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Love, Marriage, and Heelys

I tend to be someone who lives in the future rather than the present. I’m always thinking about where I’ll be 5 or even 10 years from now, and I think about what I’d like to accomplish or where I’d like to go. 632 more words

Daily Thoughts

Eating A Vagina Cures Cancer According To Cancer Treatment Studies!

The professionals have actually been making use of a lot of their time looking for brand-new option to the issues that the culture is dealing with now. 194 more words


La Vie est Belle - Day 220

Today marks my 6th wedding anniversary. 16 years together, 6 married. In the span of time that I have been with my husband I have graduated high school, completed University, moved out of my parents house and into a rental, then built a house, got engaged, then married, and then had two incredible children, and in between switched jobs numerous times. 688 more words

Better Late Than Never?

Oh, I do it all the time. I set forth a blog goal and then I work very hard to fall way short of that goal. 914 more words

Boring sex vs no sex at all - a man's perspective

(Note from Mel – this post was written by friend, H. Samoth. H is a pretty good writer, but still a bit gun shy about writing publicly. 392 more words


A glimpse of the future...

Once again long time no talk..

I have not been posting in awhile because shocker, my diet went down the drain again.  So, I thought to switch things up on this blog.   320 more words

Let me commence a new career of sinning in Moloch. I need to sin. I sin therefore I am

Let me commence a new career of sinning in Moloch. I need to sin. I sin therefore I am. Olga, Vanessa, Arrika and Evalina were all still in Berlin all looking much much worse for wear and nothing like the voluptuous beauties of my memory. 200 more words