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Chesterton: While Her Madness Is More Worth Considering

“Very few people ever state properly the strong argument in favor of marrying for love or against marrying for money. The argument is not that all lovers are heroes and heroines, nor is it that all dukes are profligates or all millionaires cads. 173 more words



Some years ago a popular singer sang a song, “There’s no thing such as love”. Was she right? Some may be tempted to say so. There is so much unkindness, so much deception, cruelty even among those who claim to love each other , also among religious people who claim to love God. 468 more words

Pope Francis Calls for Conscientious Objection to Officiating at Same-Sex Ceremonies

For the first time since Italy’s Parliament approved a civil unions bill for lesbian and gay couples two weeks ago, Pope Francis has commented about the issue of legally recognizing same-sex relationships. 772 more words


Just a thought on relationships (05/20/16)

A relationship on the rise may experience a little turbulence before things smooth out.

– TaVon Morrison, Author
Just A Thought (chapter 16)
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Unraveling The Myth Of Soul Ties/Mate

Recently I heard an evangelist on television talking about soul ties. I was not familiar with the term, so I decided to google it.

A number of articles are written about it, and they gave different definitions but basically, they claimed that soul ties are uniting two souls together which can be good and bad. 855 more words


Despite Vatican Opposition, Italy Passes Civil Unions Bill for Lesbian and Gay Couples

In what is being referred to as a rejection of Vatican influence into Italian politics,  the Italian Parliament voted in a civil unions bill this week, becoming the final nation in the 28-member European Union to do so. 588 more words


On the Internal Meaning of Lineage

By Andrew Lausberg

In the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon, lineage comes up time and time again. Lineage is cited as a significant element in a number of ways: the need to restore humanity, originally of God’s lineage, from Satan’s lineage back to God’s lineage; the significance of lineage in terms of a person being chosen by God for providential work; the significance of lineage in terms of what kind of sin needs to be resolved on earth; etc. 1,360 more words