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Animals | Sugar Glider

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Description From Photographer if Any:

A wild female Australian Sugar Glider I photographed on a tree on my property. 49 more words


Wombat playing a guitar

Today’s my dad’s birthday so for my wombat loving, guitar loving dad I created this card.

I’ve researched what the wombat looks and how their body moves before I sketched a few version. 44 more words



Twitter friend @calhalvorsen asked about quokkas.

Quokkas are one of the CUTTTTTESSSSST animals. They are the friendliest, just the worst to have for a pet. They’re crazy. 95 more words


Antechinus mate until the point of death

The antechinus is a small, shrewlike marsupial indigenous to Australia and New Guinea. These animals are best known for their odd practice of having sex until it kills them, but what else does their mating behavior entail? 540 more words


The Death and Life of Gilbert's Potoroo

Gilbert’s Potoroo (Potorous gilbertii) was a ratlike marsupial fungivore which lived in great numbers throughout south-west Australia—particularly around King George Sound.  The animals were discovered to science by the great naturalist George Gilbert in 1840.  244 more words