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Jasper's "Outbox" Pattern Support

Jasper supports the “outbox pattern,”  a way to achieve consistency between the outgoing messages that you send out as part of a logical… 868 more words

Jasper Command Line App Support you Wish Your Framework Already Had

Jasper is a new messaging and command runner framework targeting Netstandard2 my shop has been building as a replacement for part of the old FubuMVC framework. 1,038 more words

Hemisected skulls of a marten (Martes) and an opossum (Didelphis)

These have been in my collection for ages, I just hadn’t gotten around to posting pictures. I don’t remember where I got them, but they were definitely purchased rather than collected. 244 more words

Stinkin' Mammals

The Marten Webinar is Online, and Answering Some Questions

JetBrains was gracious enough to let me record an introductory webinar last week on the Marten project that lets .Net developers successfully treat Postgresql as a fully ACID-compliant, document database and event store. 398 more words

Immigrant males continue to roam through Broward County attacking American women.

Groups of transsexual males from Haiti, Africa and the Slavic countries (Russia) are involved in these attacks against American women. 1,466 more words


Marten 2.6/2.7 and why we don't support Sql Server (yet)

Between Lamar, a new Jasper release, and two Marten releases, I’ve been furiously trying to clear my plate of outstanding OSS work the past couple weeks to allow myself to concentrate on new efforts. 556 more words

Haitian and African immigrants are roaming through Broward County (and especially Margate), sexually assaulting American women in their homes and in public places.

From 2007, possibly earlier Broward County (and especially Margate) experience a spike in criminal activity. 1,318 more words