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#29 Rebuilding a Marriage: FAQs: Do you and your husband talk about what happened?

So there was a relationship with another person, and prior to that there was a very difficult marriage with a lot of problems, and there were faults and weaknesses on both sides, and there were hard circumstances and two very flawed humans. 283 more words

#Re-frame - Hope Turns Things Around

#27: Rebuilding a Marriage: FAQs: What do you feel about the wife of the man you were involved with?

What do you feel about the wife of the man you got involved with?

This is a hideously uncomfortable question to answer.

I had an emotional affair (with a physical element) with a man who was married with children.

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#24: Whatever gets you through

If you are going to get through something as hideous as a marriage breakdown you are going to need some coping strategies and supports.  I’m really tired and not very well tonight so I’m doing this in list form. 205 more words

#20: Year 2 Rebuilding a Marriage: Some things will never change

Why do people have mid-life crises? Or any sort of identity crisis?

I think it’s because they suddenly became aware of the identity they have and they don’t want it any more. 883 more words


Celebrating My (restored and much better) Marriage

Our third anniversary is this month, although, not that long ago I would not have even believed that it would be possible to be married again after a divorce. 

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#17: Year 2 Rebuilding a Marriage: Reconnect with your heart

He leaned over the table towards me. I could see the tears in his eyes and I looked down at our hands on the table. His hands firmly holding mine. 817 more words

Marriage Recovery

#10: Year 1 Rebuilding a Marriage: Start at the very beginning

I think it’s probably quite common to be in a relationship with someone for a long time, and somewhere along the line, quite possibly after children come along, or other major life changes happen we stop paying attention to whether our partner still likes the same foods, or laughs at the same jokes, or feels the same things about what matters in life. 525 more words

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