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Tripping up…. again.

I wonder if like me you find yourself doing ok with life, maybe you are even on a bit of an upward trajectory, and then bam, you find yourself on your knees in the dirt again ?   596 more words

Post-affair Recovery

There's A Cynic Amongst Us.....

This past weekend I had the displeasure of attending a wedding.  The bride and groom are great people and I truly wish them all the best but, let’s be honest, a girl who is just a few months out from the initial D Day explosion is not about to win any awards for ‘best wedding guest.’  Sure I’ll happily congratulate the couple, drink the free booze and smile as I sit next to my cheating husband gnawing on cold chicken and making small talk with the couples stuck at table 7 with me.  630 more words


I would NEVER stay with my husband if he cheated!

I’ve heard it! Haven’t you?

So… many… times…  So confident in its delivery. Never, never, never, NEVER!  If I discovered my husband was unfaithful he would be history.  1,034 more words


Destination Unknown.....

Admittedly, I am new to the blogosphere.  Prior to starting this site, my blog experience was limited to celebrity gossip blogs and the occasional visit to a high profile fashion blog (if you need an escape from your daily obsession of googling “how to survive an affair”, allow me to shamelessly plug a couple of my favorite blogs:  1,219 more words


The Tangled Web

My husband is a powerful man. He’s very strong, and physically intimidating. I’ve never been intimidated by him, ever, because he is different around me (I’m told). 1,077 more words


I Am Not A Unicorn

I’m not a unicorn. You are not a unicorn. HE is not a unicorn.

This is a semi-joke my best friend and I have made to each other our whole lives. 452 more words


Missing the Mark

Aren’t women supposed to have super incredible intuition? Well, mine is defective. I won’t accept any blame for his affair, but I do wonder how I missed the signs. 1,028 more words