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100 people will vie for the 24 spots on the one-way mission to Mars

Mars One, the Dutch organization that hopes to one day establish a human colony on Mars, has narrowed its volunteer pool down from 200,000 to just 100… 375 more words

From CBS News: "Mysterious plumes above the surface of Mars have scientists stumped"

CBS News

February 16, 2015
Michael Casey

The top image shows the location of the mysterious plume on Mars, identified within the yellow circle (top image, south is up), along with different views of the changing plume morphology… 364 more words

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From Brown: "Gully patterns document Martian climate cycles"

Brown University

January 28, 2015
Kevin Stacey

Geologists from Brown University have found new evidence that glacier-like ice deposits advanced and retreated multiple times in the midlatitude regions of Mars in the relatively recent past. 958 more words

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From SPACE.com: "Mars Odyssey: Record-Breaking Mission to Mars"


January 20, 2015
Elizabeth Howell

NASA’s Mars Odyssey spacecraft passes above Mars’ south pole in this artist’s concept illustration. The spacecraft has been orbiting Mars since October 24, 2001. 1,530 more words

Basic Research

From National Geographics: Would You Go to Mars if You could not Come Back?

National Geographics

The five would-be astronauts in this film contemplate a possible one-way trip to Mars. A private foundation called Mars One plans to send a crew of four to colonize the red planet by 2025. 133 more words

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NASA just discovered a missing Mars robot, last seen in 2003

A UK space robot has been found after 11 years
(https://www.gov.uk/government/news/uk-led-beagle-2-lander-found-on-mars ) of hanging out
—intact—on the Martian surface, while
the scientists who sent it thought it… 328 more words

Components of Beagle 2 Flight System on Mars

PRESS RELEASE (JPL) – The Beagle 2 Mars Lander, built by the United Kingdom, has been thought lost on Mars since 2003, but has now been found in images from NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. 617 more words

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