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Three years ago yesterday I married my best friend on a tiny sailboat off the Santa Barbara Pier. It was sweet and slightly sloppy… very perfect for us. 305 more words


A First for Everything

Well, here I am. Writing a blog. Did I ever think I would start a blog? No way. Who would read it anyway? But alas, I started a blog. 197 more words


I've been busy

I mean, that’s why I haven’t been writing.¬†

I’ve been having better days. I’m on a new medication that’s helping way better with my anxiety and depression. 324 more words


30 and Engaged!?

So this ended up being the best birthday of my life. I had a seriously intense few weeks of what I like to call the “panicky Susan” phase. 645 more words

Alphabet Series: Zoo

Day Twenty-Six: Zoo

Because I’m so happy to be done with this series (I mean, I enjoy writing for you guys and for myself, but I’m looking forward to a little break, maybe take some time to work on my new short story), I would like to treat myself to a visit to the zoo. 74 more words

Letters To My Future Husband

I journal on a level that is nearly obsessive. I write letters to people that I will never send. I write long, detail-oriented explanations of conversations I had with friends. 748 more words


Not quite married yet

This is my first blog post.

Unless of course you count the one I made on blogger when I was 15. Which I made when I was very, very bored. 412 more words