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Tracking your inner animal

I find this quote immensely reassuring. For some reason, I had this idea that my future should be laid out clearly in front of me, rather than enshrouded in fog, one step visible at a time. 844 more words

What's Cooking In My Heart

Seeing Beauty In All Things

I received one of my favorite tattoos on my body when I was 22 years old by in amazing artist named Mike Comp. It’s on my left forearm and it’s a cherub angel holding a serpent, kissing it. 808 more words



I wanted to share a video that illustrates how I see our best future. What she shows is how the majority of us can impact the world around us. 32 more words


gratitude-a-thon day 1031: that light at the end of the tunnel--turns out it's the truth

Here is the thing. Truth.

I saw an Instagram post by awesomeness herself, Elizabeth Gilbert announcing that she’d be teaching one section of a course that… 629 more words

Deeper questions for growth

I gathered some good stuff to help us grow with deeper questions. If you are seeking inner personal truths, direction for your life or just want to make sure you know what you want, here is some great info. 798 more words

The Pyramid and the Pool

In this time of cataclysm Martha Beck has a brilliant portrayal of the path through disaster.  This video is a clear depiction of the personal work that will change the world we live in. 107 more words


A Year

It is coming up on a year. Now I realize why I started this blog was to find my authentic voice. So I’m back to blogging more regularity. 468 more words