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The Marvelous Marsupials of Australia: Where did they come from?

In my series of blogs on “The Marvelous Marsupials” I aim to inform my peers on, the origins of marsupials, the debate on the extinction of the mega fauna, and the ecological implications our surviving species of marsupials face. 502 more words

Burwood Friday 3pm

Australian quokkas and plants, new study

This video from Australia is called Quokka with baby.

By Shannon Verhagen in Australia:

April 9, 2015

Mapping the future of Rottnest‘s furry friends…

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Snakebite antivenom discovery in American opossums

This video from the USA says about itself:

Virginia Opossum Family

12 July 2012

A short video clip of a Virginia Opossum family in wildlife rehabilitation at Evelyn’s…

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5 Interesting Facts About Southern Brown Bandicoots

Last week, my class went on an excursion to the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens, where I saw a little animal that looked like a large brown rat.   263 more words


V is for Vombatus ursinus! Cryptic wombats, and their roll-proof poo. #MelaleucaMiscellany

The wombats of Melaleuca are a cryptic lot, known only by their rather ambitious toilet habits.  Over the whole month we were in Melaleuca, I didn’t see a single wombat, probably because they are nocturnal, and I am not.   152 more words


Fieldwork report – Linda-Liisa from Tasmania (part 2)

/Here is another report from our PhD-student Linda-Liisa Veromann, who is currently working in Tasmania. Her first blog post can be found here./

I have been in Tasmania for five weeks now and thing are going great. 330 more words

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