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Bag Lady!W

Oh no she didn’t ! Like I’ve said in the past, most of the blogs I write are things that are on my heart. Tonight I have some pressing issues. 534 more words


Our Itinerary

Our Itinerary is “loose.”

This is because we do not want to limit ourselves too much.  We only purchased our major flights and are planning to get creative with accommodations (friends, couchsurfing, hostels, b&b’s, and air b&b) to keep our expenses low!   126 more words


The Emotional Pitfalls of A Marriage

Since the Ashley Madison data dump of cheaters or potential cheaters, the debate of the sanctity (or the necessity) of marriage is again raging. It never really went away as marriage and relationships and how to manage them in a self fulfilling manner is a topic that is ever changing, fluid and up for debate. 1,603 more words


Ashley Madison Hack: Who's in the Right?

I wasn’t going to write about this, but anyway…

It got mentioned on Monday night’s Q and A and I can’t help but think how attitudes have supposedly evolved about this, particularly in the media. 535 more words


First Post!

I finally got my computer set up! Now I get to blog about random things like school, work, knitting, crocheting, family, and basically anything else my life involves. 628 more words


Kentucky county clerk

CBS News is reporting that the county clerk in Kentucky that is refusing to issue marriage licenses to anyone, because she doesn’t support gay marriage, has been married 4 times. 72 more words


A Touching Story About My Hair Being Touched

I was trying to comb out my hair in the change room after my swim today. The shrinkage (and the accompanying struggle) was real. Chlorine and my hair (and my eyes for that matter) are not friends. 469 more words

Race And Racism