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MARS in LIBRA (Oct 22 - Dec 9): Passion for Peace, Balance, Fairness, and Synergistic Partnerships.

After 6 weeks in VIRGO since Sept 5 (phew, soo many issues and problems since then, so much to do to fix and get things in order), … 603 more words


Welcome The Dog Stars And Dog Days Of Summer!

The dog days of summer is a common expression, though not everyone knows where the saying originated. It is an astrological/astronomical reference to the fixed star Sirius, aka the “dog star” located in the… 603 more words


April 27, 2017 (Julian 117) Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto

April 27, 2017 (Julian 117) Mars Sesquiquadrate Pluto

Lunar aspects are mostly in Taurus and mostly “unremarkable” as physicians sometimes write in their notes.  Moon (Taurus) sextiles Venus (Pisces) at 9:20 PM CDT and moves into Gemini 20 minutes later.   161 more words


Taurus Mars trine Capricorn Pluto – manifestations of the inner ’chthonic ’ energies

This ’earthly’ trine will occur April 6th, 2017 at 04:00:40 UT (00:00:40 EDT).  ’Chthonic’ means here the ’subterranean’ but it is basically not equivalent to the ’Hell’ or some other ’devilish’ attributes, this is truly the innermost occult part of a human being or any other entity that Alchemists consider as the ’Saturnian Fire’ or the ’Salt’ providing the adequate individual Form and the firm existential base – containing at the same time the Supreme Ruling (Volitional) Principle called the ’Central Seed of Salt’. 128 more words

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When it's mid-eclipse season...

Feeling like everything’s fucked? #eclipseseason turns up the dial to intensify life. Try find the humour amongst all the shit…keep the company of those who nurture your dreams & remember that the Earth is a living breathing organism. 17 more words