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Wedding Dress or Pig in a Blanket?

“Omg, you will look amazing in everything.” Direct quote from one of my made of honors( yes, I have multuple because my future MIL is THAT bad) and I need them to keep her away from me at all times. 448 more words


(Humor Poem) Just Shut Up


Please be quiet doesn’t always work

If we do speak up, now we’re the jerk

Kindness is just a moral fantasy these days… 231 more words

Personal Thoughts/Beliefs

The Abnormal Woman

When she followed her heart, they accused her of breaking rules. Every time she listened to her own mind, they said that she should try to be more like the others. 65 more words


Judge to be a 'good Bahu'

It was not until I got married had I realized the reason behind self unawareness among women. I have had always read articles, motivating women to look after themselves, suggesting tips and list of dos and don’ts but never stood why women could not do it on their own. 533 more words


He invited me to the wedding: Part 1 Of a broken love story


My cousins mouth drops.

She is floored. And she is never floored. Never at a loss for a clever comeback or some clear advice. 343 more words


It’s been a while since I have written, that probably is an indicator life has been going along as normal. What’s new? AsĀ  I sit here typing on the worlds smallest lap top, with Scarface on in the background, I know I really bring that Christmas vibe don’t I? 384 more words

A Happy Marriage

“A happy marriage is the union of two good forgivers.” ~Ruth Bell Graham

Sunday morning service on January 15, 2012. Official launch service for Mars Hill Portland. 13 more words