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Challenging Marriage Vows

First off, this is not a How-To type of post. If some of you are disappointed then you need to rethink a few things in my opinion. 332 more words



Do you see the little spots on the side of the bridge?  . . . we shall get to that!

I’m a country girl, so a pedestrian bridge over an 8 lane highway with cars moving at 70 mph was a curiosity. 366 more words


Pomp and Pissiness – a Little Wedding Etiquette

Last week, with tens of millions of strangers watching, two people got married. While these two people happen to be a bona fide Brit prince and a beautiful American actress, the promises they made to each other are no different than those made by many other couples. 120 more words

A Place for Marriage

There is a place for Marriage

in amongst the confessions

of many — The Vow

and if You break it

You’re in trouble.

My First Vow was “until Death” 23 more words


The Trumpish Art of the New Dealer

In the same way the hard of hearing can still follow the gist of a speech by watching an expert in sign language interpret the opening and shutting of a political leader’s mouth, given the widespread international varied reactions President Trump’s recent prognostications on Iran, I am offering an interpreter’s guide to his speeches. 2,199 more words

Donald Trump

"I Do" Means "I Will"

“I Do!” Means “I Will!”

The husband should give to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. For the wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. 415 more words