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He left the house with his bags packed moments ago.
This was it.
The end.

Dear God,

You beautiful big black woman, you.
Please hold me in your arms and nestle me in your boobs because I… 226 more words


If you do choose to write your own marriage vows try these on for size

In yesterday’s blog I questioned the wisdom of writing your own vows, however, if you do decide to write your own marriage vows then I offer the following vows as a possible choice or guide. 220 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Till death do we part...

There’s some things that it is hard to improve on.  Take marriage vows.  Having officiated over the wedding vows of many couples I have noticed something. 394 more words

The ONE THING For Today

In sickness and in health

I am feeling pretty desperate at the moment. Between Mike and me, there is such a range of physical and mental ailments that at times all feels lost. 520 more words


Too Good 14

Feigning the sleep that alluded him thoughts of Gabrielle and the box of condoms haunted Adriel. How many and with whom did he share her? Was she in love? 283 more words


Too Good 10

In 1965 the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Griswold in Griswold vs Connecticut. Prior to this ruling condoms could only be sold legally under the guise of disease control rather than pregnancy prevention. 277 more words



Everything I’d dreamed and oh so much more-
Tumbled with a goddess, heaven explored.
Earthly vision whose beauty I accede-
Silky touch, lips of wine, soothes raging need. 80 more words