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That garden, Xenia and dog walking 

Being back at LCR

Going to the volunteer women’s group, chatting to new people and making music in the sun

An sunny afternoon walking with Rachel and Smokey.

Pitt-Addington Marsh

Situated along side Pitt Lake, the trail was more for bird watchers. I spotted a pair of swans and a heron but not much else because that wasn’t why I was on the trail. 57 more words


In Praise of Marshmallows (mushy gelatinous blobs from space)

Marshmallows, eh? These little fluffy things are made out of clouds (and a lot of sugar and artificial colouring) to make them bouncy, light, delicious, and extraordinarily bad for you. 460 more words


Pitt-Addington Marsh

The marsh situated in Pitt Meadows, was poorly signed. The time stipulated at the entrance was incorrect — it took twice as long to circle the entire marsh and I was dressed for the weather rather than the trail. 64 more words


The Monday Picture

Shingle bank

The shingle bank between the land and the sea at Dulwich in Suffolk. Most of Dulwich is buried under the sea as a result of catastrophic floods.


Lux Brumalis


I am the trumpet muted
the bow unrosined
and the fiddle unstrung.

I am oblique sunlight
pale illumination of
a world undernourished.

I am the broadcast interrupted… 153 more words