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The Class Warfare of My Mind. DAY 367

Every day we wake up in/as our human physical bodies. We dress our bodies with fabric made from the earth and we walk around on our feet in a house with walls and a floor. 1,682 more words

Vixen's Journey To Life

Four reasons why Cinderella is continually whitecast

Sixty-five years after Disney’s animated classic, Cinderella, Disney came out with another movie, of the same name, that barely had enough variation to be called a movie, let alone its own movie. 380 more words


Sage Advice From The Net

You’re only young for so long, use it while you can.


Apple Polishing

Here is a joke with more than a dash of truth to it:


You married up?

Open the Vault!

A while ago I was discussing life and marriage with a good friend. She stated, “Yeah, I married up.” Huh? I had to ask what this meant! 298 more words


The final stage of evolution- pt III

Thankfully there was a place to hold the wedding, but the budget was shot and the stakes much higher. While I was distracted by my freakout, the guest list had gone on a high sodium diet and bloated beyond recognition. 491 more words