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Relationship Expectations: Marriage and Kids

Alternate Title: How society keeps teaching us about a “norm” that not everyone desires

For the record, this is a side post that I’m counting as part of the… 1,473 more words

Side Story

Happily Married or Just Unhappy

I never thought the person who hated me most in this life would be my husband. This single fact makes me long to take my last breath. 896 more words

Place of God

Throughout salvation history, God’s people have been warned against the dangers of idolatry. One way we could define this term is to say that idolatry is putting something that isn’t God in the place that only God should occupy. 324 more words


What is Drunk with the Holy Spirit?

Are you a woman? Have you been drunk with the Holy Spirit?

I have. And it’s really difficult to describe. It’s like being drunk on good feelings. 162 more words


I wanted to write

About the world

And its pain and suffering

Its hate and love that

Teetered on the softened ledge of

Moral ambiguity. 234 more words


For Christian Singles

Hey lovelies.

I just came on here to say something real quick.

There’s more to life than getting married.

As women, particularly within the christian faith, we feel a lot of pressure to get married. 443 more words

God, Bible, Life

I Wouldn't Ask for More

They Did It!

Last Tuesday I told you that my daughter Katie was getting married that night. Well, despite my advice to walk away while there was still time, my Katie Bug, Katie Marie Baker, became Katie Marie Pearson. 933 more words

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