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Venus Ingresses Capricorn

About 3:42pm EST on Saturday, Venus Ingresses Capricorn.

This is just prior to the Sun Semi-Square Chiron and the Full Moon in Leo.

The energy of our desires and the ways we obtain our resources will shift their focus. 384 more words

North Node In Virgo

Full Moon in Leo 2016: I Am Not The Robot; The Robot Is Not Me

The Full Moon in Leo takes place on January 23, 2016 at 8:45 PM EST.

This lunation features the Sun in Aquarius at three degrees at the opposite point in the sky from the Moon, illuminating it fully, at three degrees of the sign Leo. 1,030 more words


Gullies on Mars sculpted by dry ice rather than liquid water

Mars’s gullies may be formed by dry ice processes rather than flowing liquid water, as previously thought. This is the conclusion of a study conducted by two French scientists published online on December 21st in… 825 more words


Evidence for more recent clay formation on Mars discovered

Recent orbital and rover missions to Mars have turned up ample evidence of clays and other hydrated minerals formed when rocks are altered by the presence of water. 802 more words


Fact Checking "The Martian"

So I’m clearly late to the bandwagon, but I just watched The Martian this weekend (maybe it’s not so bad timing since The Martian just won a Golden Globe last night… 1,455 more words


Daily Aspects - Jan 8 - Personal, Soulful Accountability

On Friday we have 2 aspects between 3 Personal Planets (Mars, Sun and Venus in that order) to Chiron, our soul-level wounding and to Saturn, our Karmic accountability. 560 more words

Daily Aspects

Daily Aspects - Jan 5 - Missing the Magic

First thing Tuesday morning, we will begin to be challenged around staying in 5D. Mercury is Stationing and Squares Mars, Mercury Retrogrades as Venus Squares Neptune and the Sun Conjuncts Pluto. 815 more words

Daily Aspects