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Practice, Young Heron

The start of learning to fly.

Practice, and lots of it.

There is ‘zero’ room for error here. If the first flight fails, and the chick goes down… 18 more words


Red-shouldered Hawk Near A Nest

There is a nest nearby but no one knows where.

I think they will stay around there since all the other birds have nests close. 17 more words


Watching Below, Herons

Everything is new and some things need to be studied. 6 more words


Cemetery Marsh, Alligator

Old Magnolia Cemetery is on a marsh, and has a large pond near the entrance. This pretty much means Alligators move between the marsh and pond all the time. 50 more words


Owl Above A Swamp

A Barred Owl above a swamp watching for movement.

OK, so I moved and he watched me for a while.

I was a little too big so he quickly lost interest. 21 more words


Just Hanging Around

One of those shots where you see something and shoot. At the most a brief thought about focus. 6 more words