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STEAM it Up Sculptures and a Mars Colony

At the beginning of the school year in my STEAM it Up class I had the students vote on which of many possible projects they wanted to work on. 1,340 more words

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From Many Worlds: "With The Discovery of Boron on Mars, The Package of Chemicals Needed For Life May Well Be Complete"


Many Worlds

Marc Kaufman

Using its laser technology, the Curiosity ChemCam instrument located the highest abundance of boron observed so far on this raised calcium sulfate vein. 2,321 more words


From Astronomy: "Could these Earth fossils give clues to life in outer space?"


December 08, 2016
Stephanie Margaret Bucklin

One of the largest concentrations of Riftia pachyptila observed, with anemones and mussels colonizing in close proximity.
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From Many Worlds: Women in STEM - "The Search for Organic Compounds On Mars Is Getting Results" Jennifer Eigenbrode


Many Worlds

Marc Kaufman

Sedimentary rocks of the Kimberley Formation in Gale Crater, as photographed in 2015. The crater contains thick deposits of finely-laminated mudstone from fine-grained sediments deposited in a standing body of water that persisted for a long period of time. 1,982 more words

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From phys.org: "New evidence for a warmer and wetter early Mars"


December 7, 2016
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This false-colour map, produced by the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA), depicts the topography of the Martian surface. Hellas Basin, the large, dark blue region below the centre, has a diameter of 2300 km, and is one of the largest identified impact craters both on Mars and within the Solar System. 1,576 more words


NRC’s Supporting Role in NASA’s Mars 2020 Launch

Don Helton
Senior Reliability and Risk Engineer

“Outer space” may not come to mind when you think about the NRC. But we’re excited to be involved with NASA in the planning for a 2020 launch of another Mars rover. 472 more words


From ESA: "First views of Mars show potential for ESA's new orbiter"

European Space Agency

29 November 2016
Håkan Svedhem
ESA ExoMars TGO Project Scientist
Email: hakan.svedhem@esa.int

Markus Bauer
ESA Science and Robotic Exploration Communication Officer
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