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I wish I was afraid of real things again

Walking through some misty beach
late at night, twinkling lights
from the city skyline dotting
the translucent air,
way back when I was alone
but not so much lonely, 194 more words


I spy a new Education Centre at Cley Marshes, Norfolk

Cley Marshes is a well-known and very popular Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) nature reserve. It has been a valuable, saved habitat since the marsh land was purchased by keen birdwatcher Dr Sydney Long in 1926, to be conserved as a safe site for breeding birds. 243 more words

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Walking By The River

One of the good aspects of the recent environmental conditions during my walks down on the River Loughor estuary has been that the air has been quite still.  60 more words


Walking Down the Marshes

Having been told to “take it easy” for a while, my walks through the forest  have been put on hold for now and I have been taking a less strenuous walk down to our nearby marshes. 79 more words


Field trip to Doñana

Doñana National Park is a natural reserve in Andalusia, southern Spain. The park is an area of marshes, shallow streams, and sand dunes in Las Marismas, the delta where the Guadalquivir River flows into the Atlantic Ocean. 149 more words


Manningtree Marshes

Manningtree Marshes

Creek-creeping salt licks
Over slick patted flats,
Drowned mud-down,
Down below
Glass-skimmed sea-tongue skin
Shimmering eel-silver
In thin morning soft sun

~Roland Mann~

Picture by Martine Oftedal