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Great Egret

While I do try to keep the environment in my photographs I don’t hide the main subject. Except in cases like this. The wooden pylons provided a little character. 47 more words


Egrets At A Marsh

A pair of Great Egrets on the edge of a large marsh. The low light days create both good and bad photographs. Most are just too dim or flat. 48 more words


A Fishing Story, Heron

If you don’t go out, you won’t get the shot. And it was one of those days. Mostly dark and dreary. We still managed to get this ‘greedy’ Great Blue. 59 more words


Flash fiction: Marsh

They were marshing towards the buildings of the state. Armed with pitchforks and torches they were prepared to let their anger let loose on those that made them suffer. 158 more words


Unexpected Radiance

One reason I love living on this marsh so much is that on a late afternoon like this one, I’ll be sitting sipping my hot tea, watching the steely clouds roll in relentlessly, engulfing us like some deep, cold grief, like depression, when suddenly, inexplicably, light pours in at the end of the peninsula. 64 more words


Beauty In Neglect, Cemetery

I don’t think this place would be half as fascinating if not for the benign neglect. 22 more words