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Swapping Places Chapter 4

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“So how do I look?” Daphne asked, giving herself a swirl and Delphine a 360 degree view.

“You look great,” Del replied, biting her nail. 1,281 more words


Politics dampens hope for marriage equality in Taiwan

Last month, the international media proclaimed that marriage equality was all but a done deal in Taiwan. With long-time advocate and Democratic Progressive Party legislator Yu Mei-nu leading the charge as the sponsor of the most widely supported of the three bills legalising same-sex marriage, the result appeared inevitable. 812 more words

Married Young: Any Limitations?

Getting married put us through so many negative and positive emotions. The reactions we received hit every spot of the emotion spectrum. We endured it all because we knew God was directing us to do it in that moment and not for human approval, but for his glory. 1,521 more words

MJ & Chris Wedding Highlight Video / Palm Event Center, Pleasanton CA

Some things are worth the wait… buying things, getting that job, going on that memorable trip, but most of all, finding the love of your life and yes – marrying him! 109 more words

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You can’t.

The end.

Just kidding!

I’ve been puzzling through this lately, as I have recently fallen in love again. Or perhaps for the first time. 513 more words

Marriage Opens the Door to Finding Out You’re Weird

For the most part Jenny and I knew everything there was to know about each other. We’re pretty open about our insecurities, loves, and when we poop. 593 more words

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