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The 2 am Self

Innumerable whiteboards, motivational posters, unnerving 7-foot cartoon characters and approximately 5 million Pinterest board are devoted to various versions on the theme ‘Be Yourself.’ This hopeful yet ambiguous message is hammered into kids from the tender age of 2, or whatever age mobile device makers can get toddlers to operate an iPad. 831 more words

In My Head

10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn by Martha Beck

I have come to the realization that as much as I want to give up on Facebook, I just won’t. I love being connected to people and it helps me stay in touch with friends and family in England amongst other people I have met along the way but don’t get to interact with or see on a consistent basis. 326 more words


Martha Beck's advise on how to build a better mother.

I first read this article around 10 years ago, before I found out I was blessed with my first daughter, after that I have re-read it several times, just to remind myself that motherhood is not an easy task, and we have to keep calm and breathe. 590 more words


Why are you so damn fat?

The heading of this post is the same as the title of the first chapter in Martha Beck’s book about losing weight and changing your mindset, in her book called “The Four Day Way” It’s a brilliant book that basically helps any person with issues regarding weight and health to break the “task” into minute, manageable steps. 82 more words

Creativity: Escape XXIII

Back this week with my altered book, “Escape”. I am almost at the end of it, but not quite. The list on this page comes from Martha Beck’s book “The Joy Diet”, which has… 143 more words


Ready to get off that diet roller coaster?

Who hasn’t struggled with their weight at some point?  I think most people can identify with this situation, I know I can!

I want to do a few posts about healthy weight loss, etc., because I know it’s a serious topic that brings a lot of stress and unhappiness into people’s lives, and I’m all about getting rid of the nasty stress!!! 319 more words

Martha Beck Quote.

Mothering has little do with biological reproduction–as another friend once told me, there are women who bare and raise children without ever mothering them, and there are people (both male and female) who mother all their lives without ever giving birth. 22 more words