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36 Hours in Marseilles

36 hours in Marseilles – Marseilles wears a veil of North African influence – you can feel it everywhere – accents, music, food, fashion…  Everyone speaking so loudly with deliciously thick accents and pronouncing, unlike any other French region, every single letter, slowly turning the words around in their mouths, until they slide out syrupy sweet. 164 more words


Marseilles, France.

The south of France was always a dream of mine. 

It definitely did not disappoint me. Although Marsielles is not what you would typically think of when you go to the south of France, typically people think of the fields of Lavender, it was definitely a cultural experience that I will never forget. 239 more words


Thanks / No Thanks

Well, all of a sudden I’ve been in France for a full month! Boy has it flown by or what?! Little by little I’ve been settling into Marseille, into my new job, into different expectations and realities, with help from so many people (and in despite of some others…) 506 more words


First Beach trip of the University year.

As the sun beat down on Marseilles with a heavy hand, and the rag-tag apartment buildings stood proud, framing a glistening blue sea, it seemed increasingly  that this Sunday, of all the Sunday’s in September, was the best one we could have picked to go to the beach. 329 more words

Boat Trip

My Freakin' 365 + 1 List: Day 274

Day 274! Great way to say goodbye to September! Zipling at Zip Chicago (which is in Marseilles, not Chicago), with my cousin Brenda, my Uncle Larry and Aunt Gloria! 14 more words

Wine and Amphorae

“Adds its own seasoning to food, cutting the richness of fat, making meat seem more tender and washing down pulses and unleavened bread without distending the belly” Hugh Johnson – The Story of Wine. 648 more words

Celtic Trivia

A new life

The thing about not blogging for a long time is that it becomes harder and harder to come back to your blog after a while, because there are so many things you want to say and you have no idea which one to say first. 1,014 more words