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BREAKING NEWS: BTS V becomes the first Kpop idol whose name is sent to Mars aboard NASA's Mars 2020 rover mission!

This news from ALLKPOP , kind of made my coffee taste different this morning. It was a news posted from the said website almost 9 hours ago announcing that the rover that will be sent to MARS in 2020 will carry “KIM TEAHYUNG”‘ ‘s name. 101 more words


NASA names a Mars rock after The Rolling Stones

The Rolling Stones have received just about every earthly honor in their legendary career, and now they are making rock history on Mars.

NASA has named a rock there after the band. 339 more words


Venus conjunction Mars in Virgo 24th August 2019.

Venus is
conjunction Mars at 4 degrees 8 minutes Virgo at 5.05 pm GMT 6.05 pm BST 24th
August 2019.

There is a
tendency to be assertive and at least a little fussy in going for what you… 40 more words

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Humanity Today Faces a Choice

Ideas have consequences. Humanity today faces a choice between two very different sets of ideas…On the one side stands the antihuman view, which…continues to postulate a world of limited supplies, whose fixed constraints demand ever-tighter controls upon human aspirations.

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Mars 'threatened' by comet collision

A comet is about to face Mars, as the celestial body is not likely to fall on it.

The potential “enemy” bears the name C / 2013 A1, and was discovered by the Australian Spring Observatory. 149 more words


[8.] A Chinese Vase from grand-grand father

A Chinese Vase from grand-grand father

picture 01 – little crater in Schiaparelli (S 0°, E 14° 30′)

»Ahh, the secret painting which should not be printed in the novel…« 872 more words