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DO you ever have dreams that play on you for the of day?

I had one of those dreams last night, and today, I can’t focus on what I need to do. 86 more words

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Marriage Problems Series: Sexual Intimacy

I see the statistics.  I hear the stories from friends and acquaintances.  More and more women aren’t having much sex with their husbands.  And that’s not a good sign for marriages.   1,023 more words

Happily Ever After

… and we lived happily ever after…  At least that’s how it’s supposed to go, right?  Find the man of your dreams, get married and live happily ever after.  1,689 more words

My Mess

A video every married man needs to watch

“Don’t try to fix it. I just need you to listen.” Every man has heard these words. They are the law of the land. This video helps illustrate an ageless conflict.

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Being a DJ wife is hard!

I have thought about this for a while now, and not many people are aware that being married to a DJ has its challenges… Every marriage does, but this can be harder. 226 more words

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Need Some Advice

I feel like I’m losing my mind. This post is non-dizzy related and I’m sorry for that but I don’t know where to turn. My hubby doesn’t even know I have a blog so this seems like the perfect outlet for help at the moment. 455 more words


Practicing Empathy Before Feedback

When your partner is going through a challenging time, do you feel instantly compelled to give them feedback to “fix” the issue? Or do you take the time to attune to them, open your heart, and relate to their experience. 196 more words

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