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Reduced To Ruin – Massilia & Marseilles: A Future Few Care To See

Of all the cities in France, Marseilles is the oldest. It was founded 2,600 years ago by colonists from ancient Greece. This comes as something of a surprise. 1,088 more words


Marseilles – The East Comes West: A French Mirage On The Mediterranean

It was supposed to be dangerous and beautiful, seedy yet enchanting, full of life as well as a place where you might fear for your life.  1,109 more words


The Great Marseille Apartment Hunt of 2016

The wily explorer arrived to the Marseillais jungle with an accommodation booked for one week, and one goal: to finally capture a rare wild apartment. 727 more words


A P & O ship strikes a mine and passengers take to the lifeboats

Two Anglican Sisters from Clewer had to take to the lifeboats on a dangerous voyage home from India. The incident was hushed up, and the ship repaired… 111 more words

Life On The Home Front


I arrived at the bus station after a rather crappy morning (even if I’ve got used to it, giving my students a thorough dressing-down is still not my thing), intent on enjoying a long peaceful week-end away from school. 79 more words

The Gap Year Cliché

Honestly, actually, literally NO ONE knows what they want to do with their lives. Particularly 18 year olds who have spent the past few years learning and revising and being tested – for some reason we expect them to know not only what inspires and motivates them beyond said cycle of school and exams, but how they plan to build a career and a livelihood on it. 934 more words