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Too Good 10

In 1965 the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Griswold in Griswold vs Connecticut. Prior to this ruling condoms could only be sold legally under the guise of disease control rather than pregnancy prevention. 277 more words



Everything I’d dreamed and oh so much more-
Tumbled with a goddess, heaven explored.
Earthly vision whose beauty I accede-
Silky touch, lips of wine, soothes raging need. 80 more words


It's a long and winding road.

Today tested our nerve, self resolve, heart health, marriage vows and just about anything else you could think of testing. The descriptor was that ‘the drive includes the most challenging mountain pass roads in The Lake District’ and they should have added ‘and not for the faint hearted’. 180 more words

Food for Thought-Richard's Take on Marriage Vows

In my ongoing reflection of the premarital counseling process, I want to say a word about “the vows”.  A few years ago, I started affording people the opportunity to write their own vows.   300 more words

Food For Thought

For better or for worse

When we take on the one we love in matrimony, we take the oath of fidelity and promise to stay with them ‘for better or for worse’.Then as we live together we find it hard. 61 more words

Happily Hitched For 27 Years!

Twenty-seven years ago, the statistics were stacked against our marital endeavors.  In fact, according to a 1988 report, the year we married,

43% of marriages end in divorce.

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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows: Say What You Mean to Say

Writing your own wedding vows is no small undertaking. Love is such a crazy, abstract thing to put into words–not to mention the pressure of stringing your thoughts together and delivering them, eloquently, in front of dozens, sometimes hundreds of people. 847 more words