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Big Catch-Up

Long time no post.

Life has changed so much after I got married. (Yes, I am now happily married. Sorry for all the singles out there ;-)). 390 more words


What Your Drink Choice Says About You!

Market leader in married online dating site Illicit Encounters has released data which comprises a similarity between personality traits and drink of choice. Screening 3,000 of its members, Illicit Encounters found that we judge people on what drink they order and some liquors harbor negative affiliations.  706 more words

Agree or Disagree: Calgary is an easy place to date.

Agree or Disagree: Calgary is an easy place to date.

The above link is from clover.co. It has dome some research on easy it is to date in different cities. 134 more words


Taking Vitamins

Ever get a word for God and it just makes you stop in your tracks?  Do you wonder how you arrived at where you are only to discover what you had been holding on to was not God’s actual plan?   734 more words

100-word Challenge for Grown-ups - Week #169

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The prompt this week is:  …so what time did you say it was?… + 100 words

Pressure Cooker


“Good. You’re home. 128 more words


Married Life Humor...

A mother-in-law stopped by unexpectedly to the recently married couple’s house. 127 more words

Leave That Married Man/Woman Alone

Girl leave that married man alone. He is lying to you about his wife. He isn’t going to leave her. He’s only using you to add excitement to his life. 248 more words