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Ever Read the Bubishi?

This book is essential if you want to understand the evolution of Karate.

It provides a great insight into what the style really was before it became a mainstream art for the masses. 88 more words

What is the Perfect Martial Art for You?

It doesn’t exist yet, unless you created it.

Bruce Lee’s theory was that everyone should study multiple styles and figure out what works and what doesn’t work for them. 60 more words

Self Defense vs. Sport

A hot topic of debate.

Traditional martial artists say that sport styles like MMA are not designed for self defense, (and also that the rules make it unrealistic which I covered in a previous post). 320 more words

What Style to Choose

There is a whole world of martial arts out there, and only so much time in a lifetime.

How do you choose between so many options? 507 more words

What to Look For in a Martial Arts School

I’m a habitual club hopper.

I’ve been to over 10 martial arts schools in my journey. Over the years I learned exactly what to look for. 224 more words

Buckeye Jiu Jitsu

Professor Chris Larkin and the Ruffhouse Team were excellent to work with.

I learned a lot from them in a very short amount of time. 76 more words

Which Martial Art is Best for Fighting Multiple Opponents?

Great question.

Traditional martial artists will say that grappling sucks because it is useless against multiple opponents.

Grapplers will tell you that there is no style that teaches you how to fight multiple opponents. 56 more words