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TI1.02: Heroes of Tigley

The characters for this session

This session we have a tweaked Jotunn whose player has decided to forgo the specialist magic-user role. He is now a warrior with background as hunter (at Apprentice level, giving +5 on related tests) and the tracking talent (reducing SR level for tracking). 2,888 more words


An Introduction & A Little Love

Life is funny. Some people live their entire lives being afraid to chase their dreams. It’s easier for them to doubt themselves than to think about what COULD be—for fear it doesn’t happen. 284 more words

239a Valley to Silver Bay

I wait for the bus and the driver doesn’t seem to understand what I mean by ‘Four Mile Bridge’. Instead, he suggests a name that has Pont in it, or maybe a Bont. 838 more words


This is a bad photo, right?

The subject is right in the middle, the horizon is right in the middle, nothing is in focus. Yet somehow I keep coming back to this one. 92 more words


Wild ponies, and that old campfire smell.

I went back to Assateague Island with my oldest friend this past weekend. It’s a thin strip of land off the coasts of Maryland and Virginia, the bay side full of marshes, grass blowing in the wind, stark white herons, orioles, so many birds. 1,030 more words

Cultivating Joy

TI1.01: A legendary journey begins

To Ikkutas!

Introducing a road trip up the Vale, with Dwarves.

Ikkutas, legendary realm of mountain Dwarves, lives on in tales passed down from one Dwarf generation to the next. 3,362 more words

To Ikkutas