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The War Room

Do you have a war room?

Earlier this year, I got wind of a Christian film by the name ‘War Room.’I was just as curious to watch the drama film because of its title and also, with that title, it was a Christian film. 793 more words


It Boils Down To Two Choices  


There are a lot of marriages out there that aren’t thriving. Yet the bulk of the responsibility to keep it together is on the woman. Who teaches girls or rather who brain-washes girls that their responsibility is to baby their marriage and chase their husbands till they die? 506 more words

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He loved her anyway

I discovered this new blog yesterday and I’m enchanted already. More because it centers on female advocacy that I try to dabble into once in a while. 412 more words

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Day 5


Today started off with the morning prayers. Aafter we got an introduction to the organization of YWCA and we met the staff. We visited Dhaka again in the afternoon. 358 more words

But I emptied the dishwasher instead

The little light was on, indicating the dishwasher was done. I stopped what I was doing and looked at it for a moment. Should I unload the clean dishes?  497 more words

In Myself

Marriage is hard sometimes....

Why is marriage so hard sometimes.

Do you ever have those days where you just want to pack up all your personal belongings, and run away? 349 more words

6 Signs Your Wife Is Totally Fed Up With You

In any marriage or long-term relationship, you have to stay present. Unfortunately, far too many men take their partner’s satisfaction in the relationship for granted, said Sharon Gilchrest O’Neill… 871 more words

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