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Oh Dear God, It's the Full Moon Again. 

If you work in any sector of public service or emergency medicine you dread the full moon. Well, I am dreading the full moon and all the craziness it has to offer me. 75 more words

Some Marriage This Is


How am I doing today? I’m doing great! How? Well, I’m fixing my room and everything seems to go well. Yes, my room is still a mess, although it’s turning out the way I planned. 202 more words


Your promise to me

I promise to hold your hand forever and for always

I promise to hold your hand through the good and the bad times 120 more words

Relationships & Lifestyle

The Other Room: Excerpt


Questioning love…

This video I am about to watch will change everything. My willingness to click play alone raises an enormous question on my faith in my family.  1,895 more words


New Normal

So this is what it’s like when your significant other cheats… 1,058 more words


Does Your Spouse’s Stress Level Affect Your Health?

Your spouse’s health undoubtedly impacts yours.

If you’re married you probably know by now that your spouse’s health has a great impact on your own. I am sure we have all dealt with sick husbands that act like babies from time to time, but when you have a partnership, everything from chronic stress to serious ailments affects both parties, even when the issues originate with only one. 288 more words


For Better Or Worse

Being married can be difficult. It requires a certain level of emotional vulnerability and openness that doesn’t always come easy. There is still the threat of heartache, hurt and pain even in a committed relationship. 366 more words