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The Journey Downhill

Tayo sat on the bed in her room wondering when the situation got so bad. She could remember 3 years ago when she walked down the aisle, a smiling bride with all her hopes and desires burning in her. 551 more words

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So This Is Marriage

Right now I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room. Or, to be exact, I’m sitting in the hallway outside of the waiting room, at a workstation specifically designed for people like me. 1,607 more words

Is Your Marriage More Transactional or Relational?

Here is a an article written by our lead-therapist Millie Tanner:

The term transactional relationship is often used in business.  In a Forbes Magazine article entitled “The New Relationship Marketing” Dan Schawbel writes this: 858 more words


How to Regain Trust?

Relationships begin with love, with excitement, with the fullness of hope yet some relationships frustratingly ends in shambles. The frustration starts when trust is broken. Trust once broken is almost impossible to mend. 350 more words


Next Stop: Anger

It’s interesting isn’t it…?  How some things can be so perfectly designed that you just naturally follow the progression… That’s exactly how this healing journey was going for me.  1,386 more words

My Mess

This Venture Called Love

At some point in life, for some people at least, you decide you want to settle down, get serious with a partner and start your own family. 216 more words

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I Have A Question About The Family Bed

Welcome to my help series!

First question is:  My two children who are two and five years old, sleep with my husband and me. It’s not my husband’s first choice but he hasn’t demanded the kids sleep in their own beds. 339 more words