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I had a dream about the plebiscite

Its early morning when I stumble into the bathroom. The dawn sunlight helps me to navigate around silhouetted edges as I take groggy steps toward the darkened corner. 713 more words

Marriage Equality

Marriage Equality Rant!

The written word just couldn’t encapsulate my extreme frustration at the NO campaign during this 2017 arduous marriage equality postal survey in Australia. Others far more level-headed than me, … 337 more words

Extremism Spectrum Disorder

'He headbutted me': Tony Abbott says he was assaulted by yes campaigner

Former prime minister says he was attacked on street in Hobart by a man who had asked to shake his hand, leaving Abbott with a swollen lip… 421 more words


Bernardi & Abbott: a shared pyschosis

And the week finished on a spectacularly self-mutilating note for the No side, with Cory Bernardi and Tony Abbott inadvertently exposing the dark spite at its crippled heart through a couple of straw-clutching stunts that only served to reveal the dire lack of substance in the anti-marriage equality tripe. 635 more words


This is not a horse race | The Monthly

But in this case we’re talking about political journalists telling LGBTQI people how to argue that they should be given equal rights. If we’re going to put ourselves in the position of lecturing a minority on how to do something they’ve spent decades doing already – and really quite effectively – then wouldn’t we want a better success rate to point to? 9 more words

Marriage Equality

It All Makes Sense Now!

You know I love to share with you and I use my blog and my writing as therapy.

Whether it’s humorous, about the entertainment world, politics, or equality, the topics are usually random.   706 more words