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My North Star

Martha Beck always inspires me. Today on my walk she gave me some phrases to watch for in my daily life.*

I am dismayed by how many times I use the self-limiting words, “I have to,” and “I can’t” when I am actually living my own choices. 164 more words


Fearful or Peaceful

“Don’t fight fearful thoughts.

Just match each one with an alternative thought

that brings you more peace.”

Martha Beck

We all have fearful thoughts. What if I lose my job? 424 more words

Thoughts To Ponder


Let’s discuss the very important topic of dreams.

There are two types of dreams: the movies that play while you sleep and the wishes, hopes, and desires you have for your future. 350 more words

Worst Behavior

Last night, I was doing my usual social media perusing and I came across an article posted on Oprah.com titled, “How to Get Through an Emotional Minefield” 310 more words



I have spent my whole life trying to determine what love is, and what it means to me. I still have no clue. So I’m asking for your help. 80 more words

In Which I Muse about Writing as it Snows

It’s been snowing heavily in Cleveland. My husband, a high school teacher, already has the day off from school tomorrow. I’m hoping for the same for my daughter and son, mostly as I’d love to have another day to work on my dissertation in (relative) peace. 597 more words

JAMIE'S BLOG - DAY 12 :: questions to stop asking

Questions, questions, questions. So many questions!

My copy of O Magazine arrived today and the article that jumped out at me was Martha Beck’s column listing all the questions we need to stop asking.  75 more words