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The Common Spotted Cuscus

This is the common spotted cuscus (Spilocuscus maculatus) an arboreal marsupial from the Cape York region of Australia and New Guinea.  The furtive nocturnal animal is seldom seen by humans, but it is quite successful and has spread through Papua New Guinea, Irian Jaya, and the Cape York Peninsula. 390 more words


Tasmanian Devil

Apologies lovely readers for an extended absence.  Its now my third week back at work after my holiday and I am *still* catching up on the work that built up while I was away!  433 more words

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The Cat, The bat and the farmer

Marrying a farmer has many adventures, living and working together can lead for some interesting times and conversations. Fitting into the farming life for me has been interesting, I can help with most things and do lots but there are things I can’t do.  726 more words

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Tasmanian Devil

Because I reside in Queensland in Australia, there are no Tasmanian Devils that I would ever see in my backyard at home since they can only be found in Tasmania, but I do consider Australia itself as my big backyard, and so I thought I would include a post about these fascinating animals. 611 more words


The Quokka

The quokka is a small macropod.  Hmm, maybe I better explain that a bit:  macropods are browsing/grazing marsupials which use their long hind legs and muscular tails to aid locomotion —the most famous exemplars are kangaroos and wallabies.  276 more words


Koala, the cute animal of Australia

Koala adalah salah satu binatang berkantung (marsupial) yang merupakan wakil satu-satunya dari keluarga Phascolarctidae. Banyak orang yang menyangka bahwa Koala termasuk dalam keluarga beruang, padahal bukan sama sekali. 129 more words