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Calling something wrong isn't always judgement.

Racism is wrong. Hate is wrong. Believing you are superior in anyway to someone else is wrong. That includes sexual orientation. But just because you are no better than someone else based on your life decisions, circumstances, emotions, etc, that doesn’t mean you cannot call out what is wrong in life.  667 more words

Life With Jesus

An Open Letter To Eric Abetz

The debate here is over. 72% of Australian’s support marriage equality.  That is an overwhelming majority. Australia doesn’t need another debate on marriage equality, we don’t need more Q and A discussions, we don’t need more opinion pieces in newspapers, we don’t even need a conversation anymore, what we need is change. 244 more words

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Infidelity II

Summmer and Fall of 2012

There are many kinds of unfaithfulness.

As I examine my failed relationship with Hanna, I can trace the beginnings of my own infidelity to a time long before things between us reached a crisis point. 1,245 more words


Gay America: A War in the Wake of Pride

In the wake of what has been one of the most pivotal societal turns for our beloved nation, it is no secret that the times they are a-changin’. 715 more words

4 Reasons I'm not impressed by "Broken Together" by Casting Crowns

“Broken Together” is one of the most popular songs on Casting Crown’s 2015 album “Thrive.” Even in an album ranking medium to low among popular critics, this song has become a stand out. 1,360 more words

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Censorship at Penn paper

A newspaper in Harrisburg, PA has announced henceforth it intends to censor certain views about marriage deemed no better than racism, sexism, anti-Semitism.