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Productive Zen

This zen time I’ve chosen for myself is more than just doing nothing. It’s about regrouping and figuring out how to do better next time. Also, it means keeping my mind open to the wisdom of others. 425 more words

How To Listen To Your Instincts (Your Brain Will Thank You)

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Martha Beck: How To Listen To Your Instincts 

(Your Brain Will Thank You)



By Martha Beck

Sure, we’d all love to trust our instincts—if only we could hear them. 238 more words

Social Good

One simple blessed word..

Think about it: Humans are the only creatures in nature that resist the pattern of ebb and flow. We want the sun to shine all night, and when it doesn’t, we create cities that never sleep. 69 more words


3 Unexpected Tips for Escaping Law

Recently, I was asked what kind of career advice I would give to new college graduates embarking on their lives and careers. Naturally, I have lots. 1,474 more words

Legal Career Advice

The 2 am Self

Innumerable whiteboards, motivational posters, unnerving 7-foot cartoon characters and approximately 5 million Pinterest board are devoted to various versions on the theme ‘Be Yourself.’ This hopeful yet ambiguous message is hammered into kids from the tender age of 2, or whatever age mobile device makers can get toddlers to operate an iPad. 831 more words

In My Head

10 Life Lessons You Should Unlearn by Martha Beck

I have come to the realization that as much as I want to give up on Facebook, I just won’t. I love being connected to people and it helps me stay in touch with friends and family in England amongst other people I have met along the way but don’t get to interact with or see on a consistent basis. 326 more words


Martha Beck's advise on how to build a better mother.

I first read this article around 10 years ago, before I found out I was blessed with my first daughter, after that I have re-read it several times, just to remind myself that motherhood is not an easy task, and we have to keep calm and breathe. 590 more words