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Friend of My Mind

Often when he was starting a new project, he didn’t know what was driving him, as if his thoughts had developed an independent life and a will of their own, as if they were merely waiting for him to finally think them, as if an investigation he was about to begin already existed before he had started working on it, and the path leading through everything he knew and saw, everything he encountered and experienced, already lay there waiting for him to venture down it. 273 more words


Your job

I am making a compromise with myself. I may not write every day, but following the advice of Brené Brown, Liz Gilbert and Martha Beck… 100 more words


That's Horse Sh*t

I don’t have much time to read magazines but I can’t resist the “free” magazines that my airline miles can be applied to. Usually, the magazines end up in a pile with me saying I’ll look at them … but never do. 439 more words

+ Body Talk

salma hayek

So I noticed that Salma is five letters long, as is Hayek. How strange not to notice till now that Frida Kahlo is the same way. 31 more words

Seven years of The Artist's Nest

Seven years ago this month, I wrote my very first blog post (you can read it here!).

Seven years is a long time! (Five, I could believe — but seven? 645 more words


Who Am I Really?

:: I sometimes feel like I am so busy pursuing everyone else’s vision of success, creativity or happiness that I’ve lost sight of what my own soul is truly after. 336 more words

Your resources and the seasons of your life

I’ve written here before about how important it is to recognize that our lives have their seasons, and that it’s vital for us to honor those seasons. 1,113 more words