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Two worlds, one sun #AstroPicoftheDay #WereAllInThisTogether

Loving this Astro Pic of the Day brought to you by NASA:

How different does sunset appear from Mars than from Earth? For comparison, two images of our common star were taken at…

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If I Die on Mars

The above video is an interview from the Guardian that follows three of the final 100 Mars One competitors to take a one way journey to the red planet. 379 more words


Less Gravity, More Fun

Scientists at NASA have recently rendered an image of what they believed Mars would have looked like when it had water (if it indeed possessed oceans in the distant past). 297 more words


More evidence for groundwater on Mars

Scientists investigated the Equatorial Layered Deposits (ELDs) of Arabia Terra in Firsoff crater area, Mars, to understand their formation and potential habitability. On the plateau, ELDs consist of rare mounds, flat-lying deposits, and cross-bedded dune fields. 383 more words



Phobos is one of two moons that orbits Mars. When Jacob Densy was assessing the feasibility of establishing a permanent habitat on the red planet, it was Phobos that he first established a small outpost on. 121 more words


Dust Storms

When Jacob Densy (Unicore’s CEO) planned to build a tourism hotel on the red planet, one stifling aspect of Mars was the dust storms. Martian dust storms have been known to engulf the entire planet in only a few days and can last for months! 128 more words


Two Billionaires, One Red Planet

Elon Musk is the second billionaire to throw his hat into the ring to establish a permanent settlement on Mars. You can watch his 11 minute video above (courtesy of YouTube) if you have the time or take my word for it. 124 more words