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On Motherhood, Marriage, and the Metaphysical

This article, by Elisha Kiriel Carter, is the first in our guest writers series. 

 When I was child of about eleven or twelve, deep in the throes of the excruciatingly awkward phase now deemed “tween,” I was staying with a family friend who was pregnant with her second child. 1,477 more words

If you're getting married in your 20's, you're WAY too young.

“If you’re getting married in your 20’s, you’re WAY too young.”

This instantly became the most commonly heard reply after announcing my engagement. Along with, “You’re naive”, “You’re an idiot”, “What’s the rush?” and “Oh don’t worry, when you get divorced at 30, 30 year old divorcees are the hottest to hook up with in the club.” 1,509 more words

6 Reasons Divorce In Your 20's Does Not Make You A Failure

We all have this idea of how our life will turn out, and when it doesn’t turn out that way it’s pretty scary shit. Maybe you thought you’d retire by 55 but had to wait until you were 70. 1,125 more words

You Can Do This.

When you find the one true person that you love, you would do absolutely anything for them…right? Say a 9 month long deployment, when that person you love is sent 7,000 miles away from you. 909 more words

Military Love

Striving For Perfection

Perfect. A word that though we try to meet with what we think the standards are to do so, but we never quite actually get there. 493 more words

Military Love

Getting Started

A great teacher told me, “Find something that speaks to people and you’ll have something to work off of.” It took me a while to find that that something also needed to speak to me, I found my something. 203 more words

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The Best Day Ever...So far

Well, Its been almost a month since we said “I do” and a lot has happened before and after our big day.

Let me start by talking about our big day! 332 more words