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Getting Back to Each Other

Something Babe and I used to love doing was doing puzzles together or alone. In the quiet, we are very good working together, in fact, we are best when we work together. 322 more words

Figuring It Out...

I know what girls like: 9 Ways to appear more attractive to women

I would be lost without my Flipboard App.

Mostly because then I would have to actually talk to other people instead of looking busy on my phone. 853 more words

Twenty Something

Friday 12th February 2016: The School Called Marriage

Lenten greetings. You may or may not have noticed that this has been Marriage Week. And the internet has been awash with a plethora of ideas to boost one’s marriage and the marriages of others. 531 more words


The Desert

My first major in college was in Structural Geology with an emphasis in Minerology. I felt a deep and abiding connection to the San Rafael Swell desert right on the edge of our family farm. 840 more words

Valentines Day 2016

Even before a girl is six years old, she forms idealized expectations for Valentine’s Day. Inhaling the smell of cinnamon spiced heart candies in kindergarten, she clutches her tiny cheap valentine card from that special boy and creates a romantic memory. 463 more words

Living Life In Crescendo

What is your love language?

With Valentine’s day is coming up love is in the air.  Honestly, I have my  thoughts about Valentine’s day and all of its superficiality which involves big corporations capitalizing off of sales but I’ll digress.   597 more words