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Lazy Sunday - Rottnest Western Australia

Rottnest is located about 20 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia and has undergone a number of transitions over the centuries. The Dutch seemed to have a penchant for landing on the West coast of Australia, leaving large pewter plates nailed to a post on various remote locations and then sailing off, never thinking to claim it for Holland. 299 more words


My Recent Popular Wildlife Photos

Just a quick post where I thought I would share my most popular wildlife photos from my first month of posting photos on Instagram for my 365 Days of Oz Wildlife Pix Challenge. 21 more words



At least that’s what I’m guessing. A random animal off the internet and I don’t know what species it is. I like that the eye has no white around it.


Aweshum Possum

Ok, I know the title is pretty stupid but I was in the mood to rhyme XD
I drew possums because despite how nasty and gross and pesty they are, like most animals you can make really cute caricatures of them. 19 more words


4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Quokkas are often (half-jokingly) labelled the happiest animals in the world thanks to their adorable faces and constant grins! Despite this, surprisingly few people have heard of the little marsupials.  302 more words


Fire severity and fire-induced landscape heterogeneity affect arboreal mammals in fire-prone forests

Authors: Evelyn K Chia, Michelle Bassett, Dale G Nimmo, Steve W J Leonard, Euan G Ritchie, Michael F Clarke and Andrew F Bennett

Published in: 264 more words


Koalas, innocent forest killers ?

Cape Otway

In Cape Otway, we went through a gum tree forest to get to the Lighthouse. Little by little, we noticed that the forest was dying until we got to the point where not even a single tree was alive. 471 more words