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Pot au Feu

This classic French one-pot meal is two dishes in one. The bouillon, along with the toasted bread and marrow bones, is served as a starter and followed by the meat and vegetables as the main course. 638 more words


roasted marrow bones // pistachios // parsley salad

Ok so the idea of serving up what look like dinosaur bones to friends might seem a bit weird, but these underused cuts you can get from the butcher (for practically nothing) deserve to be more than dog scraps. 381 more words


Beef Barley Soup

It is always good to remember that you can add almost anything to a soup but I like this soup plain.

1 1/2 pound  of diced beef. 258 more words


Last Supper

Way back in November, we cooked a Thanksgiving meal, not for crowds of people, as we had the year before, but just for each other. It was a chance to try out some ambitious recipes and to please just ourselves. 644 more words


Roasted Marrow

Have you ever noticed that about a half hour after eating certain foods, you just feel really good? I notice that feeling after consuming sushi, sauerkraut, a ton of veggies for dinner, or roasted beef marrow. 221 more words


S'chee (Russian Beef and Cabbage Soup)

S’chee lies at the very core of Russian cuisine and like many centuries-old ethnic dishes began as something that mostly the poor folks ate. There are countless recipes for s’chee – to include even meatless versions – but cabbage is the common denominator for all.  796 more words

Main Dishes

What is cooking

Living in sunny South Africa (not always though!) cooking outside, as we say braai (BBQ), is a favourite over weekends.  I have in the past posted on this great habit of ours, but I don’t think I ever mentioned that when I do the braai here I include the dogs on the menue. 93 more words