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Bossy Mother Possum

We have a possum box in our outside laundry (long story!) and whenever I go down there I check if the box is occupied by standing on an old stool and reaching up and pointing my camera in the entrance hole.  257 more words


The Devil From Down Under

Known for their fierce tempers and eerie screams, they are the largest carnivorous marsupial. With an over-sized neck, head and jaws they are well suited for crushing bones. 136 more words


Friday mystery object #299 answer

Last week I gave you this cute critter to try your hand at identifying:

I thought the presence of fur would make it easier than usual, but of course, hair hides a lot of rather useful diagnostic features that you can find more easily in the bare bones. 287 more words

Friday Mystery Object

Job: Koala Data Research Technician

If you live in South Australia, and in Adelaide especially, you would have had to be living under a rock not to have heard of the Great Koala Counts… 291 more words


Fruit Snack for a Possum

Today there is a new visitor in one of our possum boxes. I think it’s a sub adult female brushie, possibly one of the two joeys we’ve been seeing who have now been pushed out into the world to make it on their own since both mother possums we see regularly now have another joey growing in their pouches. 168 more words


February Update and Science Video

As I am sure you noticed when you arrived at the site, I actually got some good work done on the website this month! Timothy Schutz, over at… 117 more words


Bettong diamond fabric

Fabric using a marsupial bettong diamond pattern.
Grey and white. Choose your own background colour and fabric type.