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Marriage Equality May 23rd

On the 22nd of may last year I and a large majority of Irish people voted for everyone in Ireland to be able to marry whoever the hell they wanted.

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Attention Walmart Shoppers!

Attention, Walmart Shoppers! Andrea Lafferty, of the Traditional Values Coalition, has a plan for how you can boycott Target without spending any money (duh):

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2015 – Irish voters make history in gay marriage referendum, becoming the first country to ask it’s electorate to legalise gay marriage.

Irish voters decisively voted in favour of marriage equality, making Ireland the first country to do so through the ballot box. The no campaigners paid tribute to their opponents, and the archbishop of Dublin said the result should be a wake-up call for the Catholic church in Ireland.

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Irish Left Archive: The path to marriage equality in GCN - I

It is a year since we voted not only to lift the ban on same-sex couples getting married, but to place an obligation on the state to put in place a law for marriage equality. 803 more words

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That Wonderful Day in May

There’s not much I remember about the early morning of May 22nd 2015. I imagine I would have slowly stirred, begrudgingly opened my eyes and cursed the heat in the room from the fine early Summer weather. 1,220 more words

A Joyful Year

Great Joys in the Last Year

Celebrating my 10-year anniversary with my sweetie

Marriage equality being legalized in the United States 116 more words