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I expected a lot of things following the revelation of my husband’s serial cheating. I expected pride to play a role, a little bit of shame here and there. 530 more words


Engagement Story

Okay, so I figured that I have mentioned this in so many of my previous blog posts that I should probably lay out the whole picture for you guys.   1,686 more words

Things that change after three years of marriage

Going into a new year is always exciting. A new year brings new hope, new ambitions and renewed motivation. It’s an opportunity to contemplate the past year, look back on how far you’ve come and look forward to the unknown. 1,040 more words


Yeah. I Got Married at 18.

18. I know. I was a baby. I would’ve told myself that I was out of my mind too. But here’s the story:

I was a sophomore. 737 more words

Yes, This Is How I Make Decisions

What I Never Learnt in Church about Serial Cheating: A Personal Reflection and Analysis of Inadequacy, Reconciliation, and How to Move Forward

Picture: A marriage LITERALLY on the rocks, get it? Photo by Conner Allen

There are many things school, parents, and even religious institutions don’t teach you about life. 3,752 more words


My Top 4 Thing's I've Learned as a Twenty-Something "Adult"

Seems like there have been many posts lately written by twenty-somethings about adulthood and what being a post graduate has taught them about the real world. 826 more words


New Beginnings

Hey Y’all

“One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs, or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.”

Long time no writing, right?

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