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Whoops, I Think You Are In The Wrong State

Iowa couple Betty and Dick Odgaard are using their non-profit ministry to launch 1,000 anti-gay billboards.  The couple are the former owners of Iowa’s Gortz Haus Gallery.   204 more words


Random Headlines -- 8/01/15

The New York Times – Ultra-Orthodox Israeli stabs 6 at a gay pride parade for a second time, police say.
SFGate – Boy Scouts of America to allow gay adult leaders. 76 more words


This Happy Fella’s Been Supporting Drag And Marriage Equality Since 1940

Editor’s note: We’ve asked online comedian, voice actor and chest hair model Sam Kalidi to create a new meme each week for Queerty readers. This week he celebrates 75 years of the comedy genius Bugs Bunny. 16 more words


Outing the Pink Mafia

It is actually not true for me to say there is no such thing as the Pink Mafia. The Pink Mafia, or as it is more widely known, the Velvet Mafia or Gay Mafia, was created by opponents of equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people across the world and as a response to us asserting our basic rights to be. 502 more words


Marriage Equality Not for All

Every month in editing a newsletter for our local PFLAG group, I write articles about national and global news. This past month has been filled with the aftermath—and sometimes backlash—to the Supreme Court decision that LGBT people should have equal rights in marriage.  899 more words

Marriage Equality

civilrightsactivist reblogged this on Civil Rights Advocacy and commented:

Thanks Nel for highlighting this issue. I did not know that "One segment of the U.S. population not covered by the Supreme Court ruling that legalizes marriage equality is Native Americans living on reservations." Why? Because Congress or the tribes themselves must make that decision since reservations are sovereign lands and apparently are not under the direct purview of the US Supreme Court. I'm am pleased however to hear that "many tribes have changed their laws to legalize marriage equality or ruled that they will follow the rules of the state where reservations are located, but ten tribes, including the two largest ones of Cherokee Nation and the Navajo, have acts that prohibit same-gender marriage." I hope my readers read and then support their Native brothers and sisters in their efforts to gain same-sex gender equality within their tribal nations.

The Evening Tweet

Iowa Rep. Steve King, introducing Huckabee, said gay marriage ruling now means "you can marry my lawnmower."

— Matt Taibbi (@mtaibbi) July 30, 2015

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