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Wing Chun: that magic touch

The thing that distinguishes Wing Chun from other martial arts, perhaps more than anything else, is its sensitivity. It is understandable that, when looking to defend yourself against an unruly assailant, most people would probably place the need for sensitivity fairly low on the agenda. 435 more words

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By: John D. Pepe

Man, it is hard getting older.  Now that I’m firmly settled in my forties (45 to be exact), I empathize with this “older” Logan.  519 more words

Calgary Muay Thai fighter heads to international competition

Calgarian Scott MacKenzie is preparing to represent Alberta as part of Team Canada at the Muay Thai world championships in Minsk, Belarus.

MacKenzie and eight others from across Canada, including one other Albertan, will compete against athletes from more than 100 countries at the event, which is the highest level of… 240 more words

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Drop the excuses.

Training this week although not quite as intensive at points as I’d like hasn’t been too bad and I’m pleased to say the week’s still been pretty full. 713 more words

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Mistakes in the Microcosm

One of the most commonly expressed analogies in capoeira is that it exists as a microcosm of all our experiences and interactions in the larger world.   987 more words

Week 23: Jiu Jitsu is for everyone.

Mental realisation:

I am still reading “The ego is the enemy”-Ryan Holiday, I thought I would lay down some quotes from that book. The entire book so far has presented me with reflective questions, the book is very much a book that makes you look at yourself and it really brings up some great questions. 710 more words

Interview with Nichole Herold

It has been quite a whirlwind for me these past several months, but I have been wanting to introduce everyone to an awesome team mate of mine. 1,450 more words

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