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Bandicoot in monochrome

We’re into May already and well into the season of Djeran, with cool nights, dewy mornings and pleasant daytime temperatures. The colours around us slowly start to shift from predominantly browns to greens, and that feel will remain until at least the end of September. 64 more words


5 Interesting Facts About Spotted-Tailed Quolls

Today I want to write about a really cool species of marsupial, the spotted-tailed quoll.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 186 more words


The Journey of Patrick’s Crotch

I enjoyed the journey from Melbourne to Sydney, mainly because I realised that this was the most amount of toenails I’d had since I left England back in June last year. 1,371 more words


Write About What You Know

If I were a possum

Life would still be awesome.

If I were a kangaroo

Our love would still be true.

If other marsupials I knew… 8 more words


The Monito Del Monte

Deep in southwestern South America in places like Chile and Argentina, you might be lucky enough to stumble upon a monito del monte which means “little bush monkey.” Though it earned this name, it’s not actually a monkey at all, but a tiny little marsupial that’s about 8–13 cm (3.1–5.1 in) in length. 278 more words


Feathertail glider babies born, video

This 10 March 2016 video is about two feathertail glider babies born recently in the nocturnal animals building of Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands. Their parents had arrived in October 2015. 75 more words


The Greater Bilby

This little uncommon critter, living only in Australia, is officially called Macrotis, which means “big-eared” in Greek, but is also called a rabbit-bandicoot, and dalgyte ( 343 more words