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Creating a self-sustaining desert civilisation: Aridopolis

Inspiring talk about Mars – but what will the strategy be?

The National Geographic Channel has announced a new TV series dramatising the first manned flight to Mars in 2033. 103 more words


Leaving the dome: Scientists emerge from year-long isolation in NASA project simulating life on Mars

One year ago, a physicist, a pilot, an architect, an astrobiologist, a journalist and a soil scientist stepped into a 10-by-six metre isolation dome located near Hawaii’s Mauna Loa volcano. 834 more words



Signs of life may be buried deep beneath the Martian surface, where organic compounds are protected from solar radiation and the harsh chemical processes above. 137 more words


From phys.org: "Digging deeper into Mars"


July 25, 2016
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Water is the key to life on Earth. Scientists continue to unravel the mystery of life on Mars by investigating evidence of water in the planet’s soil. 902 more words

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China to Set up Space and Deep Sea Stations, Develop Quantum Computer

According to news.cn’s report on July 23, in a routine policy meeting on July 22, China’s State Council gave a briefing on China’s plan on creation and innovation for the coming five years. 121 more words

Shared Wisdom--July 2016

By refocusing our space program on Mars for America’s future, we can restore the sense of wonder and adventure in space exploration that we knew in the summer of 1969. 28 more words

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From Science: "Mars Is Emerging From an Ice Age"


May 26, 2016
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A changing climate may be headed Mars’ way after a prolonged ice age.


New observations suggest that Mars has very periodic ice ages showing that the polar ice caps grow and shrink as the planet warms or cools similar to Earth. 671 more words

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