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Possums, Possums Everywhere!

This past week has been busy with nocturnal activity from brushtail possums. There has been much banging and clanging around underneath the house, running up and down the veranda, running along the tin roof, screeching and that weird machine-like noise they make. 129 more words


Former 'notoungulate' Periphrangis is really a wombat

Periphrangis harmeri (Roth 1899; Fig. 1; Oligocene, 48-28 mya) has long been considered a notoungulate. Earlier the LRT nested two former notoungulates as wombats. Periphranigis… 384 more words

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Toxodon and Pyrotherium are wombats

Earlier the LRT nested two taxa, Vintana and Zalambdalestes, with the wombat, Vombatus. I did not know then that this would start a trend among enigmatic and unusual taxa. 420 more words

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Can You Recognise These Baby Australian Animals?

The first time I saw a picture of a baby wombat I thought it was a joke – it looked nothing like a wombat!

This got me thinking, what other animals are there that look nothing like their parents? 85 more words


A new nesting for two 'odd bedfellow' mammals

An ‘odd bedfellow’
is a taxon that doesn’t appear to fit where it currently nests. This has been called a “by default nesting” here because the more attractive true sisters are not present in the cladogram. 794 more words

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Wildlife Visitors in August

This is my participation in a monthly event called Wildlife Wednesdays hosted by Tina of My Gardner Says …..

August was the final month of winter here in Australia and where I live the weather has been warming up quickly and we only had a couple of days of light rain. 765 more words


The Tasmanian wolf has a new sister: Hyaenodon

Here’s an enigmatic mammal
that has been aching to be nested in a recognized clade for over 150 years. It should not have been this difficult to nest… 691 more words

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