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Interview: Der Blutharsch (Albin Julius)

Der Blutharsch is a band that really needs no introduction.  As ironic as it is, they’ve become legends in the neo-folk/martial arena; ironic because their depth and diversity have over-stretched the boundaries of those “genres” many times over.  1,869 more words

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Martial's Epigrams

Critical Commentary of Martial’s Epigrams.

Originally defined as an inscription, an epigram became a poem about something the author believed worthy of observing and recording. 1,143 more words

Recovering from an injury

Let’s face it, most people who study the martial arts, will suffer bumps, bruises, sprains, cuts et cetera… once in a while, a student might break a bone or be side lined by an injury. 329 more words

Every art has its place

I teach Sanshou, Karate, Kung Fu, Pa Kua Chang internal kung fu et cetera… so it may come as a surprise to some to hear that sometimes, I refer students to other schools. 480 more words

Kata and forms and poomse and sets oh my

Most martial arts, especially classical or traditionally based martial arts have kata, but what purpose do these prearranged or choreographed movements serve? I hope to answer that in this article and maybe, by the end convert some of the anti-kata crowd, back to this important training. 514 more words

How Alexis Sanchez has already improved Anthony Martial at Man Utd - Ryan Giggs

MANCHESTER UNITED players will raise their game following the arrival of Alexis Sanchez, club legend Ryan Giggs believes.

The Red Devils finally confirmed the signing of Sanchez from Arsenal last night. 335 more words