Why traditional music #617 (Rake & Rambling Boy)

This performance by Emily and Thornton Spencer sends chills down my back.

Here are the same pair, as part of the Whitetop Mountain Band from 1990… 15 more words


Tombstone Tuesday: Remembering Martha Spencer

Martha Spencer was a lovely lady. She contacted me out of the blue to share information with me about my father — they had both been students at Lexington High School. 151 more words


Community Development has done plenty of communicating about the General Plan Update, thank you, which is why they now have to do a shit-ton more of it

After months of attributing concerns about inadequate communication regarding the county’s General Plan Update to “special interest groups” spreading “misinformation,” Both Kirk Girard and his snarky senior planner Martha Spencer admitted today that they had failed to incorporate or even solicit input from key stakeholders. 407 more words

Humboldt County

Community Development Disservices Department goes on the offensive

The Times-Standard today published a 650-word snark-fest by Martha Spencer, a senior Community Development Services planner who has worked on the county’s General Plan Update for the past eight or nine years. 309 more words

Humboldt County