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First Communion Part II...cakes, cookies, and lovely memories

I’m still trying to recover from the past 2 weeks and all of the First Holy Communion cakes and cookies I baked…not to mention helping to prepare my own sweet 8-yr-old Hannah for receiving this special sacrament. 415 more words


A Bushel Full of God's Love

A Bushel Full of God’s Love ❤. You are loved by God and He will save you, if you only believe on Him. John 3:16 “For God so loved the world, that Ge gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” #bygracecakes #abushelfullofGodslove #glutenfree #cake #glutenfreecake #chocolate #banana #custardfilled #marshmallowfondant #truth #believe #hope

Gluten Free

Unicorn Cake

As the name sounds, it is pretty hard to make a unicorn cake. Just making the unicorn get pretty messy. The unicorn was molded at this part. 153 more words

How to Paint a Cake: Edible Watercolor on Marshmallow Fondant

i wouldn’t call myself the most artistic person ever. i don’t have perfect handwriting, i am definitely no mozart and i’m not over here painting mausoleums. 333 more words

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Mrs.Tags Bakes : Choco Chiffon Cake + Fondant

After too much contemplating I pushed through baking the chocolate chiffon cake for Ellie’s 7th month :) Hurrah! It was a success! Let me share you some pictures  of the finish product. 307 more words


Marshmallow Fondant

I am taking it to the next level… but in baby steps :)

I challenged myself into making a marshmallow fondant.. I believe what I read “easy-to-make-recipe” and surprisingly it was true!I am so nervous because my brother said that I need to make it yummy because for some reasons I volunteered to bake a cake for Ellie’s 7th month and the coming monthsaries too! 450 more words


Creative Play -Fondant Cake

Actively exercising my creative juices has a way of waking my feel-good like nothing else! This little gem of a discovery has really amped up my… 535 more words