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Day 2328 - Taco Tuesday!!

One of the best things that Bret does is surprise me with a night out. Even though it happens at a minimum of once a week, it still means so much for him to say “drop everything, let’s go out.” Husbands, take a tip, if you can afford it, take your wife out often. :)

We enjoyed tacos and fajitas!


5 Things I'm Thankful For

This Thanksgiving, I want to encourage everyone to sit down and write out five specific things they are thankful for. This coming holiday and this entire holiday season should remind us to not take things for granted, to really think about what God has blessed us with, and to audibly say the words, “thank you.” 339 more words


He Cheated - How To Handle Infidelity In Marriage 1

The News no one ever wants to hear in a marriage – The News of Infidelity.

Hearing that a spouse cheated can be heart breaking and mind shattering. 430 more words

Mom Talk

Where the Ideal Meets the Real: Some Reflections about My Abstract Life

From the start, my life experience has always been one of nagging incongruity. The ideal, the imaginative, and the theoretical have always seems more real to me than the sensory world in which I have to remind myself that I live. 801 more words

Spiritual Formation

“All discarded lovers should be given a second chance, but with somebody else.”

Its been a while.

The last time I wrote was back in May.  Lots have been going on and I’ve not really had the inspiration to want to write but lately there has been something big happen around me that I cant help but get it out. 385 more words


"I left my horrid husband after 28 years, but now he's seeing my ex-best friend and I'm mad with rage." Proper Advice from a Psychoanalytic Perspective. No Glib Life Tips (I promise).

“After a difficult 28-year marriage (which produced four fantastic children), I asked my husband for a separation.
He’d been moody and withdrawn for many years — very rude to and about people, especially if they were close to me. 1,892 more words