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2017 Summer Solstice on Mars

Monday November 20th is the summer solstice on the planet Mars as the planet transitions from spring to summer during its 684 Earth day orbit around the Sun. 213 more words


Mars and Neptune at Heliocentric Opposition

Monday October 23rd two of the outer planets, Mars and Neptune, will be at heliocentric opposition, that is on opposite sides of the Sun. On that day the two planets will be separated by 180o. 57 more words


Horoscope Weekly: April 17

This week should be interesting for everyone in very different ways.  Read the sneak peak into what your week might shape up to look like below.   405 more words


Mars Ingresses Taurus-Mar 9

Around 7:45pm (EST) Mars will ingress Aries.

Your motivations will slow considerably but you will find yourself motivated to touch or be touched. Or you could find yourself motivated to start looking for ways to acquire luxury items and more food ;) 130 more words

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces: A Queer Visionary

New Moon Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces 12 at 9:58 AM EST February 26, 2017. I was reading this article 998 more words