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Living Backwards & Steering by Starlight

This fall I’m doing a work-study at Willow Street Yoga. In exchange for working two hours a week, I get one yoga class per week for free. 749 more words

Eva Langston

First thoughts on "Finding your own North Star", by Martha Beck

I have always been fascinated by the idea that there is a life that is “meant” for us, and that our most important task is to find exactly what it is… 1,340 more words


Summer's ending

Tomorrow is the fall equinox, take a moment today to be fully absorb the sights and sounds of summer’s end by paying attention to what is around you. 16 more words


'Expecting Adam' by Martha Beck

Martha Beck tells the wondrous story of when she was pregnant with her second child, Adam. Martha had severe illness with all of her pregnancies so that part was not wondrous at all, plagued with nausea for 8 months while enduring a stressful work situation. 234 more words

Four Star

Something good is on the way

Something good is on the way.

I felt it as my husband and I walked our dog this evening in the September breeze. The temperature dropped a few degrees, giant puffy clouds rolled in, and the wind kicked up. 778 more words



Everything is connected these days.  Technology has made it super convenient for us to stay in touch with people.  While this may be great in theory, sometimes it is just too much.   64 more words


Martha Beck

There is a forest in your heart, a vast ocean in your mind, a universe in your soul. However trapped or frightened you may feel, you were born to be an explorer.