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Wildlife Visitors in April 2018

I was somewhat busier than normal in April so didn’t have as much opportunity to take many photos of the wildlife visitors, so I only have a few to share with you on this occasion. 437 more words


The koala (genus: Phascolarctos) joins the LRT

Something cute and fuzzy today.
As the koala (genus: Phascolarctos) is added to the large reptile tree (LRT, 1187 taxa, subset Fig. 1). And, based on phylogenetic bracketing, the case for carnivory in  282 more words

Reptile Family Tree


The extinction of the Tasmanian Tiger is one of the more shameful part of Australia/Tasmania’s History.

3D Scanning

Basically over the years, people have asked Museums to dissect the last remaining Tasmania Tiger that had a cub in it’s pouch, and the Museum have refused…That’s right the Tasmania Tiger is a marsupial…Instead of dissecting it, they have now found a way to 3D and scan image the Tiger instead!

Funny Fact Friday


Shaded in his hut, this Koala is content to just sit back and enjoy his leafy greens.  He doesn’t much care for the loud and obnoxious humans gawking over him, but he is unconcerned with them as well. 309 more words


Taxidermy Koala - The Language of Natural History

This article has been re-posted from the Grant Museum of Zoology blog, with permission of the author Jack Ashby.

With generic terms like mankind and  745 more words

Advocating Collections