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Sunflower Fields

Fields of Sunflowers are spread across many of the wildlife management areas. Many more here than I had seen up north.

The DNR folks are serious about these fields too. 44 more words


Snowy Egret, Fishing

A few photographs of a Snowy Egret dancing around fishing.

Most wading birds rely on patience and limited motion when hunting. A Snowy throws some dancing and charging around into the mix. 38 more words


Heron Triplets, Good Grief

These photographs were taken right before all these juvenile Great Blues learned to fly. I watched them poke each other, argue, and just be ready to move on. 82 more words


Always A Good Subject, Alligators

They are usually around, only disappear if you get too close (which you try not to), and are always interesting.

The one above was taken at mid day, in the heat. 81 more words


Another Family Portrait, Egrets

A shot I liked that looked best in this 1×1 square format. 7 more words


A Snake Day

Whatever this one ate, it was big because he is looking a little ‘lumpy’. Probably will be sleeping here for days unless an Owl spots him. 175 more words