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DHS criminals were roaming Ft. Lauderdale yesterday looking for unattended items on the beach to steal.



For 2018 according to this document DHS budget is $44 billion… 228 more words


How we did (and did not) improve performance and efficiency in Marten 2.0

Marten 2.0 was released yesterday, and one of the improvements is somewhat significantly runtime performance and far better memory utilization in applications that use Marten. 499 more words

Marten 2.0 is Out!

I was just able to push the official Marten 2.0 nuget — and update the documentation after the Github outage today settled down;) The “2.0” moniker reflects the fact that there are some breaking API changes, but it’s doubtful that a typical user would even see them. 404 more words

Southbound ...

July 5, 2017

So here we are, heading south on the AT, hips a little creaky, legs a little rubbery, but ready for more adventure and beauty!  743 more words

Appalachian Trail

An Early Look at Multi-Tenancy in Marten 2.0

The code shown in this post is in flight and I’m just writing this post to try to get more feedback and suggestions on the approach we’re going so far before doing anything silly like making an official release. 739 more words

AXPONA 2017: Zesto takes tubes to the next level

George and Carolyn Counnas are two of the nicest people in the high-end. A visit to the couple’s exhibit room at a show always results in interesting conversations about the tubed gear they produce under their charmingly named… 521 more words

Exercise 1.5: Visualising Assignment Six - Transitions

On reading this assignment brief my first thought was that I don’t want to simply chart the changing seasons or the growth and decay of plant life – I am more interested in looking at human impact on the landscape over a prolonged period. 1,323 more words