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[7.] A Weather Station on Mars

A Weather Station on Mars

picture – map of Schiaparelli Crater

As Uncle Vily came after a while during I read his novel I asked him: 877 more words

Tarot Clarity - Mars in Virgo - Nine of Cups

August 17th 2019: After being tested by the aggressive final degrees of Leo, Mars graduates to the sign of Virgo. Mars in Virgo is the ancient masculine monk/priest archetype, that is embodied best in the modern era by the archetype of a professor in a book-filled office, a world leading expert in his chosen field of study, never making time for a relationship or family, his passion directing him to use all of his life to research, collect a body of knowledge, and teach earnest students. 200 more words

Technodome [Chapter-3]

Martians had now invaded Earth, Mankind was stuck in space

The humans and other living creatures on planet Earth had survived.. Not knowing why. After the blinding light had passed, Three giant ships were seen splitting from the meteor. 399 more words


Mars Corp.

The Mars Corporation is set to branch out a bit in the future, if Flickr’s BobDeQuatre is to believed. Currently makers of pet food, chewing gum, Uncle Ben’s rice, and… er, Mars bars, apparently the company will one day need an off-road buggy fitted with an enormous plasma rifle. 51 more words


NASA latest: Chief confirms NASA is on track to land on the Moon - 'Pave the way for Mars'

NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine is positive preparations for NASA’s Artemis programme will extend humanity’s reach into space. On Friday, August 16, Mr Bridenstine visited NASA facilities in Louisiana and Alabama, where the space agency is developing its Space Launch System (SLS). 24 more words

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WTF? ‘Supervillain’ Elon Musk Wants To ‘Nuke Mars’

Plans to make ‘Nuke Mars’ T-shirts

Source: Kelen McBreen | Infowars.com

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk sent out a tweet Thursday night, reviving his idea of hitting Mars with nuclear weapons in an attempt to make the Red Planet more inhabitable for humans. 111 more words


Elon Musk is once again on a quest to 'nuke Mars'

If there’s one thing you can say about Elon Musk it’s that he’s never lacked ambition. He’s founded a number of successful companies, and with SpaceX he’s pushed science forward by lowering the cost of entry for satellite launches and opened up new possibilities for researchers. 319 more words