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Ohhh!! Possums

The first time I meet an opossum was going out for night feed at the barn. Our barn has a motion sensor light over the front door, and by the time I walk out of the light provided by the floodlights at the back door of the house, the barn light comes on. 363 more words

Spring Joeys

In Tasmania, like many places around the world, springtime means a lot of youngsters are finally out roaming around. Pademelons are marsupials (they have a pouch) which are particularly abundant in Tasmania, Australia.  39 more words

Laura Lecce

N is for Numbat

This engaging little creature, photographed by S J Bennett, is a numbat!

Numbats are little marsupials that now only live in a few small colonies in Australia. 451 more words



M is for Melbourne where I’ve been once, marathon (which my running-mad husband has done close to 100 of), marsupial (a mammal whose young are born incomplete and then carried in a pouch on the mother’s belly like kangaroos), Moreton Bay fig trees, the moon, and mosaics (which I’ve done some of and loved it but hardly find the time for nowadays). 222 more words


Brushtail Possums And The Deadly Dermatitis - A Good News Story

It is quite common to see one or more brushtail possums passing through our place of a night, but recently I had an experience with a possum that I wanted to share with you. 1,144 more words