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So, When Are You Having Kids?

Is the question I seemed to get asked all the time. By new friends or family whenever they see us and know that we are married. 298 more words


First big move...

So for those who know me, know I just moved 16 hours away from home in August. I packed up all of my things including furniture and moved from Florida to Fort Campbell Kentucky, where I’ll be spending the next 3 years of my life. 1,318 more words

Baby Number Two?!

I’m here to answer the never ending question. I have a baby that is three and a half months old, but I’m still asked this question: So, when is the next one? 674 more words

New Mom

I Can’t Do This...

This post is very personal so please be kind, it also may be a bit TMI.
I love being a mom! In no way am I trying to get attention or have people pity me! 928 more words
New Mom

The Proposal

Yesterday marked three years since my wonderful husband proposed to me.

And I thought I loved him then…

I was living  back at home with my parents around this time  and I was traveling back-and-forth between Athens and Troy. 503 more words


Oh to be young and in love

Spouse called to check in on me tonight after my health episode. Truth be told, it was difficult to get through without him. My new people stepped up, but I wasn’t supposed to even have those people. 523 more words


Love at First Sight: Our Story!

Hello friends! Our story is completely normal until you plug in the numbers. Two people spending time together, two people living and growing together, two people choosing to love each other and put each other first, two people in a solid relationship… two people under 22 years old, that is!  446 more words

Engaged At 17