in everyone’s head. 415 more words

Making An Effort

4 Daily Habits That will Completely Reform Your Relationship

Sometimes you see couples that seem to click in a certain way. You never see them get frustrated with one another. They’re always kissing and touching in public. 1,088 more words


Moms: Are You Having an Emotional Affair?

There’s a special friend that you love talking to — and this person is not your partner! What harm is there in a friend? Shouldn’t married parents have friends? 131 more words