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Just Starting Out

This is my first post! Yay me! I wanted to start this blog mainly for myself. I wanted to use it as a go to place to vent. 618 more words


On Getting Married Too Young

When you fall in love at 19, people talk. People think that you’re naïve. That you’re too young to understand love and commitment. And if you choose to marry young then you shouldn’t be surprised when it doesn’t work out. 466 more words


Our First Trip Ever: 2011

Being an only child, you would have expected for me to have already had been able to travel the whole world, but being that I had family in Costa Rica, I would only travel back and forth from there and didn’t really get to wander to other places. 224 more words


It all started with...... Wendy's?

haha! It really did all start with wendys, chris and I had known of each other for a pretty long time, his brother was my best friend (I know, I know, strange) hahaha and his best friend was my cousins boyfriend of 5 years (take a second to let that all process, read it over if you need to) :) but we always knew about each other, I remember being 11 or 12 and hearing about the infamous “chris” and I also remember being friends with his brother and always just practically drooling over just seeing him come into a room we were in, and walk out. 375 more words

Married Young

A Year of Marriage

Today is the day

Today is the day I got married, exactly one year ago. It has been the most rewarding year of my life and one of the hardest. 1,949 more words


The Joys of Getting Married before 19

Alhamdolillah I am blessed to have gotten married young and I had two kids by the time I was 20!  Although it seemed harder at the time and now when I look back I wonder how I survived, I still think that getting married early was  very benficial for me especially for my ego. 618 more words

Why I Don't Have Many Friends.

It’s no secret I don’t have many friends. Never did. I’m just not the type that has too many friends. Too many friends equals having to put on pants too many times a week and stressing about if Gunner is going to be chaotic in front of them. 553 more words