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5 Characteristics of Marriage and Family Therapists

Whether you are looking to become a marriage and family therapist (MFT) or are considering seeking treatment from a professional marriage and family therapist, but don’t know exactly what to look for, this blog introduces some basic characteristics of marriage and family therapists so you know what to expect. 426 more words

Marriage And Family Therapy

Benefits of Marriage and Family Therapy

That the addict or alcoholic felt that they had no the place else to switch other than medicines and/or liquor means that they could no longer reconcile the disparity amongst what must be and what is. 509 more words

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Marriage and Family Counseling - Save Your Marriage Today

Many thanks to in-house observation, numerous people with mental disease, despair or trauma struggling are able to get much better.

When couples say “I do” at the altar, they are bringing all of their negotiable values and inviolable variations to the marriage desk. 502 more words

Family Counseling

LPC or LPCC? – Brief news update - plus the LPCC gap exam

By David Joel Miller.

Is there a difference between LPC’s and LPCC’s and if so what is that difference, and how hard is the gap exam? 531 more words


Therapist, Counselor or Social Worker?

By David Joel Miller.

LPCC, LMFT or Social Worker?

Recently a number of people have asked me about the different mental health professions and which they should go to see. 1,708 more words

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More from Huffington Post and Ian Dowbiggin--With Response

When I posted my reply to Mr. Dowbiggin’s blog on the Huffington Post, he responded as follows:

As the author of this blog I’d like to respond to Mr. 470 more words

Michael Bowers

Responding to Huffington Post Blog on behalf of MFT

On April 6, Ian Dowbiggin published a blog on the Huffington Post entitled, “Follow the Money: Why Relationships May Soon Be Psychiatric Diseases.” In that blog, he asserts that any notion that relationships play a factor in health and well-being is bogus.  613 more words

Michael Bowers