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Cee’s Which Way Challenge


A Knife in the Dark

After arriving in Bree, Frodo and his companions are becoming a part of the mischievous schemes of some spies of Mordor, get assailed by the Black Riders and are finally fleeing to Weathertop, where they have to battle the Witch King. 7,747 more words


the lila tree

From time to time I come across a note:

Feeling lost?

Find out where you are.

I penned this to myself when I was in a good place with my writing.

1,548 more words

Impression: Acrylic on 18" x 24" Canvas

I decided to loosen up today and go with acrylic rather than oil. I have a few canvases and panels I am painting over and I feel that acrylic works best at covering up the textures underneath. 28 more words

Swamp People

I had a weird obsession with the show Swamp People for a long time, at one point trying to convince my dad that we would make a great father/daughter team on the show.  829 more words

Kids Poem

Ruddy and awkward,
the Marshman bellowed from
beneath a broken bridge.
What did he say?
It wasn't so clear
through that slimy mouth of his.