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Bugout! California Part 102 - Heart

Shelly and Jules went back to their rig after shutting down the meeting.

“I’m a little upset with you,” Shelly said when they got inside. 3,587 more words



Shalum Yishral and The Nations of the Earth:

Everyday the tension escalates, more attacks on other countries either by the US or it’s allies. This administration is the worse administration I have seen. 109 more words


Bugout! California Part 101 - Leftover Coffee

Tex and Karen were sitting in the dinette of their rig.

“The meeting is coming up fast,” Karen said.

“You don’t look like you want to go.” 3,759 more words


#OTD in 1916 – Easter Rebellion: British Troops move into Dublin.

One day after the Proclamation of the Irish Republic is read by Pádraig Pearse on Easter Monday and a day of limited activity, British authorities start to take action. 448 more words

Irish History

Bugout! California Part 100 - Legacy

“We need to give this kid a proper burial,” Garrett said, staring at the user name and password scratched into the wall, above the bed where Hasan’s body lay. 3,432 more words


Bugout! California Part 99 - Hit Squad

Sam and Erica were on the veranda, sitting on the wicker love seat, enjoying the afternoon. Kaitlyn and Seth walked up the steps with Trevor and Kaylee. 3,420 more words


Surviving Martial law in La Yacata

Martial law occurs when the highest-ranking military officer becomes head of government, negating the powers of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. In Mexico, the… 871 more words

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