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Great Blue Heron, Cooperating

This was one of those times where the bird decided to stay rather than fly off. The birds know just how close to allow wither it’s people or even Alligators. 30 more words


Across the marsh in the early autumn...

The Stanford Warren Nature Reserve is one fair sized freshwater reedbed traversed by a dead straight, elevated footpath. It’s ideal for experiencing the marsh in all of its moods as the seasons change. 51 more words


Great Blue Heron, Wide Angle

A Great Blue making his escape. I pulled my lens back as far as I could for this shot. This day I probably shot over 300 photographs of Herons. 81 more words


thank you

softly and gently,
you’ve written yourself into my soul;
before that,
i hadn’t realized i had one

– marsh. thank you


Great Blue Heron, Playing Chicken

They are very big birds, but head on so thin they are hard to see. Unless one is flying, full speed, right at you. And obviously on purpose I should add. 113 more words


How Big Is Big, Alligator

Under water it’s hard to tell. However… here the end of his nose, just above the water, was over a foot away from his eyes. Now I know why EJ kept waving at me and pointing down. 55 more words


you are my world

you are so humble and important

– marsh. you are my world