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5 Gift Ideas for the Expectant Mom

When a woman finds out she’s pregnant, the people in her life often get just as excited as mom-to-be. This excitement often translates to loved ones and friends buying presents and things for the baby, even before or after the baby shower. 586 more words


5 Reasons to Consider a Package Wedding

Weddings are supposed to be joyful celebrations, a beautiful moment where two people become one family while surrounded by friends and loved ones. They’re also¬†supposed to be beautiful with decorations and flowers and even celebratory treats fitting with the happy couple’s style. 571 more words


The Benefits of Speaking Parentese to Your Baby

It might just be considered a natural reflex, but when we see a baby, so many of us naturally find ourselves talking in that high-pitched, sing-songy sort of voice with extended vowels. 759 more words


Cremation: An Acceptable Alternative to Burial

By William P. Selig

Many members have asked what is the Unificationist position on cremation. As a dynamic Movement relating to our Heavenly Parent, it is natural our traditions will continue to be reexamined and updated. 1,730 more words


THE LOOPHOLE (Episode 2)

The New Year was going on quite well for the Daniels.

Nath was promoted at work.

Tricia also resumed her new job.

The unborn baby was doing quite fine. 506 more words

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5 Tips for Traveling While Pregnant

You finally decided to take that vacation that you have so deserved for a long time. You took your time, picked a great destination and the right time to go, booked the whole thing and then found out that you’re pregnant. 616 more words


5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Essentials

Babies are expensive. There are so many things that you have to get to be prepared for your new arrival and even after they are here the day-to-day costs of having an infant can be daunting for even the most financially assured of parents. 590 more words