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It’s been an eventful 12 hours for me.  The Husband got home from the Dominican Republic last night at about 9.  My daughter got home about the same time from her pre-community service mani/pedi.  297 more words

Everything She Wants, Part 10

The studio is warm and my hands are beginning to slip on the textured mat as I exhale deeply, returning my body to downward facing dog.   457 more words


Review: After the Dam by Amy Hassinger

Parenthood is defined by many as the genesis for the best years of their lives. Hashtags and aphorisms abound on Father’s and Mother’s Day that the day one became a parent is the “best day of their lives.” 669 more words


Just to Clarify

Jeremy gave a fantastic speech at our rehearsal dinner, which ended with the “real” story of why Eric proposed. It was a nod to Mom’s famous “I’m counting to 3 or so help me god” routine (which he had mentioned earlier in the speech). 36 more words


And Then, He was Gone.

May 6th. My husband had a stroke. I lost him that day and don’t tell me any different.

Oh he survived all right. But speech, thought, focus, memory, and so many other things have changed. 384 more words

Coff to the EE (Starbucks Version)

Hi, my name is Kelsie. I’m addicted to coffee (and I don’t want it to end).

This is a new revelation for me. When I used to think about coffee my mind would go to my mom’s stale breath every morning (sorry mom) and the smell of no-so-freshly-ground Folgers. 549 more words


The Hard Stuff

I think one of the things that I struggle with most “post-affair” is trying to figure out how to forgive and to trust.  It’s been 6 years for pete’s sake and I’m still stuck in the sludge of not being good enough.   281 more words