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Benefits You Can Achieve Through Karate Classes

Getting enrolled in karate classes can help you achieve several benefits and some of them are being discussed here to clear your mind if you are confused about joining such classes. 310 more words

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Martial Arts Classes Offer Many Personal Benefits to Young Students

Neill Sullivan is a real estate investment executive and entrepreneur and the founder and president of the Sullivan Management Company and REO Homes. In addition to his work in real estate investment and renovation, Neill Sullivan is also a philanthropist who recently opened a community space where children and adults from the West Oakland, California, area can participate in no-cost… 200 more words

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Learn to Defend Yourself

We almost keep listening in the NEWS about crimes taking place in big cities and metros and a lot about child trafficking, eave teasing, pocket loots, chain snatching etc. 354 more words

Weapons You Can Learn At Kobudo Classes

Kobudo is basically a weapon based martial art that originated in the early 19th century from Okinawa – An island in South Japan. The popularity of this art has seen immense rise in the past two decades and this is why you will see various organizations and institutions offering Kobudo classes. 280 more words

Kids Karate Classes

Advantages of Taking Boxing Lessons

The body fitness program includes healthy eating habits and exercise. This is the best way to get started with one’s fitness program. After starting this program one can easily incorporate… 345 more words

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Significance of Self-Defence Lessons for Children

Martial arts have long been a popular form of defence lesson taught to people of all ages. Today, it is much common among the kids and youths who spend hours in reputed centers to learn the right moves. 214 more words

Kids Karate Classes