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How Does Being Married Feel Different?

Justin and I are only 2 months into marriage and we are noticing some pretty significant changes in our relationship. In this video we explore how being married (making this huge and powerful commitment in the presence of dear ones) has changed our partnership. 187 more words

Juna Mustad

Stop Blaming & Make Friendly Requests

When your partner does something you don’t like, do you blame and criticize them for it? Or do you pause and generate a creative way to make a request? 213 more words

Juna Mustad

How To Establish Healthy Boundaries

Do you have a belief that fully opening to love means surrendering all your boundaries? Having healthy boundaries in your relationship means that you are neither shrouded in a dense wall of boundaries, nor are you completely boundary-less. 174 more words

Juna Mustad

marriage issues

I wonder if this is a common problem for wives, particularly for stay at home moms. i’ve been married about a year and a half and for most of it i’ve felt he doesn’t give me enoough attention. 222 more words


A Birthday Card

Last week a married friend came to our house. While I was alone with her, she asked me, “What is the worst thing your husband has ever done to you?” Without much hesitation, I answered, “Not keeping his promises.” She was a bit surprised as her answer was physical violence. 194 more words

Husband Makes Promises

Don't be afraid

Written by: Tiffany L. Barnhill

When God wants us to grow, it is the roughest season we, as Christians, will go through. Sometimes, the worst season you go through, can take a toll on you emotionally, physically and spiritually. 560 more words

A Godly Marriage

Homosexuality & Other Issues

As a longtime online religious forum contributor, I can honestly say I have witnessed a fair share of people state they reject Christ because of their opinions on homosexuality or abortion or some other other political issue. 377 more words