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Short Story (Part One): Suburbia

This is just a small beginning of a story to flesh out some character ideas that I have. Very dialouge-heavy, and I’m unfamiliar with writing light-hearted characters, so it’s not everything I want it to be yet. 491 more words


Rings and other jewels
are not gifts,
but apologies for gifts.

The only gift
is a portion
of thyself.

Gifts, Ralph Waldo Emerson


A Guide To Family Worship: Part 1, Introduction to the Christian Family

This is the first in what will be a series of posts on family worship. It is addressed directly to families, and it is my hope that it will be useful for helping Christian families understand how to practice biblically-informed worship in their homes. 1,443 more words


behind her clenched eyelids,
with arched back and tilted head,
in labored gasps and moans,
she’s immersed, being lead,
the blackness no longer black,
and the sheets no longer thread… 102 more words


Back from vacation

My wife and I returned from a week-long trip to the mountains of East TN, an early celebration of our 20th wedding anniversary this October. She found a quiet, remote B&B called… 457 more words


The dream.

I woke up this morning sobbing…. and it continued into my morning shower.

I had a very vivid dream last night. It was the night we broke up replayed. 137 more words


My “Fairytale” Wedding

With the royal wedding having occurred in the past couple of days I have been asked what my “fairytale” wedding is. I say “fairytale” because that is how the royal wedding has been described. 228 more words