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Okay, as mentioned in my previous post, I had a horror story about fondant. Due to rainy weather, my fondant turned soft and sticky. The crown I made wilted. 524 more words



I had a horror story about fondant. Last April, I made my very first fondant cake. Since I don’t have any formal training and I only watch videos, read blogs and books and I also experiment, I had to make fondant, marshmallow fondant to be exact, ahead of time to check if it will harden enough for my figures. 775 more words


Burger Cake

A burger? A cake? How about a burger cake! A friend of mine hit me up a little over a week ago to ask me to make her a special cake for her boyfriend’s 23rd birthday. 720 more words


Red Velvety Cupcakes

What a week for me! I attempted fondant for the second time ever and made these adorable cupcake toppers for a friend’s graduation. Since I’ve only made classic fondant once and didn’t do too good of a job (the fondant started to sweat), I decided to try out the marshmallow fondant this time around. 588 more words


My Secret Love...

There are many things I love in this world. Chocolate, tea, babies, winter just to name a few. Though there is one thing that I absolutely love!   657 more words


Homemade Marshmallow Fondant

Marshmallow fondant. That wonderful sugary, Play Doh-y, versatile food beautifier.  If you are ready to take your cakes to the next level and give yourself a lot of creative freedom, then learning to make (or use, if you decide to buy) fondant is going to be essential. 543 more words

The Very First Cake - Angry Birds

Oct 10, 2012 – Hyderabad:

The very first ‘proper birthday cake’ which was successful! The base cake was 2 layers of this absolutely fabulous, fairly healthy and quite easy recipe. 373 more words