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Update on the Dermatitis Possum

You might remember I wrote a post awhile ago about rescuing a brushtail possum joey from the deadly dermatitis disease and being able to happily watch her being released back into the wild. 300 more words


RIP: Neighborhood Opossum

Within the past 15 minutes, I found a dead opossum on my parkway. It was quite awful, really. I’m not sure if it was male or female, but it was flattened, which leads me to believe it was run over by a car and then the guilty person picked it up and put it on the parkway. 233 more words


Nonchalant and Chilling Out

This weeks pic brought to you by a couple of black (swamp) wallabies – mother and joey. Took this shot the other day as Peggo, the mother, is feeding on a Slippery Jack mushroom commonly found in the forest here. 27 more words

Plants And Animals


Classification (Taxonomy)

Scientific name: Phascolarctos cinereus

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata (has a spinal cord)

Class: Mammalia 

Order: Diprotodontia (describes its toes)

Family: Phascolarctidae

Genus: Phascolarctos… 743 more words

Animals Of Australia

Knife-thumbed tree monster

Another somewhat dubious reconstruction of Thylacoleo Carnifex.


Thylacoleo Carnifex

The marsupial lion, Thylacoleo Carnifex, in a mostly inaccurate sketch.


Ohhh!! Possums

The first time I meet an opossum was going out for night feed at the barn. Our barn has a motion sensor light over the front door, and by the time I walk out of the light provided by the floodlights at the back door of the house, the barn light comes on. 363 more words