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Is It A Martial Art?

If your teacher only teaches you to put a person, who just stands there with their arm out, into a wrist or armlock and allows you to do so but never teaches kicks, punches, blocks, defensive blocks against kicks and never does sparring or at the very least semi-contact fighting should it be called self defence or a martial art? 180 more words

Martial Arts


My first volunteering experience at this program called Karate for All, an occupational therapy based martial arts program, is one to remember.

In this program, volunteers are an essential part of the learning process. 549 more words



Hey, I hope that your day is going well. Today, We will be re-entering into the awesome world of Taekwondo.

Martial Arts

Introduction to Energy Flow

I started looking at energy flow around the same time I started taking aikido. Life could be frustrating, and seemed very difficult at times. Eventually, I realized that some of that frustration was due to me. 104 more words


Day 56: The Man and the Second Technique

I’m sitting in our cabin right now with the A/C blasting because it’s a lot hotter than I anticipated it would be in Pennsylvania. My friends and I arrived earlier this afternoon and just got back from doing some grocery shopping. 896 more words

Episode 13 - Swords in Media

We apologize for the audio quality on this one, this is what happens when you forget to bring your mic to a recording day…

Nevertheless, we took the opportunity we had and sat down for a little chat about swords in popular media. 128 more words


Learning to fall

One way of getting some practice of falling