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We're Getting Married!

The countdown is on! 81 days until we get married!! <3

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Of marriage and choices

Don’t get married, it’s a trap.

I’ve read that somewhere years ago, when I was still not married but happily attached. I thought it was simply just a statement from someone regretting he got married. 606 more words

3 years and counting...

Today my husband and I mark our third wedding anniversary.

3 years as Mr & Mrs of the 9 we have been together. Our anniversary makes me ponder on our achievements so far, the life we have together and all those goals we have as a couple. 577 more words

Marriage &amp; Love

Ten ways to love 💞

On a day like today when the world is all loved up and your other half is giving you any other excuse to not join in the fun but secretly is wanting to surprise you —or maybe is a grumpy bum who has decided that Valentine’s Day its only for the northern hemisphere to participate in… 105 more words

Marriage &amp; Love

in sickness & in health

 I think I said that grief is passive. It creeps over you in those famous waves, you know, whereas mourning is an active process of remembering, reliving the good and the bad, and defanging it in a way.

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Dispatch From The Diaspora

Dedicated to my hero

As a mother, I would swift fully and willingly give my life for my children. There are a few others I might do that for…probably my nieces and nephews, my husband, and maybe a couple of others… 535 more words


Mother's Wisdom

My daughter,you are now a wife and soon you’ll be become a mother too. God bear me witness that I taught you how to cook and do other house chores. 359 more words