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Column: Marcos was the worst (4)

Published on September 20, 2016.

On Monday, one of the honorary chairs of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry stirred some controversy when he spoke on President Duterte’s war on drugs. 927 more words

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Bugout! California Part 84 - Flight into the Back Country

Sam was asleep in his tent, the breeze slowly swaying it. He could hear others around him, breathing, some snoring. Footsteps approached in the sand. 3,627 more words


ain't moving on from this one

I live in a country that is currently a seething mass of sexism and hatred and bloodshed and malicious obfuscation, and no, that doesn’t mean I live in the US. 544 more words

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DHS concluded that the greater threat is not ISIS but domestic right-wing extremism.

There is no doubt that the democracy are under attack. Not only in the United States of America, but also in Europe. The future doesn`t look bright and there is no doubt that the society need a strong Union in the West. 1,127 more words


Military Plan to Take Control of U.S.

Is the US military training new recruits to take over the United States and implement martial law? What used to be conspiracy theory is now coming to fruition as reality. 141 more words