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WP Weekly Photo Challenge - Cherry On Top

This week’s WordPress Photo Challenge is – Cherry On Top.

If you’ve visited my blog before, you might recall that we have a possum box on our property and I often check it to see which brushtail possums are hanging out at the time. 27 more words



Bettong pattern – Australian marsupial.


Tasmanian Tiger

Here’s another taxidermy from the local Museum. The Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine) a Dog-like Marsupial which was hunted to extinction. From memory I think I read 138 more words


A little eutherian/metatherian convergence

between marsupials (metatherians) and placentals (eutherians) is rather commonplace. Today we’ll take a quick look at two mice-like taxa with arboreal affinities and omnivorous diets, … 273 more words

Reptile Family Tree

A Koala Baby So Adorable, It Will Instantly Make Your Day [VIDEO]

Meet Imogen, a 10 month old baby koala at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia. It is her first photo shoot and she is darling. Watch her overwhelming cuteness as she eats greens, plays, and, well, simply exists. 22 more words


Feral Friday: playing possum...

Found a smattering of scattered bones in the woods recently and knew they belonged to a ‘possum I’d seen a few months ago, slowly decomposing on the trail. 146 more words

Update on the Dermatitis Possum

You might remember I wrote a post awhile ago about rescuing a brushtail possum joey from the deadly dermatitis disease and being able to happily watch her being released back into the wild. 300 more words