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Looking for a husband at 18

I always bragged about how, unlike other young people , I never succumbed to peer pressure. I never did drugs, never smoked and never became a boozer. 773 more words


Introduction and beginnings and sorts.

Hi sunshines! I’m Mandy Thomas, emphasis on the Thomas because I got married this month!! On the 5th of August, exactly one year from when he proposed. 721 more words

Married Life

I don't believe in soulmates, but I found one.

I should be at work right now but instead I’m sitting in my PJ’s wearing Ugg boots, blowing my way through an entire roll of toilet paper. 657 more words


JUNE : 10 - 12

We have officially registered to become husband and wife. And that will be happening in less than seven weeks. How do I feel about it? 757 more words

Creative Writing

And then there were three...

I have big news!We are expecting!!!!!

As of yesterday I turned 28 weeks!!!!( Yes, I was 3 months pregnant at the time of our wedding.) I will backtrack and talk about my pregnancy up until this point. 414 more words


On Motherhood, Marriage, and the Metaphysical

This article, by Elisha Kiriel Carter, is the first in our guest writers series. 

When I was child of about eleven or twelve, deep in the throes of the excruciatingly awkward phase now deemed “tween,” I was staying with a family friend who was pregnant with her second child. 1,474 more words

Personal Essay

If you're getting married in your 20's, you're WAY too young.

“If you’re getting married in your 20’s, you’re WAY too young.”

This instantly became the most commonly heard reply after announcing my engagement. Along with, “You’re naive”, “You’re an idiot”, “What’s the rush?” and “Oh don’t worry, when you get divorced at 30, 30 year old divorcees are the hottest to hook up with in the club.” 1,509 more words