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Scientists Found Atmosphere Of Mars Pulses In Ultraviolet (Astronomy)

Using new data from the Imaging Ultraviolet Spectrograph (IUVS) on NASA’s MAVEN (Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution) spacecraft, scientists have found that the atmosphere of Mars pulses in ultraviolet three times per night, and only during Martian spring and fall. 572 more words


Tianwen Updates

Credit: South China Morning Post

Tianwen takes photo of the Earth & Moon
Space.com: https://www.space.com/china-mars-mission-spots-earth-and-moon.html

LIFTOFF: China launched its first Mars probe, marking another milestone in the country's space program.

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Hope Mars Mission Updates

Credit: CNN

There is no “impossible” where there is faith and strong will. pic.twitter.com/A6U6QoZUA4

— Hamdan bin Mohammed (@HamdanMohammed) July 20, 2020

A New Hope: One more robot is on the way to Mars!

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Perseverance & Ingenuity Updates

Credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

LIFTOFF! The @ulalaunch #AtlasV with the @NASAPersevere rover takes flight. Check out the first launch photos! #CountdownToMars 🚀📷➡️https://t.co/1C6QkuRetg pic.twitter.com/Lw5OC81wOo…

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Parts of Mars' atmosphere glows green at night time

Vast areas of the Martian night sky pulse in ultraviolet light, according to images from NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft. The results are being used to illuminate complex circulation patterns in the Martian atmosphere. 532 more words

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8 Years Before, Curiosity Landed On The Red Planet (Astronomy)

NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity successfully landed on the Red Planet at 10:32 p.m. PDT on August 5, 2012 (1:32 a.m. EDT on August 6, 2012). in the Gale Crater on Mars. 145 more words


NASA’s Curiosity Rover Marks Eight Years of Mars Exploration (Planetary Science / Astronomy)

NASA’s Curiosity rover has seen a lot since August 5, 2012, when it first set its wheels inside the huge basin of Gale Crater.

Fig: Curiosity rover took this selfie on October 11, 2019. 596 more words