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Optimizing Marten Part 2

This is an update to an earlier blog post on optimizing for performance in Marten. Marten is a new OSS project I’m working on that allows .Net applications to treat the… 1,228 more words

Polyglot programmer: visual programming with Marten (Prograph)

I hate oversimplifications such as ‘left brain – right brain‘ functionality, but sometimes there might be a grain of truth in them. Even though desktop computers moved away from being constrained to text over thirty years ago, the great majority of programmers still work in languages which are intensely textual, and often bind them further by choosing command-line development environments and antiquated anti-graphic editors such as Emacs and vi. 497 more words


Using Roslyn for Runtime Code Generation in Marten

I’m using Roslyn to dynamically compile and load assemblies built at runtime from generated code in Marten and other than some concern over the warmup time, it’s been going very well so far. 1,736 more words

Optimizing for Performance in Marten

For the last couple weeks I’ve been working on a new project called Marten that is meant to exploit Postgresql’s JSONB data as a full fledged document database for .Net development… 1,115 more words

Marten Development So Far (Postgresql as Doc Db)

Last week I mentioned that I had started a new OSS project called “Marten” that aims to allow .Net developers treat Postgresql 9.5 (we’re using the new “upsert” functionality ) as a document database using… 1,133 more words

Notes From the Field: Martens in Manistee

Paul Buzzard, Ph.D., is the director of conservation for the Detroit Zoological Society.

I recently returned to northern Michigan with staff from the Detroit Zoological Society (DZS), Grand Valley State University (GVSU), and Busch Gardens to continue studying the behavioral ecology and conservation of American martens. 340 more words

Detroit Zoo