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Five Ways To Stop Sexual Assault

During the past few months I’ve been asked countless times if I would consider opening a women’s self-defence class. Learning fighting techniques is all fine and dandy, but lets take a look at how a sexual assault can be avoided in the first place. 88 more words

Self Defence

Martial Arts University 2015 – Afterthoughts

First, this post is far longer than average, and I’ve already trimmed a bit, so bear with the novel and I hope the content keeps you entertained.   2,504 more words


Laughter and Violence

A good conversation always energizes me, a high like nothing else in my life. Hours pass like minutes, and we talk about everything and nothing, arguing, agreeing, A good conversation is like a river, flowing, winding, breaking on the rocks, and pooling, ever changing. 712 more words


Black Belt

I ran across this on Facebook today. Many people( myself included) have forgotten this lesson. This is written from a Japanese martial art perspective, but it applies to all the arts out there. 248 more words

Las Vegas Martial Arts Academy

FWP 1.1 Martial Arts for the Everyone

This is a blog for people like me.  I grew up in a suburb and still live in one.  The martial arts are neither necessary for my job nor required for my survival.  486 more words

Martial Arts

Seek First to Understand - Then Be Understood

Listening is the key to mastering this habit. Listening to your friends, co-workers, and family members – but not with the intent to reply, convince, or manipulate them. 218 more words

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