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Does Your Spouse’s Stress Level Affect Your Health?

Your spouse’s health undoubtedly impacts yours.

If you’re married you probably know by now that your spouse’s health has a great impact on your own. I am sure we have all dealt with sick husbands that act like babies from time to time, but when you have a partnership, everything from chronic stress to serious ailments affects both parties, even when the issues originate with only one. 288 more words


For Better Or Worse

Being married can be difficult. It requires a certain level of emotional vulnerability and openness that doesn’t always come easy. There is still the threat of heartache, hurt and pain even in a committed relationship. 366 more words


Delay in marriage?: Shiva Parvati Puja is the solution


Wedding ceremony is the most pious ceremony in the life of an individual. When one is about to choose a life partner, there are several aspects which a person desires for in his would-be-partner. 512 more words


Would you accept a marriage proposal with a $10 dollar wedding ring?

Would you except a marriage proposal if the ring was $10 and from Walmart?

This question was posed on balleralert’s instagram page. I wanted to respond on the page and almost did before I realized the last time I responded to a question and kept getting @’s of fury lol. 404 more words

The War Room

Do you have a war room?

Earlier this year, I got wind of a Christian film by the name ‘War Room.’I was just as curious to watch the drama film because of its title and also, with that title, it was a Christian film. 793 more words


It Boils Down To Two Choices  


There are a lot of marriages out there that aren’t thriving. Yet the bulk of the responsibility to keep it together is on the woman. Who teaches girls or rather who brain-washes girls that their responsibility is to baby their marriage and chase their husbands till they die? 506 more words

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