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Life on Mars? Report identifies strange rocks on Red Planet that might be filled with 'past Martian life'

A close look at photos from a defunct NASA mission may have yielded the best evidence yet for life on Mars: A series of curious-looking rocks discovered by the malfunctioning Spirit rover. 901 more words


Man's mission to Mars in a nutshell

As a longtime fan of Elon Musk, I have always been amazed at his abilities not to waste too much time being human. I finally got around to reading Ashlee Vance’s biography of him (still in progress), and just as I suspected, his entire life appears to be one overwhelming mind-blowing experience after another. 921 more words

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China Successful Launch of CZ-5 Rocket Equal to World Strongest Now

China’s CZ-5 rocket is able to send 25 tons to lower earth orbit (LEO). In SCMP’s report today titled “Launch of China’s most powerful rocket helps Beijing close gap with US”, it quotes James Clay Moltz, a professor at the US Naval Postgraduate School in California, as saying that the rocket will allow China to match the US in operating large-scale, high performance spy satellites and global military communication satellites, as well as attempting to put up a full-sized space station, land humans on the moon or send robotic rovers to Mars. 142 more words

From Goddard: "New Instrument Could Search for Signatures of Life on Mars"

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Nov. 1, 2016
Lori Keesey
NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

A sensing technique that the U.S. military currently uses to remotely monitor the air to detect potentially life-threatening chemicals, toxins, and pathogens has inspired a new instrument that could “sniff” for life on Mars and other targets in the solar system — the Bio-Indicator Lidar Instrument, or BILI. 757 more words

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From astrobio.net: "NASA’s MAVEN Mission Observes Ups and Downs of Water Escape from Mars"

Astrobiology Magazine

Oct 22, 2016
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After investigating the upper atmosphere of the Red Planet for a full Martian year, NASA’s MAVEN mission has determined that the escaping water does not always go gently into space. 818 more words


From ESA: "Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter views Schiaparelli landing site"

European Space Agency

21 October 2016
Thierry Blancquaert
ExoMars EDM Manager
Email: Thierry.Blancquaert@esa.int

Markus Bauer

ESA Science and Robotic Exploration Communication Officer

Tel: +31 71 565 6799

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ExoMars lander crashed after its thrusters prematurely shut off and possibly exploded on impact

The ExoMars Schiaparelli lander, which was slated to touch down on Mars on Wednesday, crashed on the planet after its thrusters shut off prematurely, the European Space Agency confirmed Friday. 417 more words