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The bags are packed, the boarding passes are printed (I still don’t trust those QR dots on my phone) and we’re ready to leave Amsterdam to fly back to family and friends Australia. 378 more words


Building Marten's Async Daemon

A couple weeks ago I wrote a blog post on the new “Async Daemon” feature in Marten. This post is a bit that I cut out of that post just describing the challenges I faced and what I did to slide around the problems. 585 more words

Proposed Roadmap for Marten 1.0 and Beyond

I’m just thinking out loud here and hoping for some usable feedback.

I feel like Marten is getting very close to an official 1.0 release, and the latest Nuget is marked as 1.0-alpha.  745 more words

Whose Bones?

As I followed a narrow trail not far from the red squirrel penthouse  a flash of white caught my eye.  A small skull, about 7 cm long (2.7 in), lay in the deep moss, a few vertebrae loose behind it. 239 more words


Proposed Marten Tooling for Database Management

This is an update to an earlier post on schema management using Marten.

At this point, I think the biggest challenges facing us at work for using Marten are strictly in the realm of database change management. 1,049 more words

Moving from RavenDb to Marten

EDIT 8/19: Couple other things came up about indexing yesterday that I added here.

For the purpose of this post, I’m only talking about the document database features in Marten. 1,056 more words

Building a Producer Consumer Queue with TPL Dataflow

I had never used the TPL Dataflow library until this summer and I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy and effective it was. 

In my last post I introduced the new “ 1,030 more words