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Review of Now with Kung Fu Grip!

Miracle, Jared. Now with Kung Fu Grip!: How Bodybuilders, Soldiers and a Hairdresser Reinvented Martial Arts for America: Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc., 2016. 1,463 more words

Book Review

Slaughter in San Francisco (1974)

Released as both Yellow-Faced Tiger and Karate Cop, American martial arts champion turned superstar Chuck Norris plays the villain once again in this very typical modern day kung fu film from director Lo Wei. 613 more words


How often should I train?

Many people have asked, “How often should I train?” Now, this can be a hard question to answer as it is very dependent on your current fitness level, lifestyle and long-term fitness goals. 263 more words


Full kit Sparring - Longsword

My sparring with Francesco Viola (Instructor of Sala d’Arme dell’Appeso) is now online. Patrons who support me with 1$ or more can watch it at this link:  32 more words

Martial Arts

The Martial strategy of Sun Tzu….Tactical Dispositions

To be capable or skilled in the Martial Arts is not an easy thing to come by.  It can take years of struggle, time, and practice. 1,216 more words

How Martial Arts for Children Can Help Achieve School Success

You may know that martial arts is great for health and wellness, but martial arts for kids in Charlotte can improve other areas of their life too. 801 more words

The Peaceful Dragon

Review: Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart at the River Styx (1972)

In this second instalment of the cult Lone Wolf and Cub, Itto Ogami (Tomisaburo Wakayama) and infant son Daigoro take on a Shogunate plot to steal a region’s indigo dye techniques, do battle with a legion of ninjas and plenty of sword maidens, and spray buckets of luminously-red blood. 899 more words