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My husband is a powerful man. He’s very strong, and physically intimidating. I’ve never been intimidated by him, ever, because he is different around me (I’m told). 1,077 more words


I Am Not A Unicorn

I’m not a unicorn. You are not a unicorn. HE is not a unicorn.

This is a semi-joke my best friend and I have made to each other our whole lives. 452 more words


Missing the Mark

Aren’t women supposed to have super incredible intuition? Well, mine is defective. I won’t accept any blame for his affair, but I do wonder how I missed the signs. 1,028 more words


Marriage After Adultery

What does it look like?

Very Different? Slightly Different? The Same? Better? Worse?

I’m afraid I find this an extremely difficult question because even after three years since D-day, I still struggle with the perception I have of my marriage following my husband’s adultery.  1,261 more words


Story of a Retreat parts III, IV, V and VI

I’ve written Part 1 and Part II of this story as separate posts, but I’ve decided to put the rest of it into one post, despite its length. 2,296 more words

Post-affair Recovery

The end of the affair

Today I am writing for those of you who want answers to the questions, ‘How will I ever move on from this affair? When will the ache disappear, and when will the shooting pains that make me catch my breath stop? 785 more words


Glimpses of love

I’ve started something new on Instagram. I’m over there as Caiobhe_Hope and I’m taking pictures of love.

The past years have seen me believing myself to be unloved, looking for love, believing myself to be unloveable and then not knowing whether I could love again. 423 more words

Post-affair Recovery