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[Travel] Counting down to our 10th Year Anniversary Couple Trip to Bali, Indonesia

When I told my friends I am going to Bali this weekends, they generally have 5 reactions:

1. So last min?

2. Why Bali? You should go somewhere else with less expenses! 543 more words


10/26/2016- The Power of Love

My cousin Maria told me the sweetest thing today… that she was thinking of me all day because I once told her something that will always stick with her. 324 more words

Marriage & Love

The Sinner

Poetry time…

And it’s time to experiment.

So, I’m talking to a friend of mine who is telling me about her depression. I am listening, waiting for the opportunity to give her my  “You Have To Give Yourself More Time” speech. 298 more words


6 Reasons Why Pokemon-Go Is So Irresistible

Lately there are many negative sentiments about Pokemon Go. Many people don’t really understand what is it in the game that makes the Pokemon Gamers go Gaga. 1,969 more words

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Mrs. of the Month: July☃2016

Half way through 2016 already!

July is by far my favourite month… I celebrate the beginning of another year in my life and it’s a perfect time to reflect and be thankful for the many blessings as another year in life begins. 512 more words

Marriage & Love

[Food Review] McDonalds Salted Egg Chicken Burger and Salt and Pepper French Fries Challenge

Took awhile to write this review because I wanted to confirm the taste of the burger, despite the many negatives remarks on Facebook.

Being someone who only believes in what I see and hear, I wanted to try the burger from at least 2 different venues before I write the review. 240 more words


👑 Mrs. of the month: June 2016

Hello June! Can you believe how quickly this year is flying by?

June is the first month of winter in the southern hemisphere … And what a season is turning up to be already we’ve had torrential rain, high winds and the temperature has started to drop brrrrrrr! 479 more words

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