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Seeing And Talking To My Former Classmate DH Several Times

I got in bed late last night and I was sleeping good but I had to wake up early for work, and so I barely remember part of my last dream. 380 more words

Dream Journal

Feel the fear and do it anyway

Our chief instructor was talking to some of the coaching team today about the different reasons people want to take up martial arts. The main ones being: 372 more words


Day 257 - The Punch-Out Routine

March 18th, 2017 – It’s a Saturday morning, meaning time for another Krav Maga class! I drove off to Fight or Flight Academy for an hour of Krav Maga practice. 41 more words

1K Photo Challenge

Aikido: Advice for the Kyu Grades

In our dojo, we have four levels between white and black belts: yonkyu (green belt), sankyu (brown belt), nikyu (brown belt), and ikkyu (brown belt with black stripe). 909 more words


Justifying fascination of martial arts

I am a fan of the Metatron in his discussion of various topics of martial arts.  I enjoy his videos because it is obvious that he loves the martial arts in its true form, the form employed in lethal combat.   2,234 more words


Zom Fu - Chapter 51

Bingwen, the Palace Guards, Lickspittle, and a contingent of brain bite clan members stood in the Emperor’s bedroom, staring at Rage Dog, who was still pinned to the wall. 284 more words


Peripheral and Eye Gazing

When doing aikido, practise expanding your peripheral vision. By taking in your surroundings you become more aware. You learn to notice each movement your opponent makes. 248 more words