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5 Clever DIY Storage Ideas for Organizing Your Kids' Rooms

Kids have a lot of stuff and all of that stuff needs somewhere to go. However, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on storage ideas to keep all your children’s things neat, tidy, and stylish. 529 more words


Truth #4: Having kids will NOT make you a happy couple

I’ve heard some people (mostly women) say they got pregnant in part because they thought having kids together would improve their marriage. She thinks, “having a baby will be so wonderful and amazing that it will bring us closer together and the problems and poor communication we have will simply fade away in the light of the beautiful little life we created.” Or something to that effect. 559 more words


“Collateral Beauty”: A Conversation with Time, Death and Love

By Kathy Winings

The death of a child is probably the most devastating experience a parent can go through. This is made all the more devastating when the child is very young and has just begun to spread his or her wings. 1,265 more words


Sexual Purity & Relating to the Opposite Sex

As disciples of Christ who are called to live holy lives, one of the areas in which we must strive for purity is the area of sexuality. 1,126 more words


Disordered Love

There are three life events that I, not unlike most people, would consider the greatest events of my life.
  1. The day that I gave my heart to Christ.
  2. 372 more words

Truth #3: You SHOULD argue + 3 ways to argue well

Have you ever met someone who claims they never argue with their spouse? Not even when they’re tired or sick or angry? They just get along so well that they never have disagreements. 731 more words


Truth #2: Laughter is Key to a Healthy Marriage

When me and my wife first met each other, we first connected through laughter. Well, laughter and just a bit of sarcasm. One of the first things that attracted me to her was her smile and the way she laughed. 687 more words