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The Prompter Room

For Friday, November 2, 2018:

To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control.

Martha Nussbaum, philosopher

The Prompter Room

Fire and Fury

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about Brian De Palma’s horror movie The Fury, which celebrated its fortieth anniversary earlier this year. More specifically, I’ve been thinking about… 1,309 more words


Doing Philosophy for Fun or Profit

I was recently invited to think about answering two questions: 1. What is philosophy? 2. How is philosophy done? Teaching first-year community college students for 17 years gave me ready answers, of course. 958 more words


In My Feelings: Why it is Affectively Hard to Acknowledge One's Own Oppression

The last several weeks have been difficult for many women. We saw a Senate accept weak lies from a self-entitled man. We saw many many people including for many of us, people we know, excuse accusations from a very credible witness because they didn’t reach the level of beyond… 751 more words


the cheek of a healthy person, that of one who has not bothered to cultivate health

That example implies, too, that it would be totally mistaken to pry the pleasure apart from the activity and seek it on its own: for it would then not be the bloom on the cheek of a healthy person, it would be the rouge on the cheek of a person who has not bothered to cultivate health.

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The Present

సాంస్కృతిక వినమ్రత

‘పరమతసహనం’ -చిన్నప్పుడు పాఠ్యపుస్తకాల్లో పరిచయమైన పదం. మన గురువులు మనకు గర్వించదగ్గదిగా పరిచయం చేసిన పదం. భారతదేశం మొదటినుంచీ పరమతసహనాన్ని చూపిస్తూ ఉందని చెప్తూ వచ్చిన పదం. కాని, నా మటుకూ నాకు, ఈ పదం positive పదం కాదనీ, negative పదమనీ తెలియడానికి చాలా కాలమే పట్టింది. 11 more words


An Essay on Fear

I wrote an essay that posted today to the Conciliar Post, which you can find here.

Read, please, and share.

Christian Spiritual Formation