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An old post never published

I sympathize with you means i suffer with you.

You were a pat on the knee cap

I held you in my arms and kissed you 1,000 times..

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10 Unexpected Gifts I Discovered Through My Divorce

By Heather Angiletta

I do not advocate divorce. It sucks. It is a dream killer that will likely rip you into one thousand pieces.

But if you are at a point grappling whether your marriage is where you should be (and have done couples counseling, individual counseling, dealt with your own shit, given it time, and generally tried to step up and make it work), then I have something I want to tell you. 1,207 more words



I settled. There, I said it. Me: I settled. I married a man who was emotionally unavailable to me. Angry. Distant. Detached. Not the kind of partner I had hoped for my life – someone to stay up all night dreaming and scheming with, someone who would push me, encourage me, help me to grow, kick me in the ass when needed. 1,051 more words

Marriage Moment Week (+)

Recently a friend gave a social media challenge to show seven different images of our relationship over a week. As I’m posting the last image, I realized I have a lot to say, so I’m moving my final post to here. 652 more words

I am not a motivational speaker LOL

I hear a lot that I should be a marriage counselor or provide relationship guidance . My response to that is,  i would not be able to afford liability insurance large enough to cover all the people who would want to sue me and everyone would be divorced messing around with me LOL.. 331 more words

My marriage works, and I'm going to tell you why

Lately, I’ve been thinking more and more about a term that’s become popular in reference to marriages. People are always asking, does (or will) this marriage “work.” 668 more words


Throwing in the Towel

It was a simple task. Maybe it wasn’t really that simple since there was already a task in the queue. She would call them “errands.” She had no idea what he would call them. 986 more words