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To My Mother, For Mother's Day

I want to start by saying, this story has a happy ending. There’s no need to worry about anyone’s fate at the end of this. Everyone is alive and well, and healthier than they’ve been in years. 1,045 more words


Bishop Seeks Release from Performing Civil Marriages in Norway

The debate about whether Catholic clergy should serve as agents of the state to perform civil marriages has arisen again, this time because of a bishop in Norway has asked the Vatican to release his diocese from such an obligation. 938 more words



by Dr. Stephen Kim

We now need laws to keep men from entering female bathrooms. ‘Tis a dark sign of the times and an ominous predictor of what’s to come. 1,368 more words

Marriage & Family

Does Contraception prevent sexual diseases and unintended pregnancies?

In light of Pope Francis’ remarks concerning contraception on the plane ride back from his trip to Africa it is worth looking at why the Catholic Church is against contraception. 540 more words

Marriage & Family

Children raised by Homosexual or Divorced parents do just as good as children from traditional marriages?

Despite the propaganda from the modern media which do all in their power to promote evil and paint it as good, the truth is that the terrible evils of divorce and same-sex ‘parents’ are destroying our society. 462 more words

Marriage & Family

Is it good to marry a non-Catholic?

Do you think it is a good idea for a Catholic to marry and Atheist or someone of a different religion?  The answer seems pretty obvious but apparently not to everyone.  855 more words

Marriage & Family

Florida Catholic Official Moves to Erase LGBT Issues from Child Care Policy

In the fall of 2015, the Florida Catholic Conference joined with the Florida Baptist Children Homes to successfully eliminate language from a state agency’s provisional policy designed to protect homeless LGBT youth in group homes.   736 more words