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As deportations are solidified:

Haitians and African immigrants were out roaming through Broward County, snatching women’s purses and vandalizing property. 1,017 more words


Integrating Marten into Jasper Applications

Continuing a new blog series on Jasper:

  1. Jasper’s Configuration Story 
  2. Jasper’s Extension Model
  3. Integrating Marten into Jasper Applications  (this one)
  4. Durable Messaging in Jasper
  5. Integrating Jasper into ASP.Net Core Applications…
  6. 301 more words


One of the treats of a snowy winter is wandering around looking for animal tracks. When I counted up the species for which we’ve found tracks, I saw that one taxonomic family was disproportionately represented—the Mustelidae. 1,278 more words

Marten 2.4.0 -- now plays nicer with others

I was able to push a Marten 2.4.0 release and updated documentation yesterday with several bug fixes and some new small, but important features. The key additions are: 208 more words


A kitten- bear cub hybrid? Kitten and puppy mix? Being fairly nocturnal in summer and rarely seen any time of year, the American pine marten isn’t a familiar face. 82 more words


Develop (and test) a dockerized, PostgreSQL backed, ASP.NET Core microservice in less than an hour

These days a .NET developer can create, test and deploy powerful software without breaking sweat. Writing a scalable, easily deployable performant ASP.NET Core microservice is easier than ever. 2,040 more words

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