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I stumbled on this little article published by Psychology Today titled “If Being Married Is So Great, Why Do So Many People Cheat?” And a quote really stuck out to me. 1,250 more words


Over it? An interesting concept.

A couple of nights ago H mentioned that I had not brought up Pig Shit or had any mini-meltdowns for a quite a while.  He let slip that he thought I might be ‘over it’.  1,241 more words

Responses To Betrayal

I discovered that I had been betrayed by my husband on August 3rd 2012.  That’s just over three years ago.  So, for over three years (1,095 days) I have been navigating my way through a marriage that I have no map for.  1,336 more words


Lying and Adultery

Love and Marriage

To be honest, I’d not given much thought to love and marriage prior to experiencing adultery. Strange don’t you think? I’d sort of taken the connection for granted (aka horse and carriage) and somewhere in the middle assumed monogamy.

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My Marriage: Hanging by a Thread!

“Strength is important if we wish to know how much force can be applied without breaking the marriage.  Since breaking force depends on the shape and size as well as the type of marriage, then it varies from one to the other even if they look like the same type of marriage.”  … 813 more words


There's A Cynic Amongst Us.....

This past weekend I had the displeasure of attending a wedding.  The bride and groom are great people and I truly wish them all the best but, let’s be honest, a girl who is just a few months out from the initial D Day explosion is not about to win any awards for ‘best wedding guest.’  Sure I’ll happily congratulate the couple, drink the free booze and smile as I sit next to my cheating husband gnawing on cold chicken and making small talk with the couples stuck at table 7 with me.  630 more words


I would NEVER stay with my husband if he cheated!

I’ve heard it! Haven’t you?

So… many… times…  So confident in its delivery. Never, never, never, NEVER!  If I discovered my husband was unfaithful he would be history.  1,034 more words