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Four reasons why Cinderella is continually whitecast

Sixty-five years after Disney’s animated classic, Cinderella, Disney came out with another movie, of the same name, that barely had enough variation to be called a movie, let alone its own movie. 380 more words


Why I will marry a 60 year old

I do not know about you, but my father shaped my perception about men a great deal. To date, I would fall for you, if you are flat broke but have some other characteristics that seem to have been thrown to the dogs today: Like keeping your word on simple statements like ‘I will call you’, like how you would go out of your way to be the head of this relationship… very little things that-to a woman- communicate stability of character. 862 more words

Social Commentary

Sage Advice From The Net

You’re only young for so long, use it while you can.


Apple Polishing

Here is a joke with more than a dash of truth to it:


You married up?

Open the Vault!

A while ago I was discussing life and marriage with a good friend. She stated, “Yeah, I married up.” Huh? I had to ask what this meant! 298 more words


The final stage of evolution- pt III

Thankfully there was a place to hold the wedding, but the budget was shot and the stakes much higher. While I was distracted by my freakout, the guest list had gone on a high sodium diet and bloated beyond recognition. 491 more words