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I arrived at the bus station after a rather crappy morning (even if I’ve got used to it, giving my students a thorough dressing-down is still not my thing), intent on enjoying a long peaceful week-end away from school. 79 more words

The Gap Year Cliché

Honestly, actually, literally NO ONE knows what they want to do with their lives. Particularly 18 year olds who have spent the past few years learning and revising and being tested – for some reason we expect them to know not only what inspires and motivates them beyond said cycle of school and exams, but how they plan to build a career and a livelihood on it. 934 more words


Living Real Life

After agonising over my gap year for months, then boring everyone senseless with my plans and schemes, I’m finally here – Marseille – in an attempt to live my best life (in possibly the most cliche way imaginable). 426 more words


CFP IMéRA Fellowships (France)

IMéRA : Call for applications 2017-2018
Application deadline: Friday, 18 November, 2016 – 23:59
IMéRA: Laboratory for Cross-disciplinary Exploration

A foundation of Aix-Marseille University, IMéRA is an Institute for Advanced Study, a unique research centre where both emerging and top-level scientists can take advantage of residence schemes to carry out innovative research projects. 303 more words


Homeward bound


We loaded tea in Trincomalee for five days before sailing to Madras.  I stayed on board this time because I was not going to be accused of not being aware of our sailing time. 1,301 more words

I'll Never Go Abroad

36 Hours in Marseilles

36 hours in Marseilles – Marseilles wears a veil of North African influence – you can feel it everywhere – accents, music, food, fashion…  Everyone speaking so loudly with deliciously thick accents and pronouncing, unlike any other French region, every single letter, slowly turning the words around in their mouths, until they slide out syrupy sweet. 164 more words