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Fig and Almond Cake with Mascarpone Cream

I have recently moved into a new house. A desire to do a bit of nesting, coupled with just having bought yet another cookbook, the baking book… 315 more words



My late Grandma Ruth was an incredible traveler, and a terrible, terrible cook. She took to traveling quite late in her life, not having the funds or freedom to do so earlier. 462 more words


Almond Orange Cream Cheese Frosting...

“Celebration is life’s frosting:

isn’t frosting the very best part of the cake?”

~ Bethenny Frankel

I love mascarpone;

thick, creamy and essential for this Almond Orange Frosting.

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Chicken and Tarragon Poached Yolk Stufed Ravioli

I’ve always wanted to try to make yolk stuffed ravioli, and this was a nice first attempt. It’s one of those things that while time intensive, seems harder than it actually is. 399 more words

lemon and anise easter bread

It has been so, so long (a couple years?) since I last made bread using commercial yeast. It was like a dream. The dough rose in  1,031 more words


Chicken with MMM Sauce

This post will be about a recreation of Food Network’s chef Giada De Laurentiis’s Chicken with Mustard Marscapone Marsala Sauce. This dish will make you say “MMM-MMM-MMM!!” It is so hearty and comforting to dig into. 553 more words



Curry cures many ailments. I am tired, and I want to eat fast. Hastily browning off chunks of beef ’til they crinkle like bark, and adding the muddy-coloured spices of coriander, cumin and garam masala takes no time at all, and the pay off is almost instantaneous. 91 more words