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Glimpses of love

I’ve started something new on Instagram. I’m over there as Caiobhe_Hope and I’m taking pictures of love.

The past years have seen me believing myself to be unloved, looking for love, believing myself to be unloveable and then not knowing whether I could love again. 423 more words

Post-affair Recovery

Sitting in the mudroom

A few months ago I came across a new blog – The Mudroom. I read their introduction and immediately knew it was somewhere I’d feel very at home, 377 more words

Post-affair Recovery


Dear Friend,

Divorce. It’s a tiny word with so much punch. Depending on what side you stand, it can either be freeing or suffocating. It’s not something to whisper let alone shout. 391 more words


The Shock of Another Anniversary

“I’ve been thinking about what it is to be a resurrected being. I’ve been thinking about Jesus.

For Jesus, resurrection didn’t mean the pain hadn’t happened or that the scars weren’t there. 99 more words

Post-affair Recovery

soul mate schmole mate

Dear Friend,

The idea there is one person out there who completes you is dangerous thinking, in my opinion. Think about it. One person. In the sea of billions. 254 more words


The future is ours

Set up your markers along the way 

Jeremiah 31 verse 21 – The people are told to set up markers on the road, ‘high heaps’, ‘guide posts’, ‘road signs’, to make clear the way that they should travel.

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Seeing the adultery differently

Unless you change the way you see things, they will remain the same.

This kind of makes sense but is it just another simplistic platitude?  Is it one of those ‘positive thinking’ solutions that have nothing but optimism at its core?  2,370 more words