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"One-Eyed Girl": Bleak Australian thriller might not become a cult classic

Movies about cults are difficult to pull off well. At some point, we have to understand how right-thinking people would so completely give themselves over to another person’s control. 370 more words

DVD Review

Martha Marcy May Marlene (2011) Review

Unlike most horror movies that seem to be released these days, Martha Marcy May Marlene offers a more tense and sometimes terrifying viewing experience. It is all down to the constant feeling of unease and lack of safety that the movie builds from the start. 514 more words


Episode 4 - Join the Cult: Cult Horror Films

This week on the show we tackle a slightly more mainstream horror theme than we’re used to. Today we are talking about cults. After discussing cults and their use as a horror sub-genre, we dive into our main feature. 136 more words

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Capsule Review: Jane Eyre, Run Lola Run, Martha Marcy May Marlene 

It’s about time that I finally get to write about female-centric films, particularly these three titles that are captivating and stimulating in their own strange… 780 more words


Movie Reviews: The Good, The Bad & The Really Bad - Part 3

It’s time for another edition of The Good, The Bad & The Really Bad. Let me know if there’s a movie you’re on the fence about or you don’t know if you want to spend the time watching it and I’ll let you know whether it’s worth your time or not. 948 more words


Why Are So Many Fictional Utopias as Terrifying as Dystopias?

I’ve never been good with numbers, but it’s not hard to determine that if you combined the history of utopian and dystopian art in a single equation, your end result would be certain doom. 1,629 more words