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Reading between the bones

As far as we know, true (powered) flight has only evolved once in mammals: in bats (order Chiroptera). Gliding, on the other hand, has evolved many times in a wide variety of groups. 1,093 more words


Feeling a little prickly?

Australia is home to a great diversity of, and many unique animals. Most native Australians are not found anywhere beyond its territories. I guess that’s not surprising since it is the world largest island or smallest continent country with vast expanses of ocean between it and other continents. 855 more words


The (Tasmanian) Devil You Know

A feature named ‘The Hunter’s High Road.’ Check back to see an animal that represents the apex of predatory evolution. Carnivores come in a range of shapes and sizes, using a variety of tricks to catch their prey. 434 more words


Little Monkey(s) of the Forest

Most people are familiar with the true monkeys of South America, which include acrobatic spider monkeys, clever capuchins, and colorful tamarins, just to name a few. 646 more words


The first humans in Australia may have encountered eight-foot-tall kangaroos

A team of paleontologists may have discovered a previously unknown species of kangaroo at a mining site in north Queensland, Australia. It dates back more than 30,000 years. 213 more words

Bushwalking at Lesmurdie Falls with my son

Last week I had a day off work and a few days before my 2.5 yr old son Liam had asked to go bushwalking.

My friend had given me some tips that Quenda could be seen around the picnic area just down from the Lesmurdie Falls Carpark. 158 more words


Australia's Unusual Marsupials

Australia holds many distinctions from other countries: for starters, it’s the only island that is both a continent and a country, and, it has many of the strangest and most lethal animals on earth. 3,449 more words