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Mastery & Happiness

Habituating to operating in a flow state requires: clear goals, high challenge, performance feedback, complete engagement in purposeful action, being in control, feeling that your efforts matter. 167 more words

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How to Encourage Mushin or “Flow” in the Dojo

Researcher Steven Kotler writing in the Harvard Business Review, listed four conditions that produce a flow state – intense concentration, goal clarity, feedback as to how well you are doing, and a properly matched challenge to skills ratio. 407 more words

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The Importance of Discipline in Martial Arts

The martial arts bestow far more than physical ability to students; those who choose to study the martial arts become more aware of their inner selves through their bodies. 382 more words

Flavio Almeida

Training the Hara

The science of high-performance – of advanced states of body and mind known as “Flow” – confirms what we discover in traditional karate training: 

Training the hara is essential to effective martial arts. 522 more words

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Mushin and the Science of Flow: Phase Transformation II

Phase Transformation in Kata, Part II

Moonlight sent long blue shadows across the snow. No streetlights. Just stars. There were about thirty of us there. 3,408 more words

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People Get Ready

Some people feel worthless. They get used to it. You may know someone like that. It’s not good. For every person with an inflated sense of their own importance there may be many more who feel like their life doesn’t matter. 424 more words

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Damatte Keiko: Phase Transformation in Kata, I

It was a short drive from the dojo to the beach – on Okinawa you’re always close to the ocean. The driver was a long-time karate practitioner who agreed to teach me a new kata during the last few days of my visit. 1,376 more words

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