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The Desperate Hours (1955) izle

The Desperate Hours (1955) izle
Hapisten kaçan üç azılı katil, polisten saklanmak için orta sınıf bir Amerikan ailesinin evini seçer….
Yönetmen: William Wyler
Oyuncular/Aktörler: Humphrey Bogart,Fredric March,Arthur Kennedy,Martha Scott
The Desperate Hours (1955) izle


Our Town Too Close for Comfort

DATELINE:  Thorton Wilder Classic

Doro Mirande, Fay Bainter, and Martha Scott, stand out among the dead.

With music by Aaron Copland and set design by William Cameron Menzies, Thornton Wilder’s… 345 more words

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The Bionic Woman 1.2 - Welcome Home, Jaime (part two)

It’s not possible, in today’s environment, to watch this episode and not be reminded of the Trumps. I’m not claiming it’s an exact metaphor, but in this story, Carlton Harris, ladykiller that he thinks he is, changes plans once Jaime and Oscar convince him that she’s unhappy with OSI pay and unwilling to work for the government anymore. 231 more words

Richard Anderson

The Bionic Woman 1.1 - Welcome Home, Jaime (part one)

I enjoyed springing the surprise that Jaime Sommers got her own show. I told our favorite six year-old critic that we’d be watching some bionic action tonight, and then I told him we would not be watching… 294 more words

Richard Anderson

Strange Bargain (1949)

Noir in a Leave it to Beaver setting is how this RKO release comes across with Jeffrey Lynn getting in over his head in this nifty plotted thriller from producer Sid Rogell and director Will Price. 809 more words

Daily Take

The Six Million Dollar Man 2.20 - The Bionic Woman (part two)

Bless his heart. Our son did better than I feared as Jaime died on the operating table. He squeezed Mommy’s arm very tightly and he was subdued and quiet and very surprised. 138 more words

Richard Anderson

The Six Million Dollar Man 1.12 - The Coward

Looks like I picked this episode for one point of continuity and one entertaining guest star. This installment is the first appearance of Martha Scott as Helen Elgin, Steve’s mother. 469 more words

Richard Anderson