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Tour de France Trip: Day 6 - Marseille Time Trial

It was the penultimate day of the Tour de France, the time trial in Marseille. I awoke early and wandered down to the marina near the centre of town. 1,069 more words


Le Piroquet

THE SEARING Marseilles heat was a welcome change from the clinging smell of autumnal mildew that permeated Paris of an evening. It was morning, dawn but a distant memory for the flora and the fauna encircling my bedroom window. 634 more words

Short Stories

Tour de France Trip: Day 5 - Salon de Provence

I woke up sore; the full after effects of the previous day’s crash starting to set in. There was a cramping in my neck and my lower back, so I began the day by stretching it out. 984 more words


News Flash: Count of Monte Cristo Hospitalized; Sandwich Blamed

Marseilles, France–Sources close to the household of the Count of Monte Cristo report that the Count was taken to the Marseilles hospital late last night with symptoms resembling either severe gastric distress or a heart attack. 343 more words


The Return to Paris (Retour à Paris)

It’s been a few days in France now and I’ve been deciding whether to restart the holiday blog from our last visit over here. It seems I will. 530 more words


Enriques övningar – Andra övningen

Efter att tittat på dokumentären Tarology: The Art of Tarot om och med Enrique Enriquez i natt så fortsätter jag med hans övningar i dag. 482 more words

Enrique Enriques