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The Invention of Traditional Martial Arts

This is a topic I’ve been interested in for some time. While I don’t sign off completely on everything said by the speaker, I still heartily commend his general message to you.

Martial Commentary

Ethos and Exercise

Iconic historical warriors such as King Leonidas, Crazy Horse, and William Wallace didn’t own a gym membership, nor did they likely spend much time training to master sport, calculating their 1RM deadlift, or considering the aesthetic merit of their reflection.

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Martial Commentary

HEMA and the Realities of Sport

Lecture At Longpoint: “HEMA As A Martial Art” by Mike Edelson

The above link will take you to an excellent lecture which covers the limitations of sport activities in martial arts, and potential methods for overcoming those “training scars” if you’re aim in your practice is combative realism. 677 more words

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