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Australia is a country consisted of the Australian continent and the island of Tasmania, together with some smaller islands. Australia is very big – it is the 6th largest country in the world! 340 more words

Ayres Rock

I’m Just Gonna Keep Walkin’ ‘til I Find Spring ...

The North American, Virginia Opossum makes it’s home in the state of New Hampshire but not much further north than that. They do not hibernate and must come out of their dens and search for food all winter long. 108 more words


Koala Hospital 

In Port Macquarie there is the only koala hospital in the world. Dedicated to the furry little creatures 🐨

Koalas can only be found in Australia unless they have been sent overseas to zoos. 298 more words

I was looking for a crocodile and all I found was this.....

Ok… Who knows what it is?

I have to admit when I looked up from my dinner all I saw was rat, but look closely.At its feet, it’s face, it’s back legs. 46 more words


Meet Patrick, the World's Oldest and Largest Living Wombat

At 84 pounds (38 kg) and 29 years of age, Patrick is the world’s oldest and largest known living common Wombat (Vombatus ursinus). This is his story. 210 more words


The Virginia Opossum

How can a Virginia opossum be ready to be born after only 12-13 days?  An opossum is a marsupial, the kind of animal that carries its baby in a pouch.  27 more words