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Indiana Fix This Now Is Exactly Correct

The front page of the Indianapolis Star had it absolutely correct when it stated Fix This Now.

This RFRA was a gross misstep by the lawmakers who pushed it through. 883 more words

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The brides wore purple...and black!

Today is a very significant anniversary of a very personal, yet political act. Come with me, I’d like to share it with you…

After 4 months of whirlwind preparation, 1 April 2010 dawned bright and clear…a gorgeous autumn day and the beginning of the Easter weekend…it was the day of our Civil Partnership Ceremony, though we loudly and proudly called it a wedding – and a wedding it was for sure! 757 more words

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CTBC Exercise: On the Legality of Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriages should be legally recognized for the same reasons that opposite-sex marriages are. At its most basic, the civil concept of marriage is about the formation of a new family unit and the establishment of certain rights between two or more individuals granting them authority over each other’s affairs (Eskridge). 382 more words

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Your Three Martini Stupid Is Served, Glenn Beck

Protesting against Indiana’s We Dont Serve Your Kind law logically concludes at concentration camps, or at least so says free-range conspiracy theorist Glenn Beck:

Pundits Who Make Me Crazy

Flip The Coin

I just read the article on Facebook about Starbucks supporting marriage equality and that after taking such a stance their proceeds were down. Despite that fact, they will continue to support the diversity interwoven among their own employees and carry on. 216 more words


Random Headlines -- License to Discriminate Edition

The Atlantic – What makes Indiana’s religious freedom law different?
The Washington Post
– ‘FIX THIS NOW’ says Indy Star, saying the ‘religious freedom’ law has done ‘enormous harm.’ 105 more words