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TOPIC: Are You Single, But All Your Friends Are Married?

Roman has a group of friends that he likes to hang out with, but there’s one thing about him that stands out from the rest! 49 more words


Military couple gets married during eclipse

CHARLESTON, S.C. — A military couple took advantage of Monday’s rare phenomenon and got married under the eclipse.

Alexis Greenleaf and Terran Travis met while they were serving in the Navy, according to… 120 more words


Two Unfortunate Encounters (Part 2)

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There is this thing with Anne’s smile, it’s not a pretty smile, but it exudes happiness in a way that you know it’s pure. 664 more words


#38 A Sort-Of Hate (Beth & Sean)

This story contains sexual content, violence, coarse language and consumption of alcohol it is rated R and 18+

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A Sort-Of Hate (Beth & Sean) 776 more words


Two Unfortunate Encounters (Part 1)

Jacob doesn’t wish he was normal, he has been living with this body and mind of his for 31 years now and has come to accept himself and his less than fortunate circumstances. 477 more words


13 facts about divorce every couple should know before getting married

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

  • Divorce rates in the US are at an all-time low
  • Everyone’s relationship is different, and so is every divorce
  • Research has shown certain factors make a divorce more likely…
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A Good Idea at the Time

The car pulled up next to mine at the rural intersection and honked its horn. Both Pat and I looked over and saw a guy in the front passenger seat move his hand and arm, signaling me to roll down my car’s window, which I did. 354 more words