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Bugout! California Part 33 - Sheridan

Sparky put on the Kevlar vest, then put his shirt and coat back on. “Ready.”

Tex and Jules nodded at him.

“Let’s go,” Jules said, pushing the door open, clutching his Mac-10. 3,313 more words


New World Order Gang at it Again: This Time They Shut Down LAX

Barely two weeks after they did a martial law false flag at JFK Airport in New York, the New World Order does another false flag at… 75 more words

How To Survive Martial Law In The US

Millions of people do not know what martial law really means. Thousands of people believe that martial law is in fact a joke. Hundreds of people do not care about it to begin with, while it would still effect us all tremendously simultaneously. 214 more words


If You Still Don't Know: ISIS Terrorism Equals Euro-American Terrorism

Unfortunately, because of the secular success of the mainstream news and entertainment media in the West, a large number of Americans and Europeans still think ISIS is some rag tag group of bad guys who have grown up in just a couple of years to terrify the most powerful nations the world has ever known. 196 more words

Thoughts On Marcos being Buried in LNMB, His Regime and the Martial Law Itself

I’ve gathered so much courage to publish this post. As someone who’s always lurking through social media sites, I’ve seen debates of  the pro and anti Marcos; and from what I’ saw, their arguments are said well but most of the time, the pro-Marcoses are accused to be dumb and inhumane because it’s “fine” to them that people were killed. 905 more words

Is Martial Law Really Coming To The US? PART 2 (VIDEO)

With many vital pieces of information rapidly disappearing around the internet, you can only find credible information on official Governmental websites concerning this matter for a very short period of time. 170 more words