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China's space ambitions

China is going to Mars.  Frankly, the US has spent the last 10 years on a space exploration vacation.  That needs to end. (post in memory of Mike Nofsinger)


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SpaceX Wants to Send People to Mars

SpaceX Wants to Send People to Mars – Here’s What the Trip Might Look Like
by Meghan Bartels | Space.com

Even as SpaceX prepares to launch astronauts for the first time, the company is sharing its dreams for human spaceflight on a much grander scale: missions to Mars. 222 more words

Space Exploration

Mars is Wetter Than Once Thought

Mars is wetter than previously thought, but not in a way that boosts its life-hosting potential, a new study suggests.

Liquid fresh water can’t exist for long on Mars because it quickly freezes or boils away into the planet’s thin atmosphere. 243 more words

Physical Science

China is officially going to Mars

  • China’s Mars mission is scheduled for July as the country ramps up its space exploration efforts
  • Chinese space group CASC is sending an orbiter and rover to the Red Planet in the hopes of finding evidence of past or present life.
  • 470 more words