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Lord, Why Possums?

If you don’t have a blog, you may not realize that coming up with topics to write about can be a real challenge. Sometimes I get on a roll and think of two or three pretty decent topics in a row. 761 more words

As I Come Singing

An Opossum's Opposable Thumbs

Virginia opossums have expanded their range into northern New England, but are still not commonly seen, except, perhaps, lying on roads where they met their demise. 162 more words

Virginia opossum video

This video from the USA says about itself:

22 October 2016

Over 30 minutes of a very large “Possum” or opossum visiting in the early evening over several nights.

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5 Interesting Facts About Short-Beaked Echidnas

Today I want to write about one of the most amazing animals that I have ever seen in the wild, the short-beaked echidna.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 202 more words


Quenda, quenda, quenda - Piney Lakes

I had been on parental leave and this was my last weekday before heading back to work – there was a play date on at home so I was going to head out for some exploring. 499 more words


Alien Australian possums could be helpful, not harmful to recovering ecosystems in New Zealand

Horror stories of an alien species taking over and annihilating diversity in a native ecosystem have become pervasive in ecological news. This happens as our world continues to become more and more interconnected: species are moved around by humans- be it intentional or not. 455 more words