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How Your Unconscious Mind Sways You In Sex Appeal And Shopping

In a consumerist culture that encourages the purchase of goods, it is important to understand why you buy shit you don’t really need. If you live in a capitalist society, in which there are many brands offering the same product, it would seem logical that your choice is a result of conscious deliberation. 1,035 more words


4 July, 1997

16 years ago today, the Mars Pathfinder landed on the Red Planet. Here’s a panoramic view of the landing site. (Click on the image to embiggen it.) The large rock near the center of the view was named “Yogi”. 14 more words


TIME Magazine: MARS 1997 Sojourner - 2012 Curiosity Covers

This months time magazine for August 2012 is graced by an artist image of the Martian rover, Curiosity. “MARS” fills a fourth of the cover image, taking more space then the iconic “Time” at the top. 537 more words


Cât de cald/frig este pe Marte

Cât timp planeta Marte încă se află în gândurile noastre, să vedem dacă acolo este cald sau frig.

Pentru a măsura temperatura avem nevoie de cineva care să stea pe Marte cu un termometru. 274 more words

Sistemul Solar

Rock Varnish, Lead Plants, and Swedish Chemists

At long last – on March 14th, after 8 days stuck on the ship, Darwin is back in the field again! What a glorious day.  He kept it simple (I imagine he was still limping), noting: 677 more words


Shuttle to Nowhere

Why GOP candidates are talking about space

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CNN’s John Zarrella

John Zarrella is CNN’s principal correspondent for coverage of the U.S. space program, covering such events such as John Glenn’s 1998 return to space, the Mars Pathfinder mission and numerous space shuttle launches.

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GOP Presidential Field

NASA's Discovery Program

Fifteen years have passed since the founding of the Discovery Program in 1992, and ten challenging space science missions to distant destinations have been developed by ten principal investigators, over a dozen project managers, hundreds of scientists, and thousands of engineers.  217 more words