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Possums Eating Banana

Those of you who have been following my blog will probably remember my regular brushtail possums who live in one of my possum boxes, mum Heidi and her little girl Chloe. 139 more words


Stripes in the Forest - The Story of the Last Wild Thylacine, book review

Title: Stripes in the Forest – The Story of the Last Wild Thylacine
by: Aleesah Darlison
illustrated by: Shane McGrath
Publisher: Big Sky Publishing

I am the last of my kind.

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Picture Books

Friday mystery object #310 answer

Last week I thought it was time for some more bones, so I gave you this specimen from the Dead Zoo to have a go at identifying: 408 more words

Friday Mystery Object

Maiopatagium: perhaps another case of taxon exclusion

Meng et al. 2017 bring us
a new gliding mammaliaform (pre-mammal) from the Jurassic (160 mya) of China, Maiopatagium furculiferum (BMNH 2940, Figs. 1,2… 188 more words

Reptile Family Tree

Tasmanian Devil

The Tasmanian devil didn’t get its name for no reason. This animal has black fur, a keen sense of smell, a loud disturbing screech, and a ferocity while feeding. 269 more words

Argyrolagus: a South American kangaroo!

Earlier we looked at giant South American wombats, like Toxodon and Pyrotherium. And, of course, the basal stem marsupial, Didelphis, still lives in North America. 847 more words

Reptile Family Tree