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NASA has discovered a weird, never-before-seen aurora and a mysterious dust cloud around Mars

Weird things are happening on Mars again.

As space technology improves, our ability to understand the cosmos gets better and better. But the latest advancements in satellites and imaging systems also create new questions about the universe. 397 more words

From NASA Goddard: "NASA Spacecraft Detects Aurora and Mysterious Dust Cloud around Mars"

Goddard Space Flight Center

March 18, 2015
Dwayne Brown
Headquarters, Washington

Nancy Neal-Jones
Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.

Bill Steigerwald… 880 more words

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From Discovery: "Leak in Curiosity's Wet Chemistry Test Finds Organics"

Discovery News

Mar 17, 2015
Irene Klotz

An unexpected leak of a chemical designed to tag complex organic molecules in samples collected by NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity… 429 more words

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From SEN: "India's Mars Orbiter Mission makes big breakthrough"


05 March 2015
Srinivas Laxman

India’s $71 million Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) to the Red Planet, which entered Martian orbit on Sept. 24, 2014, has made an important breakthrough. 898 more words

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100 people will vie for the 24 spots on the one-way mission to Mars

Mars One, the Dutch organization that hopes to one day establish a human colony on Mars, has narrowed its volunteer pool down from 200,000 to just 100… 375 more words

From CBS News: "Mysterious plumes above the surface of Mars have scientists stumped"

CBS News

February 16, 2015
Michael Casey

The top image shows the location of the mysterious plume on Mars, identified within the yellow circle (top image, south is up), along with different views of the changing plume morphology… 364 more words

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From Brown: "Gully patterns document Martian climate cycles"

Brown University

January 28, 2015
Kevin Stacey

Geologists from Brown University have found new evidence that glacier-like ice deposits advanced and retreated multiple times in the midlatitude regions of Mars in the relatively recent past. 958 more words

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