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Why it’s not “I’m not enough”: Part 1, Emotional Selves

One insecurity that we all experience from time to time is the inherent doubt that we have enough, that we do enough, & that we are enough. 733 more words


A Good Story

Life is full of highs and lows. And it’s during those lows that we are truly tested and we learn so much about ourselves. We may become angry, we may grieve, and we may even become depressed… but we can only hope to come out of these situations as a better, stronger person. 797 more words


The Divorce Industry

Yes, that’s right.  The “Divorce Industry”.  There is an actual industry dedicated to making large sums of money off of people’s divorces.  A 50 billion dollar industry to be exact.  312 more words


Longing in Manhattan

My eyes bumped into your amazing form one random Saturday afternoon in which the city, Manhattan, was bustling with tempestuous tourists trying to take from Mrs. 965 more words


Fresh from the Heart: The Longest Ride

“…The great joy of collecting wasn’t in the art itself… but in the person i collected it with, my beloved Ruth. The happiness these paintings brought her was immeasurable. 208 more words


FAR FROM THE PARTYING CROWD (For Adebiyi Olusolapa & Modupe Omolara Yusuf on their Wedding)

Having wangled a pass from this censorious world
flee family and friends to Eden
and there drink love to the dregs

welded in both body and soul… 58 more words