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Motherhood is wonderful but it comes with a few difficulties.

Pregnancy and childbirth have their risks. The human baby’s head is quite large, so childbirth can be a tight squeeze, painful and dangerous. 381 more words

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5 Interesting Facts About Green Ringtail Possums

Today I want to write about a cute little marsupial that has very unusual eating habits, the green ringtail possum.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 160 more words


Kolkata Zoo announces no-admittance decision on Kangaroos henceforth

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Kolkata : West Bengal Zoo authority informed media that it has decided to stop admittance of Kangaroos in future, henceforth, as upkeep of these marsupials poses a difficulty due to their exotic habitat requirements. 312 more words


5 Interesting Facts About Numbats

Today I want to write about a really cute little Australian mammal, the numbat.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 214 more words


Koala Infographic

While preparing my post on koalas in Victoria, I also created an infographic about some of their habits, habitats, and general information. Hopefully this is a fun way of sharing it with you all.


The numbat, Australia's missing marsupial

So, I just made a discovery – November 7th 2015 is (or was) the first ever World Numbat Day! I had another post planned for this weekend, coincidentally about a different group of marsupials, but how could I go past this opportunity to write about numbats? 669 more words


4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Quokkas are often (half-jokingly) labelled the happiest animals in the world thanks to their adorable faces and constant grins! Despite this, surprisingly few people have heard of the little marsupials.  302 more words