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The Church Planter's Wife

In honor of my church planting wife on our 16th Anniversary

Sunday’s have been abnormal for my wife for the entirety of our marriage. They’ve included: 571 more words

Church Planting

How I Almost Lost My Kids in a Circumcision Parade

When neighbors invited us to their son’s circumcision celebration, we had no idea what to expect. We’d only lived in Turkey 4 months. When we arrived, cars were lining up at the curb with doors open. 204 more words

Inspirational Note – 07/29/15

Don’t get hung up on good looks. All it takes is one accident, a major illness, or an accumulation of birthdays to depreciate external attractiveness.
– TaVon Morrison

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The Mummy life juggle

My beautiful girl is now six months old and I’ve been off paid work for 8 months. Time has really flown. I had a rough pregnancy and was put on rest from 30 weeks into my pregnancy. 438 more words


Bishops Down Under Offer Over-the-Top Rhetoric as Marriage Equality Approaches

Australia’s political leaders are slowly moving towards marriage equality, prompted by successful developments in Ireland and the United States. The political movement has prompted aggressive action from the nation’s Catholic bishops. 616 more words


17 Lessons from 17 Years of Marriage, cont. (Lessons 5 - ­8)

Last week Tasha and I celebrated 17 Years of Marriage! Part of this year’s anniversary celebration included some time for Tasha and I to reflect on lessons from our first 17 years of marriage. 1,060 more words


Cain and Abel Children: A Unification Parable

by Tyler Hendricks

In the “Cain children” vs. “Abel children” dichotomy, I’m of a mind that the primary category is “children.” Looking at Cain and Abel, the parents would say: “These are all my children. 1,791 more words