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AXPONA 2016: Lyn Stanley puts Kyomi Audio system to the ultimate test

It’s not often you attend an audio show demo where a song’s actual singer shows up for an impromptu live versus Memorex moment.

Just such an unlikely event has happened to me twice in the last 18 months, though, both times thanks to the irrepressible jazz vocalist Lyn Stanley. 375 more words


Marten v0.9 is Out!

The Marten community made a big, big release today that marks a big milestone for Marten’s viability as a usable product. I just uploaded v0.9 to Nuget… 329 more words

Marten as an Event Store -- Now and the Future Vision

The code shown in this post isn’t quite out on Nuget yet, but will be part of Marten v0.9 later this week when I catch up on documentation. 1,704 more words

The compiled query feature in Marten and why it rocks.

The “compiled query” feature is a brand new addition to Marten (as of v0.8.9), and one we think will have some very positive impact on the performance of our systems. 927 more words

Optimizing Marten Performance by using "Include's"

Continuing my series of short blog posts about concepts or new features in Marten, this time I’m going to show how to use the brand new IQueryable<T>().Include() feature to improve performance by reducing the number of network round trips to the underlying Postgresql database. 755 more words

Select Projections in Marten

When I did the DotNetRocks episode on Marten awhile back, they asked me what I thought the biggest holes in Marten functionality and where we would take it next. 785 more words