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Eomaia needs a makeover

With the recent nesting
of Eomaia (Ji et al. 2002) closer to Thylacinus (Fig. 1) than to eutherians (click here). Thylacinus is the longn-legged marsupial wolf AND it’s a basal marsupial with an unspecialized dentition. 292 more words

Evolution Of Mammals

A Swamp Wallaby in the Garden

Winter in 2015 was quite dry, and the Swamp Wallaby was often seen near the house – which is when I took this photograph.  It’s actually eating the native plants in the garden, after drinking from the water feature. 82 more words


Anebodon: another symmetrodont or kangaroo ancestor?

Updated Sept 23, 2016 with a new information on the septomaxilla in marsupials and a new basal mammal cladogram (Fig. 2).

Bi et al. 2016… 849 more words

Evolution Of Mammals

Cronopio nests in the LRT basal to marsupials

Cronopio dentiacutus (Rougier et al. 2011, early Late Cretaceous, 98 mya, MPCA PV 454) was originally described as a dryolestid mammal. Tradtionally dryolestids nest outside of the Theria. 128 more words

Evolution Of Mammals

WP Weekly Photo Challenge - Morning

This week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge is – Morning.

I recently snapped a photo of this kangaroo sleeping in at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary.



The red kangaroo is the largest member of the kangaroo family, with adult males standing up to six feet tall. Kangaroos are built for jumping, sometimes jumping 30 feet in one bound!