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A Tawdry Tale of (Erectile) Dysfunction

Martial, Epigrams 11.71

“Leda informed her ancient husband that she is crazy
And complains that she needs to be fucked.
But as she weeps and groans, she denies that sanity is worth the price… 125 more words

Poetry Unfurled into Swathes of Sequins

You are a stool pidgeon and
A slanderer, a pimp and
A cheat, a pederast and
A troublemaker. I can’t
Understand, Vacerra, why
You don’t have more money.
470 more words


Film Review: Fist of Fury (1972)

We have watched a film called Fist of Fury. It is a Hong Kong film in 1972 and starring Bruce Lee, who is a famous martial artist. 64 more words

Study Archive

BioWare Action RPG Jade Empire Now Available On iOS

(Source: kotaku.com)

A wondrous combination of martial arts action and BioWare storytelling, Jade Empire is a classic action RPG that could really use a sequel. 150 more words


Lethal and deadly ninja’s weapon

In Medieval Japan in during 15th century there were secret mercenaries who were used as spies and assassins – they were called ninjas and they used pretty interesting weapon. 353 more words


Rise up like the World Champions you are

I’m an athlete and coach of a national Portuguese martial arts team and we will be at one of the greatest World Martial Arts Championships in 3 weeks. 559 more words


Aikido – martial art for your soul and body

As I told you before we’ll continue to talk about  some details and techniques in Aikido. I will remind you that this martial art is a combination of your physical and mental state, thus to make it all well, you should control both of them. 409 more words