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The Umbrella of Salvation

Does God save families? Yes, but each person must repent and believe for him or herself. God still has no nieces, nephews, or grandchildren. When Paul and Silas told the repentant jailer in Philippi that “you will be saved, you and your household,” they weren’t thinking of God’s saving families (Acts 16:31). 665 more words

God's Character

Those Were the Days, My Friend

you and I once sang
all the time
your knees were knobby, mine round
we sang out
those were the days, my friend
we loved that song… 161 more words

My Art & Writing

Synod Data Collection Is Slow, Uneven, and Complex in U.S. Dioceses

They Synod on Marriage and the Family which will take place in October 2015 at the Vatican will be as strongly debated as the extraordinary synod on the same topic which took place last year, according to John Allen, veteran Vatican observer, who writes at  1,064 more words


When the Lemons Are Moldy

Typing directly into wordpress hasn’t happened in a couple of years, but I’ve become a bit uptight and thought I’d share straight from the hip today. 867 more words

Puerto Rico's Archbishop Calls for Referendum As Marriage Law Is Ignored

Puerto Rico will no longer uphold its defense of marriage law which only permits heterosexual couples to marry and will not recognize same-gender marriages from other jurisdictions.   454 more words


The Value of Women in Islam

There has been a lot of negativity and misconceptions going around as of late with regards to issues concerning race and religion. The perception of Islam has not been spared from such misconception, and I often find that I am called to defend my religion. 1,142 more words


Grace, at the foot of Ms. Thorny Roses

Yesterday, I was reminded, taught, re-instructed, gifted (these are all stabs at the word, because I’m not sure which one I like best, and sometimes I think I like best to see them as a word-web, like the online dictionaries that connect language as data-points in a 3D web (on a 2D screen, of course) of nearnesses of meaning: it’s not necessarily just one of those things that’s what I mean, but they’re too close in meaning to list as correlative adjectives, and too far apart to delete the rest to keep the best, so it seems only reasonable to keep the whole batch onscreen together) with a demonstration, etc., of how Evanny is a terrific person with much to teach me. 1,598 more words