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Bugout Part 187 - Grand Tour

“That was scary,” Jane said as Frank pulled back onto the highway.

“That Ned is going to be a big help,” Frank said. “Hope he doesn’t get spooked with this militia deal.” 3,584 more words


Total System Collapse In Real Time: “Due to the Shortage of Food… the Desperation Is Enormous”

Food Riots Are Becoming Commonplace In Venezuela.

By Tyler Durden | Aug 30th, 2015 | Zero Hedge

Editor’s Note: We understand that it couldn’t possibly happen in the United States of America where quantitative easing and Plunge Protection Teams abound, but just in case you are curious what a total collapse of a country’s monetary and economic systems looks like we direct your attention to Venezuela.  1,241 more words

Rex Dexter

NYT’s Barro: ‘Massive’ Gun Grab Only Way To Impact Violent Crime

“Really take away massive amounts of guns that people have, reduce the rate of gun ownership substantially.”

Give Josh Barro credit for candor. When it comes to guns, the New York Times correspondent makes no bones about the kind of draconian, Second Amendment-defying approach he thinks is necessary. 337 more words

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Rand Paul Promises To Shut Down NSA Data Center If He Becomes President

Republican Senator Rand Paul has been one of the few vocal critics of the U.S. government’s spying programs. He’s the only presidential candidate that has made NSA spying a central topic of their campaign. 182 more words

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Blame the Federal Reserve, Not China, for Stock Market Crash

Instead of trying to “fix” the Federal Reserve, Congress should start restoring a free-market monetary system

Following Monday’s historic stock market downturn, many politicians and so-called economic experts rushed to the microphones to explain why the market crashed and to propose “solutions” to our economic woes. 567 more words

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U.S. Citizens Taking Video of Police See Themselves Facing Arrest

Thomas Demint’s voice is heard only briefly on the eight-minute video he took of police officers arresting two of his friends, and body-slamming their mother. “I’m videotaping this, sir,” he tells an officer. 223 more words

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