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The numbat, Australia's missing marsupial

So, I just made a discovery – November 7th 2015 is (or was) the first ever World Numbat Day! I had another post planned for this weekend, coincidentally about a different group of marsupials, but how could I go past this opportunity to write about numbats? 669 more words


4 Reasons Quokkas Should Be Your Favourite Animal!

Quokkas are often (half-jokingly) labelled the happiest animals in the world thanks to their adorable faces and constant grins! Despite this, surprisingly few people have heard of the little marsupials.  302 more words


November 3 - Alive and Kicking

Today’s factismal: Kangaroos are more dangerous than sharks.

If you ever go to Australia, people will warn you. “Don’t go swimming!” they’ll say, “the water is full of box jellyfish!” And “don’t go surfing!” they’ll say, “the coasts are home to great white sharks!” And “don’t play in the woods!” they’ll say, “there are deadly Australian snakes and funnel-web spiders!” But if you ask them about kangaroos, they’ll tell you how cute and cuddly they are. 415 more words


The Book of Australian Animals

Australia is a large country with a wide range of climates and habitats. Our island continent is home to animals that are not found anywhere else. 69 more words


5 Interesting Facts About Mountain Pygmy-Possums

Today I want to write about one of the cutest animals you can find in Australia, the mountain pygmy-possum.

Here are five interesting facts about them: 219 more words


Kangaroo Pause

I am so behind in posting this…  Last week, I took my Mum and her UK friend down South for a few days.  I was determined that Betty (Mum’s friend)  would see some Australian wildlife and countryside.   945 more words

Four-legged Friends

Koala survives car collision

From the Australian Broadcasting Corporation today:

Bear Grylls‘ survives 100kph impact with car, gets wedged above vehicle’s bumper

By Malcolm Sutton and Brett Williamson…

550 more words