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It All Starts With "Ous"

Two of the foundations of martial arts training are ‘etiquette’ and ‘respect’. The lessons we learn in the dojo…both physical and emotional…come from a long line of masters. 1,205 more words

Martial Arts Sydney

Forms Repetition

The last test we had put me at the 6th level of 1st degree. Regrettably this also means that I am now considered part of the “senior” first degrees. 736 more words


My “draft” Kung Fu Bootcamp workout

I’ve been my own Guinea pig lately with some of the martial arts based classes I’ve been constructing. So far it’s been going well and I have a rough template for each one I want to present to beginner audiences with broad experience with fitness and perhaps limited exposure to martial arts. 1,369 more words


EMHS - ch75

Chapter 75: Capricious

The Beast Fighting Colosseum erupts once again!

“My God, just where did this nobility in Room 1 come from? Two million gold coins, two million ah, and its just thrown out so casually!” 706 more words

Female Protagonist


SPORTS comics, flavour : naginata.
Classical and devoid of surprises but still executed well enough to be an enjoyable read.
I like that instead of hot blooded high school boys it’s hot blooded high school girls.

Also, this :


iCham, April 2018


The Power of Pictures

We use a lot of pictures and metaphors when we describe movements or principles in Tai Chi: stroking the mane of the horse, grasping the bird’s tail, the white crane spreads its wings, open and close like a flower, grow roots into the ground,… and I could go on forever. 504 more words

Tai Chi

Taylor Swift Gets Emotional, Brings Out Niall Horan For Surprise Duet During Epic Wembley Stadium Gig

Taylor Swift took the stage to perform the first of her Wembley Stadium Reputation tour gigs on Friday night and the singer, once again, managed to surprise the audience by bringing out a very special guest. 330 more words