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A peaceful afternoon

We managed to see two beautiful flamingoes near Port Mahon. They were quite far from us and that made it easier for us to take photos! 66 more words


While we were young.

   Sitting outside while the weather is bitterly cold and it freezes my body to the point of trembling. It doesn’t seem to matter though because of a buttery warmth that melts from within. 102 more words

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[Fun] Our First Couple Roadtrip (Melbourne) - 5 Things to do prior the trip

Two weeks till our first couple roadtrip together! And the last roadtrip with my friend and her spouse was 10 years ago!

I mean we did drive to JB, Melaka and KL, but I won’t say they are “serious” roadtrips because we can drive in the comfort of our own car and the drive was just hours away from home. 1,436 more words

Marriage & Love

Her Struggles

She had accepted a crown on her head

A man with whom she shared a bed

Little did she know about his intentions

All she wanted was for her to be cared for… 163 more words


[Fun] HappeningSG#2: What Not to be Missed at the Artbox's last weekends in Singapore 

It is late in the morning at 1.41am but I was eager to finish up this blog post so that you all can make an informed decision whether it is a worthwhile trip to catch ArtBox last weekends in Singapore. 2,714 more words



The surprise wasn’t a show or entertainment. It was dinner. He’s booked one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Melbourne. One of those table cloth ones that you have to book months in advance. 194 more words


Bubbles and Ginger 

Hubby finally made it down. He phoned me before he left to say he was coming down with dinner.

He asked me what I wanted as he was going to order goat steam boat and some fried rice for the kids. 223 more words