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Dream about a Mage -- February 23, 2017

I was at my childhood home. The carport was empty. Some idiots had parked in the front yard, something that never fails to irritate me in this particular dream. 159 more words

Marriage Is A Two Way Street

Husbands love your wives
Submit unto them
Wives love your husbands
Submit unto them
WITH THE FEAR OF GOD 373 more words
God Head Disciple

I don't want an "old school" love. 

I don’t want “old school” love.
You didn’t read wrong. I said I DON’T want an old school love. For a while now, it’s been the thing to say. 633 more words

The Marital Call for Fidelity

As human beings, we are comprised of both spirit and body.  Thus, the bond of marital love is ordered to a complete fidelity in both of these aspects. 673 more words


Why don't men today talk to women about commitment and marriage?

I saw this essay from a young woman named Jordana Narin who is explaining how she feels about not being able to talk seriously to a man she had sex with. 1,501 more words


Week 7: Beautiful God of War

November 6, 2016 — Riding high on life this week after Mario’s amazing (sex-filled) visit, I decide to get a tattoo. I’m 38. I’m a lawyer. 749 more words


An Ode to my Husband 

I am about to embark on a weekend away allllll on my own and this is the man who is making it alllllll happen:

My BFF of 18 years is having her baby shower this weekend and I am driving out this morning to spend three whole days with her and her ADORABLE twin boys, Gage and Hunter. 504 more words