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Young sugar glider practices flying, video

This video says about itself:

20 June 2015

Sugar Glider Practices Flying in Front of Fan

From daily The Guardian in Britain today:

I couldn’t resist sharing this video with you: today’s “

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Kangaroos are left-handed, new study

This 2014 video is called True Facts About Marsupials.

From Current Biology:

Parallel Emergence of True Handedness in the Evolution of Marsupials and Placentals…

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oodles of oddities from down under

Today I’ve got three beautiful books, all coming our way from Australia in 2015,  acquainting us with some of the unique creatures trundling about down there. 501 more words

Picture Books

Beautiful Road Signs

It may seem very strange that road signs can be classified in my beautiful series. They are beautiful for two reasons. They are beautiful because they depict the images of beautiful protected Australian fauna from all over Australia, including the islands, and they are beautiful because they help protect and conserve our wildlife from destruction by speeding and often unaware motor vehicle drivers, alerting them to the possibility of collision with wildlife, in areas where possibly many have already met with grief, as they attempted to cross the road. 286 more words


The Marvelous Marsupials: The battle for survival

This conclusive post on “The Marvelous Marsupials” provides an insight into how many marsupial species have become extinct, a list of marsupials facing extinction and whats causing the threat to their survival. 488 more words

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5 Interesting Facts About Tasmanian Devils

Today I want to write about a scary looking animal with powerful jaws, the Tasmanian devil.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 248 more words