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Life Lessons in a Death Trap

When Sensei said there would be a final test, I was hoping for something multiple choice. Maybe even true/false, if I was lucky. Instead they grabbed me in the middle of the night and stuck me here. 444 more words


4 Principles of BJJ You Can Use Today

Black Belt, White Belt, No Belt…doesn’t matter. Here are 4 principles of BJJ you can use today.

4 Principles of BJJ You Can Use Today


Good Kung Fu? Or NO Kung Fu?

Kung fu.

If we translate the words from the original Chinese, what do the words actually mean?

It is a common misbelief that the translation is a fighting style or a martial art, or something about kicking groins and punching throats.   697 more words

ODTUG Member Series: The Martial Arts Master

(reposted to ODTUG’s website)

  • Name: Kent Graziano
  • Age check box: 45+
  • Location: The Woodlands, TX
  • Current career age: 30 years
  • # of years involved with ODTUG…
  • 2,301 more words

Spiritual Essence - Martial Application

The spiritual is the essence, the martial is the application. Spiritual development in the realm of martial arts is applied through the ching (metabolic energy), ch’i (breath energy) and shen (spiritual energy) – the practice of physical culture. 267 more words

How to prepare for your next belt test

Belt tests at Summit Martial Arts are an honoured right of passage.  Our belt tests are NOT easy.  It is not enough to simply show up, you must EARN your belt.   361 more words

Summit Martial Arts Calgary

Tactics and Strategies in the Martial Arts

This is kind of dual purpose blog post.  I don’t hit on martial arts as much as I have in the past because I’m focusing more on the writing side of things, but I still study and teach… 1,536 more words