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Are You Faking It? Who Is Your Pretend Self?

Does your pretend self interact with the other pretend selves of those around you in a disheartening dance of lies?

I watched this Oprah Life Class with Martha Beck several years ago and found it to contain some deep truths about why I often feel so disconnected from those that I interact with. 142 more words


Thoughts to Ponder – May 5, 2015, Pain and joy

 “Emotional discomfort, when accepted, rises, crests,
and falls in a series of waves. Each wave washes parts
of us away and deposits treasures we never imagined. 661 more words

Thoughts To Ponder

Thoughts to Ponder – April 29, 2015

“Don’t worry about losing your way.
If you do, pain will remind you to find your path again.
Joy will let you know when you are back on it.” 501 more words

Thoughts To Ponder

Stepping in and out of your comfort zone

Wishful Thinking leads to growth and change, which usually involves a level of risk, and taking risks requires courage.  My initial reaction to taking risks usually involves fear, which usually leads to procrastination. 986 more words


So, people do this for fun?

You gotta lay off the brakes.
Yeah, I understand that. Because in order to be able to steer I need some forward momentum, right?
Ok, so then ease off the brakes a little… 490 more words

Finding Your Own North Star

Hi Everyone,

A few weeks ago I put out a book list full of positive stuff.  I promised to review the books, so here is the first one. 173 more words


read a quote from Martha Beck about turning even a minor trial into a personal, triumphant saga. with all of the kindnesses shown to you, your own courage and strength from Loving Kindness, how could you not triumph?

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