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Political Principles and their Practice in Sri Lanka - Law and its Institutions

We have looked thus far at Parliament, the legislative branch of government, which is supposed to pass laws and also monitor the work of the executive. 1,308 more words

Political Principles

The Dexter to the Sinister Denver Airport

Autodesk Case Study: Denver International Airport

It’s no exaggeration to say that Denver International Airport must be managed as if it were “a small city.” In fact, it’s more like a large city.DIA is one of the largest…

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University Leaders Fail: Measures to Broaden Gun-Carry Rights on College Campuses Falter

Bills hampered by university leaders’ resistance, even in gun-friendly states

Ashby Jones reports: A push to expand rights to carry guns on public-college campuses has largely fizzled. 710 more words

Law & Justice

America’s Survival Depends on Stopping Jade Helm

I believe this article is 100% true, with the exception of the notion of stopping the military take over of the U.S. by our efforts. The only way anything can be stopped or reversed is by God’s provision. 40 more words

Police State/Martial Law

America's Survival Depends on Stopping Jade Helm

America’s Survival Depends on Stopping Jade Helm

Please read the above article and pass it on to others.  People perish for a lack of knowledge, and we all need to be informed of what our government is doing! 39 more words

End Times

Vet Warns Jade Helm Will Go Live

The military practices what it expects to do. If it practices the “Homeland Eradication of Local Militants (H.E.L.M.)”,  then that must mean that a martial law purge is on the horizon. 25 more words


Bugout Part 144 - Return to Hilda's Park

Gabe drove the Suburban down the deserted road, Hilda in the passenger seat. His pistol was in the map holder on the driver’s side door, and one of the rifles was leaning on the seat between them. 3,542 more words