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Nope o’clock: Wildlife changing their activity patterns to avoid humans

Do you get your groceries at 2am? Excluding shift workers, for most of us, that’s a time of day when our heads are comfortably resting on our pillows. 731 more words


Planning the Next Couple Marten Releases

I think we’ve got things lined up for a Marten 2.9 release in the next week with these highlights:

  • Fixes for netcoreapp2.1. A user found some issues with the Linq support so here we go.
  • 876 more words

World Otter Day

I was amazed to find out that May 30th is World Otter Day! It means celebrating these beautiful creatures, not just drinking Otter beer, although toasting otters with Otter sounds a splendid idea. 202 more words

Beer Wine And Spirits

When it rains it pours

Bloody hell. My days here are weird, friends.

Just today I had like one of the shittier (is that a word?) days recently. Which is saying a lot, because my mood swings is going nuts and stuff tends to not work out for me in the last couple of weeks. 226 more words


Apollo Rangers FC

@ 22.10
Guys, gue cuma pengen bilang
Apa pun hasilnya besok, kalah atau menang, kita tetap satu tim
Ga ada yang main salah-salahan
trofi atau tanpa trofi, gue bangga sama kalian semua


Voorgelezen in Milonga - over de tongpiercing van Andreas

Het gezicht van Andreas vertrekt in opperste concentratie als hij de aangestoken sigaret tussen zijn lippen klemt.
‘Dat kan je beter niet doen,’ zegt Philippa. 716 more words