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My Future Husband

My hands are small and fit into yours perfectly.

Before I ever saw you I knew that you would be something special and different.

I knew you from a space and time prior to this present reality… 141 more words

Some Things Are Worth Fighting For!

People fight over the dumbest things sometimes. I used to work with a woman who came into the office one day bragging about the fact that she had gotten even with her neighbor the night before. 848 more words


MArriage vows and the divorce rate

I am often confronted by the beauty of the wedding vows and the cold reality of the current divorce rate.

I have often wondered if in fact, the wedding vows may be part of the problem. 258 more words

For better or for worse

For better or for worse…

It’s been five days since my post on Entrepreneur’s unexpected brain surgery. Definitely a low point in our 36 years of marriage. 624 more words

Caffeine-induced Mind Wanderings

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Caveat and Disclaimer: Dan says from now on I need to run these by him before I publish! LOL!

Almost all of us love the good, detest the bad and avoid the ugly, I think. 484 more words

Short Takes On Life

Knocking On Heaven's Door.......

” They are so perfect together!” “Look at them?”. My daughter will be happy in her home, I know that. The mother of the bride silently said”. 693 more words


THE PROMISE (An Ode To Marriage)

I am inspired by the Promise you bring to my life.
I am committed to the Promise that I bring to yours.
I am motivated by the Promise that we make to each other. 156 more words

Poems About Marriage