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Minneapolis police records shed light on 2014 military training | Twin Cities Daily Planet

  • Throughout the MPD documents, repeated references are made to the Navy’s desire to keep the profile of the event as discreet as possible.  A January, 2014 e-mail from MPD Deputy Chief Edie Frizell characterizes the training mission in just those terms. 
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Bugout Part 129 - The End of the Beginning

“You really think this movement of enemy fighters to Capitol Reef means they think we can’t see them anymore?” Earl asked.

“I do,” the General said. 3,524 more words


Folks...it is getting EXTRA real out here RIGHT under our noses! Saints KEEP WATCH!

So it happens, right around the time I was blogging about Jade Helm 15, I hear about THIS.  Helloooo!

Now I posted another video about martial law a few days ago, and about a few of the signs that would likely come with it.   64 more words