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The City of Fremantle has applied to the Department of Parks and Wildlife to be allowed to open a Quokka reserve in Pioneer Park, opposite the railway station. 102 more words

Western Australia

Ngwayir (Western ringtail possum) in Dawesville

My family and our close friends with their kids spent Easter in Mandurah in a lovely house by the ocean.  Its now something of a family tradition and in previous years we have headed out wildlife watching without kids.  376 more words


"Eastern quoll reintroduced to mainland Australia"


A species of marsupial, the eastern quoll, has returned to the wild in mainland Australia for the first time in about half a century.


Possum defends babies against monitor lizard

This BBC video, recorded in Australia, says about itself:

16 March 2018

A Lace Monitor Lizard eyes a Possum‘s nest as an easy meal but doesn’t count on the female…

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Yes, kangaroos are endangered – but not the species you think

Karl Vernes, University of New England

Do you know what kind of animal the mala, nabarlek, or boodie is? What about the monjon, northern bettong, or Gilbert’s potoroo? 869 more words


Frogs & Wallabies...

My friend Andrew and I had been planning for a while to spotlight at one of the lakes near his house in Ballajura. Emu Lake is natural but surrounded by quite a lot of housing.  370 more words


What We're Reading- Feb 23, 2018

Wallaby Phylogeny
Based on both morphological and limited genetic markers, the phylogeny of wallabies was uncertain.  This paper (open) sequenced the genomes of 11 species of wallabies and kangaroos and built a multi-locus phylogeny.  221 more words

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