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Rhymes With : A 100-Year-Old Magazine's Lyrical Legacy

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The surprise guest at the 1989 Grammy boycott party was not LL Cool J or Will Smith but a gentleman who roared down Sunset Boulevard on a motorcycle: Malcolm Forbes. 370 more words

Money Matters

In the beginning...

It began in 1987. A storm like no other, a ferocious beast that ripped the trees from their roots, smashed up homes and wrought devastation upon the homeland. 230 more words


Football on Mars!

Did you know we play football on Mars? Yes, true fact. I know, you thinks it’s “barren” up here, but that’s because we mess with your data. 794 more words

Hmmm, Part III. Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Climate model changes. Well, this is good news.¹

Or not.²

It seems a group of scientists have found more time in their studies for humans to respond to global warming/climate change. 600 more words


OTSO No to Hell Yeah: Moving to Mars

There was an article in Grazia a couple of ..years ago. It was an interview with a woman who had signed up for, and been accepted by, the Mars One mission, which hopes to begin building a human settlement on the red planet in 2024. 1,129 more words


Scott Thompson: How are you in isolation?

How are you with groups of people in very small places?

That was the objective behind an experiment helping to choose the NASA astronauts that will eventually take the long journey to Mars. 224 more words


The Dandelion Farmer – a review

Mathew McCall’s The Dandelion Farmer is an extraordinary piece of steampunk writing. It’s set on Mars in the 1800s (there are reasons, but they are a fair way into the book, so, no spoilers). 633 more words